Friday, January 28, 2011

Cross Stitch Patterns of Video Game Characters With Purple Hair and Red Bikini Tops

Hello! I would like to start tonight's unnecessarily wordy post with two things addressed to an anonymous commenter on this blog,-with no animosity whatsoever on my part, might I add- the first of which is that I wasn't sure what sort of Shantae patterns you wanted, so for tonight, I have charted three Game Boy Color sprites of the character since I thought they were cute and will probably stitch them myself. If you would prefer a portrait pattern, like the Corrector Yui one posted earlier this month, please comment and let me know and I'll have one done for you before too long, since I don't at all mind making it. (I've actually already drawn some line art to use as a base, but don't quite have time to do something on that scale tonight.) Secondly, even though I have been posting a lot of Phantasy Star II style patterns, I will probably not stop that, since it's fun and they are continually getting stitched. Before I did sprite-a-day December, I was really burnt out on pattern making and not finding it interesting at all, so I was only posting once or twice a month, and usually with charts I'd made months before at that. I didn't know what to make, what style or sprites to use for anything, and, what's more, I didn't really care, either. Since I've been making the Phantasy Star II style patterns, however, pattern making and blogging have both seemed more fun and interesting, both with the sprites in that style and patterns otherwise. Since December was a theme month, and therefore an exception, I will admit that there wasn't much variety, but this month, not counting tonight, I've done three posts dedicated to different styles of patterns, even though one was a totally dinky Pikachu, which is up considerably from the one and two post months I was having towards the end of last year.

I'm sure there was a much briefer way to put all of that incessant chattering, but I'm a bit sleepy, and that seemed as reasonable an amount of text as anything, so here is the rest of the post!

As those of you who didn't skip my first paragraph of text may have gathered, tonight I received a request from a commenter shrouded in mystery for a pattern of platforming heroine Shantae! I have to admit that I haven't played either of the Shantae games, having missed the first on Game Boy Color and subsequently been shocked by what people will pay for used copies of it and being a current DS Lite owner, with the second game being a DSiWare exclusive. I have, however, read a lot about it and really like how bright and cartoon-y the in-game art is, with some really spiffy sprites in both versions. What I hadn't noticed before browsing individual sprites and flipping through magazine articles, however, is how similar the character's color scheme is to that of the version of SNK's Athena seen in her platform games and fighters such as Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Now, I'm sure all of you who've followed this blog for a long time are completely shocked by the fact that I'd take the tiniest opportunity to post a pattern of Athena, or any SNK fighting game character, for that matter, here at a blog as lovely as Dork Stitch, but, this sort of thing does occur from time to time. Without any further massive text blocks, then, here are tonight's cross stitch patterns of Shantae and Athena, both donning purple hair, red bikini tops, and yellow hair accessories, the last of which seemed like it would be overkill to toss into the blog title.
With those two patterns posted, I have to say that I'm done for tonight, though I hope you guys like them! Earlier in the year, I used that pattern of Athena for a plastic canvas project that I thought came out very well, especially since it only took two days to stitch, and I can't say for sure that the Shantae sprites are quick and easy to stitch, but I have a hunch that they'll be a little less strenuous than stitching a Gold Collection kit. If you decide to use either of these charts, or any of the others on this blog, for any of your crafting needs, send a link to the finished results and I'll plaster your work up here for the world (or at least the tiny segment of it reading this blog) to see! Also, though I am still taking requests for Phantasy Star II style character patterns, it is not necessary to limit your requests to that style. I love making and stitching those, but if there's something else you want to see, let me know and I'll try my best to make something spiffy from it. I am hoping to post again soon, though I'm not sure with what yet, but until then, I hope that you all have a nice Friday and a good start to your weekends!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Pokemon Cross Stitch Sprite Charts, Finished Work, and a Pointless Use For the Stitched Sprites!

