Monday, December 6, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 6: Misty

Hello! We're getting close to the end of the first week of custom sprite patterns December here at Dork Stitch, and though I don't see how this would be an occasion worth commemorating, I do think that it's worth posting a pattern a little less odd than yesterday's Pangya pattern. Because of this, today's pattern is of Misty from Pokemon, selected both because I suspect more of you care about Pokemon than Pangya and because I sat and watched a bunch of episodes of the anime while babysitting over the weekend, which is why this pattern got made in the first place. Regardless of why this pattern is here, though, Misty did end up being one of the more color heavy sprites I've made so far. This means that though she would look really nice with the suggested floss colors, it would also be sort of insane to dig up every specific floss listed, seeing as most of them are only used for 4 to 10 stitches on a tiny project. Still, she should be pretty quick to stitch and would be a good way to use up bits of embroidery floss you have scattered around your craft supplies!
Now that today's pattern has been posted, it's time for the not daily, but happening more often than I suspected it would, showcase of finished crafts made from this December's posting spree! Since the stitching is my own, it's not really much to get excited about, but yesterday, I finished stitching the Leela sprite from Saturday and thought I'd post an image here. The Deviant Art version of it can be found at this link, but there's not any differences between the images themselves. I think that the whole thing is a significant testament to the powers of sparkle floss, though.
Since I'm out of things to post for the day, I suppose that I should go, but remember that if you decide to use any of this month's patterns for your own crafting needs, let me know to be featured on one of these stunning daily posts! I'll be back tomorrow with yet another matching pattern, as that seems to be just what the world needs, so, until then, have a nice day!

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