Monday, January 17, 2011

A Black Swan Pattern and Tons of Finished Projects!

Hello! To all of you out there who have requested patterns, namely, patterns of the cast of Saiyuki or Marge Simpson, I have them done and will post the cross stitch charts of them tomorrow! Tonight, however, I drank a bunch of coffee, ate a bunch of sugar, and watched the Golden Globes, which leads to such thoughts as, "Oooh! Last weekend I went to see Black Swan, and wouldn't it be so totally cool if I made a cross stitch pattern to match the movie and then stitched it tomorrow? It would be so horrifying and so cute, too! Crafts are fun!" This, of course, meant that, once the awards show was over, I came out here to the computer desk, sat down, and started rearranging tiny squares until I'd turned a sprite from Phantasy Star II into a charming little depiction of Nina, the movie's lead character. It isn't an exact match to what's in the movie, costume-wise, and Natalie Portman certainly wouldn't be flattered to see this pattern, though I don't think any actress would be pleased to look this blocky, but I was actually pretty happy with how it came out, which is why I'm posting it here before I sit down to stitch it for myself.
With that posted, there's almost no direction I could go in that wouldn't be more family friendly than Black Swan, but luckily, the impressive amount of finished work done by this blog's readers and myself, contains no expressly mature content, unless you're trying to shield your children from redheads with facial tattoos. The first finished cross stitch to show off comes from Topcho, who writes the spiffy craft blog bla, bla? bla! and made a really cool version of the Reno (from Final Fantasy VII) pattern I posted last month! He looks very nice and tidy, with a pleasant border backstitched around him, presumably so he can't escape from the fabric. If you want to see this image in all of its glory, a large version of the image is on Topcho's blog, but here is a small version of it!
Topcho, however, wasn't the only person to have recently completed last month's Reno, as Tama, of Stitching Daze, also made a version of him, with some very nice backstitched tattoos that make him quite easy to tell apart from Topcho's Reno. However, she also stitched the pattern I'd posted towards the end of the month of Irvine, from Final Fantasy VIII, who looks quite nice here in his cross stitched cowboy hat! Like usual, larger and niftier versions of these stitches can be seen at Tama's blog, but here are some thumbnails of her work for you to gaze upon!
After posting Topcho and Tama's really cool work, I should probably just call it a night, but after seeing the Green Hornet (a life choice which I do not recommend) and then feeling strongly that I needed to do something constructive to counteract the movie, I sat down to do Perler bead versions of the Scott Pilgrim sprite patterns that I posted here on Christmas Eve! Since they were beaded rather than stitched, I didn't get the colors quite right, especially with Kim's hair, and there's not really much I can use these for. I do, however, now have a set of three rather large plastic wall hangings featuring the girls from Scott Pilgrim looking like they just stepped out of a Sega Genesis game, which is sometimes all I can ask of a project. There's a larger image of this at my Deviant Art page, but I don't think you'd be missing any major details if you just looked at this version of it.
Now that I've posted a cutesy cross stitch pattern based on an R-rated thriller and three sets of finished work, I think that I should probably be done for the day. Tomorrow, however, I'll be back with a new set of sprite patterns featuring the cast of Saiyuki with a bonus chart of Marge Simpson, since I've got all of this out of my system. If you decide to use any of the patterns here for any of your crafting needs, I'd love to see your finished projects, as evidenced by the last 3/4ths of today's post! Either way, though, I hope you're having a nice weekend and getting as much crafting as you'd like accomplished!


  1. Lol thanks for featuring it!
    Reno wasn't too fond of the fact that the fabric colour is light pink so the border indeed is to keep him from running away! XD
    I hope to sit and stitch the rest of the FFVII sprites soon too!

  2. Those bead project Sprites are really neat - I may have to learn how to do that! They look perfect :D