Hello! If you took the considerable time needed to read this blog's unnecessarily long title, you probably have a pretty good idea of what is going to be posted today! I am still on a bit of a Pokemon kick in terms of actually sitting down and making patterns, which I guess isn't very practical, though it is fun. I guess that I will start off this post with the two patterns for today, though, since that seems as reasonable as anything! For today, I have a pattern of Butch and Cassidy, as requested, or at least brought up, by Kelldandy, of the new blog, The Princess is in Another Blog, in the comments section of the last post I put up here, and then one of Ash, because he's the main character and probably deserves to have a pattern before I start making patterns of (more) single episode characters. I'm pretty happy with how both charts came out, even if Ash did end up being maybe a little too short. Here are both of them, though, for your stitching pleasure!
With those charts posted, it's time to move on and showcase some new stitches of these sprite patterns by industrious reader Tama, of Stitching Daze! Her most recent pair of tiny sprites features Wufei, taken from the Gundam Wing sprite pattern set posted here earlier in the month, and, as a gift for her sister, Knives Chau, from last month's Scott Pilgrim set. Both of them look really cool, and were reportedly stitched very quickly! Below, however, are photos of both of Tama's spiffy finishes for you to gaze upon in wonder, with larger versions of each image visible at her blog!

It looks almost like the two of them are mad at each other having them so far apart, doesn't it? I'm actually typing here just to accentuate the distance, with nothing of any substance to say. They both look really cool, though, so I recommend looking at Tama's stitching rather than reading this particularly meaningless text block.

After that, it is time for me to move on to the final, and perhaps most frivolous, section of this post. Last night, I was sitting around and trying to reassemble a deck before I left to play Pokemon cards at the local comic book store (which is a great deal of fun) when I noticed that the sprites I've been posting here can easily be trimmed to the size of a trading card! This doesn't sound very interesting, and probably isn't, but the best part of it is that it means the sprites can be displayed in trading card holders! I trimmed a bunch of them to fit in one of the 9-card binder sheets, and here's what the final result looks like.

Most of the stitched sprites here have been shown here before, but the top row features Chun-Li, Misty, and Pangya's Hana, which I hadn't posted anywhere before, though there's no reason why I hadn't. Row two is Cammy, the previously unseen, except on Deviant Art, Team Rocket, and then Elle from Kill Bill. Finally, the last row is an overtrimmed version of Pangya's Lucia, in a stitching that I'd never posted based on a pattern I never posted under the assumption that no one really wants to make the Pangya stuff by me, followed by Jessiebelle, which I made to match Team Rocket, and Leela from Futurama. There are a few on the other side of the sheet, too, but I'll show that off when it's all filled!

Anyway, I guess it isn't a big deal that these stitched sprites can be displayed like trading cards, but I thought it was sort of cool, since so many of them are getting stitched and by so many different people! It would be sort of fun to sit down and figure out which of them were the most common, and even though the same sprites do get stitched multiple times, they never come out to look exactly the same. Plus, it isn't at all difficult to show the projects off this way, which never hurts.

I'm out of stuff to say for today, so I guess I'd better quit posting, but before I leave, I want to say that if you have any requests for these sprite patterns, let me know and I'll do my best to make it for you! I do tend to get distracted by other sets of them at times, which this Pokemon stuff is proof of, but do not forget about them. If you currently have any requests for Pokemon characters, though, no matter how obscure, you will probably see them done very soon! I have a few more ready to go right now, but it's fun to try and make people's favorite characters. Also, if you decide to stitch or otherwise craft any of the patterns posted here at Dork Stitch, let me know! I'd love to see your work and show it off right here! Other than all of that, though, I hope that you have a nice day and am off to try and finish the backstitching on a kit I've been working on.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Team Rocket Themed Cross Stitch Sprite Patterns

Hello! I've been planning this blog post for most of the night, and I would have had it up sooner had I not been standing around and watching Robot Chicken. It is sort of like the way that I actually would have gotten some cross stitching done tonight had I not been sitting around and playing Magician Lord, which, by the way, is not that much fun. Rather than focus on what I could be doing other than sitting here and writing this lovely blog post, however, I may as well just go ahead and write it!

