Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sprite Patterns December Day 7: I Did Manage To Hold Out This Long On Anything SNK

Hello! Today marks the end of the first week of Cross Stitch Pattern A Day December, which, considering that over 20 days remain in the month, isn't that much of an accomplishment. It actually is a bit further than I thought I'd get with this before folding and issuing an apology, though, so today, I decided to amuse mostly myself with an SNK themed pair of sprites, today featuring Athena and Kensou in their outfits from the arcade game Psycho Soldier, though the same outfits do show up in King of Fighters XII. (I think Athena's headband might be on the other side in that case, if I remember the sprite set I made of her correctly, but if you care enough to worry about that, I feel that you are more than capable of stitching it on the other side of her head.) I was happy with how this pattern came out, and am going to print it as soon as I'm done typing all of this rubbish, but I'll let you guys decide on its quality for yourself! I put both sprites in the same image, as a paper and ink saving measure, but individually, they shouldn't be any more or less difficult to stitch than anything else I've posted lately.
Now that the pattern for today is posted, it's time to move on to our finished project for the day, which is just one of mine again, using Sunday's pattern of Arin from Pangya. If you want to view the full image and comment and such, the link to its home on my Deviant Art page is here, but since it's not a very detailed piece, the small version of it in this post should be sufficient for seeing the whole thing. When I made it, I think I went too dark with one blue and too light with the other, so she doesn't look quite right color-wise. If you make this and are slightly more careful than I was, though, you should have an excellent finished project! Also, I would like to thank Dawn for sending the fabric I stitched her on!
I've posted everything that seems necessary until I come back here tomorrow, so I suppose I should be off for now. Until then, however, if you have any character requests or finished projects to show off, let me know, and have a nice day!

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