This afternoon, I opened the huge image file I have full of the sprites that I've been using for cross stitch patterns on this blog (123 so far!) and decided that there weren't enough Pokemon sprites present, considering the insubordinate amount of time that I've dedicated to the franchise in my lifetime. True, I'd made and posted patterns for Misty and Dawn, but it just didn't seem like enough, so, before the wireless router went out this afternoon, I got six of them done, featuring Pokemon characters of varied importance. For tonight's post, however, I have a charming pattern featuring Jessie and James of Team Rocket accompanied by two patterns of James' occasionally mentioned fiancee and the character in my Deviant Art avatar, Jessiebelle. (This may sound excessive, but considering that I have around 12 unique sprites for Athena, from the King of Fighters games, it could actually be worse.)  I could go on and on about these, since I'm good at typing out line after line of text for no apparent reason, but instead, I will just post the patterns and get it over with!

With those patterns posted, the projects I'm going to waste most of my tomorrow on are now proudly being displayed to the entire internet. Earlier in the week, however, I killed a considerable amount of time by stitching the Black Swan pattern that I posted on Sunday! It was sort of a fun pattern to stitch, since the pose was different from the standard one in these patterns, and I don't think the fact that I used ultra-glittery Aida cloth hurt my opinion of working on it, either. Here is a thumbnail version of the finished product, though, with the full sized version visible at my Deviant Art page!
If I follow the formula for posts here at Dork Stitch, I guess that I'm done for now, though I have to note that I haven't forgotten about requests anyone's made! I am, however, very distracted, and if there are any characters you'd like sprite patterns of from Pokemon, no matter how minor they might be in either the games or the anime, or which outfit you'd like to stitch them in, it will be done with lightning speed. I have a few more done already, but it would be cool to hear which characters you guys like (that is, if you care at all) before I go on another posting spree. Until then, however, I hope that everyone has a nice weekend and no major problems with whatever craft projects you have on hand!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cross Stitch Patterns of the Saiyuki Boys and Marge Simpson, Plus Some Cool Finished Stitching

Hello! I don't think I'm going to type as much as usual, since I'm a little sleepy, but today's post is, as promised, the charts for the four main characters from Saiyuki! It is another show that I never saw that much of, though I did see the first episode on a Newtype sampler disc at one point, I think, so if I've done something totally bizarre in making these sprites, please let me know and I will make a more proper version of the character in question! As far as just making the patterns goes, though, I had a good time with these and think that they turned out really well. The original character designs were so detailed that it was fun trying to get everything into such a small space, and, for the most part, I think I did manage to fit a lot of it in. I'll leave the final judgment on these sprites up to you guys, though, so here are the Saiyuki patterns!

With those patterns posted, at long last, it's time to move on a bit with a pattern of Marge Simpson for Anime Stitching's Dawn, which she requested alongside the Lois Griffin chart I put up the other day. Though the Saiyuki patterns took a long time to make and made me happy because of that, the Marge Simpson pattern seemed cool to me just because it worked at all, so I hope you guys like it, too! Here, in all her yellow glory, is the lovely Marge sprite pattern!

Since I just got five cross stitch charts posted, it's time to move on to featuring some very lovely finished work by Star, of the nifty and fun blog drifting, drifting.. and Stitching Daze's Tama! First off is Star's stitching, featuring a very pretty trio of Sailor Scouts posted during last month's pattern blitz. Since they were her favorites of the Sailor Scouts, she chose to stitch Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto, with Sailor Moon sandwiched between the two of them for good measure. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I like how Sailor Moon looks so bright between the dark greens and purples of the other two Sailor Scouts, and the frames she used look really nice, too! Here is the small image of Star's stitching, though, with a bigger version viewable on her blog, which is linked above!

Today has also brought a new stitched sprite from Tama, featuring Cid from Final Fantasy VII! He looks quite spiffy and, since he has his weapon, much more ready to attack someone than a lot of the other patterns from this blog, though I guess Gogo from Kill Bill and Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII got to be armed, too, as did some sprites I haven't made patterns of yet, of Mai from the King of Fighters games and Misa from Death Note, if you'd consider the Death Note to be a weapon. That would actually be an interesting battle, and perhaps one that Cid wouldn't mind being in at first, but I think it would be somewhat beside the point, too. At any rate, however, here is Tama's lovely cross stitch of Cid!
I think that, after all of that, I am done posting for now, though I will doubtlessly be back soon with more patterns! On the sprite patterns front, I've gotten a request for Batman and Robin from Amanda, which should be really cool, and from Tama, a couple more characters from Final Fantasy VII, so I should have a pretty big set of those before too long. I will probably end up posting the cast of Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting, too, since I have that half done and am relatively amused by it, especially with the tiny Terry Bogard, though I imagine that will garner much less excitement in the long run. If you have any other requests for sprite patterns, let me know, since it's really fun to fill them, and I'll be posting some slightly disjointed larger charts, too! Until then, however, I am done, so I hope that you are having a good first part of your week!

A Black Swan Pattern and Tons of Finished Projects!

Hello! To all of you out there who have requested patterns, namely, patterns of the cast of Saiyuki or Marge Simpson, I have them done and will post the cross stitch charts of them tomorrow! Tonight, however, I drank a bunch of coffee, ate a bunch of sugar, and watched the Golden Globes, which leads to such thoughts as, "Oooh! Last weekend I went to see Black Swan, and wouldn't it be so totally cool if I made a cross stitch pattern to match the movie and then stitched it tomorrow? It would be so horrifying and so cute, too! Crafts are fun!" This, of course, meant that, once the awards show was over, I came out here to the computer desk, sat down, and started rearranging tiny squares until I'd turned a sprite from Phantasy Star II into a charming little depiction of Nina, the movie's lead character. It isn't an exact match to what's in the movie, costume-wise, and Natalie Portman certainly wouldn't be flattered to see this pattern, though I don't think any actress would be pleased to look this blocky, but I was actually pretty happy with how it came out, which is why I'm posting it here before I sit down to stitch it for myself.
With that posted, there's almost no direction I could go in that wouldn't be more family friendly than Black Swan, but luckily, the impressive amount of finished work done by this blog's readers and myself, contains no expressly mature content, unless you're trying to shield your children from redheads with facial tattoos. The first finished cross stitch to show off comes from Topcho, who writes the spiffy craft blog bla, bla? bla! and made a really cool version of the Reno (from Final Fantasy VII) pattern I posted last month! He looks very nice and tidy, with a pleasant border backstitched around him, presumably so he can't escape from the fabric. If you want to see this image in all of its glory, a large version of the image is on Topcho's blog, but here is a small version of it!
Topcho, however, wasn't the only person to have recently completed last month's Reno, as Tama, of Stitching Daze, also made a version of him, with some very nice backstitched tattoos that make him quite easy to tell apart from Topcho's Reno. However, she also stitched the pattern I'd posted towards the end of the month of Irvine, from Final Fantasy VIII, who looks quite nice here in his cross stitched cowboy hat! Like usual, larger and niftier versions of these stitches can be seen at Tama's blog, but here are some thumbnails of her work for you to gaze upon!
After posting Topcho and Tama's really cool work, I should probably just call it a night, but after seeing the Green Hornet (a life choice which I do not recommend) and then feeling strongly that I needed to do something constructive to counteract the movie, I sat down to do Perler bead versions of the Scott Pilgrim sprite patterns that I posted here on Christmas Eve! Since they were beaded rather than stitched, I didn't get the colors quite right, especially with Kim's hair, and there's not really much I can use these for. I do, however, now have a set of three rather large plastic wall hangings featuring the girls from Scott Pilgrim looking like they just stepped out of a Sega Genesis game, which is sometimes all I can ask of a project. There's a larger image of this at my Deviant Art page, but I don't think you'd be missing any major details if you just looked at this version of it.
Now that I've posted a cutesy cross stitch pattern based on an R-rated thriller and three sets of finished work, I think that I should probably be done for the day. Tomorrow, however, I'll be back with a new set of sprite patterns featuring the cast of Saiyuki with a bonus chart of Marge Simpson, since I've got all of this out of my system. If you decide to use any of the patterns here for any of your crafting needs, I'd love to see your finished projects, as evidenced by the last 3/4ths of today's post! Either way, though, I hope you're having a nice weekend and getting as much crafting as you'd like accomplished!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sprite Patterns of the Cast of Gundam Wing, With Special Guest Lois Griffin

Hello! As I promised in last night's very short post, featuring the unusually round Surfing Pikachu pattern from Pokemon Yellow, today's post here at Dork Stitch will be chock-full of sprite patterns, just like it was December or something. Since I'm not trying to stretch any pattern sets out over several days in order to have something to post every day, however, today I have a sprite pattern, for each of the five main pilots from Gundam Wing, as requested by Stitching Daze's Tama, along with a sixth chart of Lois from Family Guy, as requested by Anime Stitching's DawnMLC. I have more requested patterns that I'm working on, which will hopefully be ready to post within the next couple of days.

Before I post these patterns, I have to say that I know little to nothing about Gundam Wing. I occasionally played as one of the Gundams from the show in the PS1 Gundam fighting game, and one time, I watched some of Endless Waltz, and this guy was jumping around going, "Hey, come on, punch me in the face!" or something, and then another guy hit him and he was terribly shocked by the whole ordeal. It was actually pretty funny, although I had no idea why it happened. At one point, I also gave one of my friends a Gundam Wing wall scroll for Christmas, though that has very little to do with anything other than it means I've actually seen the characters before. The reason why I brought this up, however, is that my unfamiliarity with the show may mean that, in trying to make the sprites look nifty, I missed some defining characteristic of a pilot that, while incredibly important to the character's backstory, would be easily missed by someone less familiar with them. That being said, here are the five pilots in all their glory! They'd look very cute out on the town with the Sailor Scouts that I posted in December.

Though I was a little about the accuracy of the sprites with the cast of Gundam Wing, I do not have the same concerns about this sprite of Lois Griffin. I can't imagine the characters together, but would not be surprised if a strange and maybe slightly too long joke about the Gundam Wing pilots popped up on Family Guy. It seems like that would be better suited to Robot Chicken, though.
With all six of today's cross stitch patterns posted, I guess I'm done for now, though I am off to finish up the patterns for the cast of Saiyuki that Amanda requested. I have to say that, without these requests, this blog would currently be an endless slog through patterns of characters from old fighting games and weird Pokemon, so if there's anything else you guys want to see, feel free to ask! The worst that I can do is screw up the pattern so badly that, as a massive fan of what you asked for, you feel so offended by my ineptitude that you feel a rage that slowly turns into resentment towards this blog and everything related to it and click the unfollow button in a fit of anger. As always, if you use any of these patterns posted here at any time for your crafting needs, I'd love to see what you've made! Until then, however, I'm going to go prepare for the next post!

A Brief Post-Midnight Post of a Surfing Pikachu Cross Stitch Pattern

Hello! It's pretty late right now, and I am fairly sleepy, too, so it is probably not the best idea for me to be popping up and doing a blog post right now. I do have to say that for tomorrow, I have a veritable sprite pattern extravaganza ready to go, featuring the five main pilots from Gundam Wing for Tama and a sixth chart based on a different request, which will be followed by sprite patterns for the four main characters from Saiyuki, per a third request, which is proving to be very interesting to fill. Tonight, however, I just made up a chart to e-mail to someone from Deviant Art, and I figured that, as long as I had it ready to go, I might as well do a speedy post about it! Please enjoy this bag of potatoes-esque Surfing Pikachu cross stitch pattern!

I stitched this pattern around Christmas, the result of which can be seen here, along with some other Pokemon, and it took less than an hour to stitch, since it's extremely small and not very complicated. Still, it was pretty interesting, and at the end of the project, I had a surfing Pikachu, which I can't say about everything I've cross stitched. If you decide to use this chart for any of your crafting needs, I'd love to see it and show it off to everyone right here at this needlessly chatty little blog! Otherwise, though, have a nice day! I'll be back with a far more substantial post tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Kirby Character Patterns and Chatter About A WIP

Hello! I just posted here yesterday, but today, I got a couple of slightly larger cross stitch charts done and ready to go, so it seemed reasonable enough to post again today, as long as I had something to actually put up. Today's patterns are of characters from Kirby, since my dad found the instruction book for Kirby's Avalanche in the back room and it was in good condition and full of fairly large character portraits just waiting to be scanned. I really liked making these charts, so I plan to do quite a few of these in the near future, for your Kirby stitching pleasure, but for today, here are some patterns of Meta Knight and Waddle Dee! Both of them are pretty simple, since Kirby isn't really a series known for its detailed and intricate character designs, so if you don't have the colors called for on hand, anything relatively close to what's listed should work. They are a little more substantial than the sprite patterns I've been posting, too, so if you want something that could take a couple of days to stitch, these might work nicely! Here are the charts so you can see them for yourselves, though.

With today's patterns posted, I don't have anyone's finished work to show off right now, but since I like reading about the stuff that other people are working on, I thought it might be sort of cool to post about my own WIP. A couple of months ago, I decided that it would be interesting to try and stitch a really big fighting game sprite. I've done tons of sprites from older Neo Geo fighting games, which seems impressive enough when they're done, but with the spiffy looking new King of Fighters games that come out for XBox360 and PS3, I thought I might try to stitch one of the new character sprites. After some deliberation that pretty much consisted of me going, "Geez, her boobs are terrifying!" or "I don't want to stitch that school uniform, it looks boring," I settled on stitching Yuri Sakazaki's sprite from the upcoming King of Fighters XIII, whuich measures about 94 by 203 stitches, with 37 floss colors. It's pretty big, so I'm stitching it on 18-count Aida. Here is what I've got stitched so far, shown in a lovely crooked scan.

Since my attention span isn't the best, I'm probably not as far on this project as I should be, but I've picked her up again and am hoping to get it done relatively soon! The fact that it's so detailed makes it more interesting to stitch than some things I've worked on, and if I do at least a little bit of stitching a day, it's better than nothing. Still, I thought if I posted it on here, I might somehow stay on track better than I would otherwise, so there she is!

With all of that said and done, I'm out of stuff to post for today, so I shall be posting again soon! I have a list of requests to work on for sprite patterns, which should be fun, though I might end up getting them done wildly out of order, and plan to continue with the set of Kirby patterns very soon, too. If you stitch the patterns from today or any other day, let me know to be featured here, but other than that, I hope you are all having a good day or night and doing relatively well!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yet Another Sailor Scout Sprite Pattern For Your Cross Stitching Pleasure

Hello! At the end of Sprite Patterns December, I said that I would be switching the sprites I edited to make the small patterns I inundate this blog with, but I decided that would be not very much fun, so today, I have a new Phantasy Star II style sprite pattern for you guys and will probably have more in the future! Since I'm not in the middle of a big pattern-a-day thing anymore, I am going to try and balance tiny patterns and larger ones pretty well, but since, at least in my opinion, it's fun to stitch tiny things and have them all match, I will keep going with this for now.

Today's cross stitch pattern is actually fairly specific, since I did charts like this for most of the Sailor Scouts in the middle of December. I had a couple of them missing, though, and after talking to Star, proprietor of the craft blog drifting, drifting... through comments on Deviant Art, I mentioned that I wasn't too happy with my sprite of Sailor Saturn, after which she said that was her favorite of them, so I decided that the set of patterns should not be without a character just because I couldn't get the hairstyle right. It took a little bit of experimentation, but in the end, it turned out that something as simple as just using purple pixels rather than black for her eyes made enough difference that I now have a post-able pattern of her! I know that's a lot of unnecessary chatter when it would have done to say, "Here is a pattern of Sailor Saturn!" but I've typed too much to just go back and delete it now, so without further ado, here is the cross stitch pattern of the day!

With today's pattern up and ready to be stitched, the prolific stitcher Tama, of Stitching Daze, has made the pattern on Sephiroth I posted here a couple of weeks ago! He looks very cute for a murderous boss character, with hair shiny enough to get him in a shampoo commercial, and if you want to see him in all of his cross stitched glory, a large version of the piece appears on Tama's blog! Below, however, a thumbnail of it has mystically appeared! (Either that, or I just hit the image button and let the Blogger editor put it there for me.)

With all of that done, I think I am finished for today, though I hope to be back and posting again very soon! I have some larger patterns I'm working on for the blog, at around the size of last week's Corrector Yui, and am constantly doing smaller sprites like today's, too! I've got 100 of them saved currently, and am always working on more, so hopefully, I won't hit a wall with that anytime soon. Back in December, I'd done a call for requests, and Tama mentioned the pilots from Gundam Wing, so I'm going to give that a shot, and I'd like to try some more Pokemon characters, too, though that's more for my own purposes than to fill any sort of request. If you guys do have more requests, though, I'd like to hear them and give making the patterns a shot! Other than that, if you make anything from this blog, I'd love to see it and post it here for all to see. Until my next post, though, I hope all of you are doing well and having the best of luck with all of your WIPs in the new year!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Large Corrector Yui Cross Stitch Pattern

Hello! It's been a few days since I posted last, after the constant barrage of patterns that came in December, but since I've gone much longer without posting in the past, and for no reason at all, I guess it could be worse. To be fair to this post, though, it really isn't anything all that exciting, though the pattern is bigger than several of last month's jammed together into one incoherent mass of pixels. However, since it's a pattern of the main character from the magical girl anime Corrector Yui, I'm not sure any amount of size and detail makes it exciting. I'm certainly looking forward to working on this pattern, though, and have actually already started on it, so I suppose that this is a case where this blog suffers due to my choice of projects.

Anyway, I made this pattern last night, when I was trying to decide what character would be fun to use a sheet of 10-count plastic canvas on. At first, I thought I might make another Steam Detectives thing, since I am right on top of things in terms of which anime I like, but since I'd already done that (with my pattern of Ling Ling posted on this blog, in case you're interested) I decided to stitch another character from the same creator and went with Corrector Yui, since her hair is puffy and twirly, as are her clothes, even though I'm convinced she's one of the dumbest characters ever, even among magical girls. All of that scintillating information aside, though, I ended the night with a portrait pattern of Yui at slightly less than 100 x 100 stitches. As I said, it was originally designed for needlepoint, so the colors are fairly simple and there aren't many of them, meaning that the color key isn't of the utmost importance with this chart, but since it is a little bigger than some of the patterns here, I think that it would work better for cross stitching, unless you really do want a 10 by 10 inch plus portrait of Corrector Yui to adorn your living quarters, which would probably be pretty awesome. Rather than go on too much longer about the possible uses of this pattern, though, I will just go ahead and post it!

With today's pattern posted, I don't have any finished work from anyone to show off for today, so I guess this post is done for now! (Like always, if you do any projects based on any of the patterns on this blog, regardless of your craft of choice, I'd love to see them!) I do think that I'm going to continue with the sprites I was working on last month, though, and already have some new patterns in the set ready to go! Those of you who watch my Deviant Art page probably have a pretty good idea as to at least one of the charts that may be included, but there will be a lot of other cool things, including some requests, which I still happen to be taking, and new members of old sets. Hopefully, though, I'll be able to keep making nifty larger charts, like the one today, for the days when you want a project that'll take you slightly more than three hours to complete. Until my next mystery post, I hope you all have good luck with your current projects and are having a good start to your year!