Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Brief Post-Midnight Post of a Surfing Pikachu Cross Stitch Pattern

Hello! It's pretty late right now, and I am fairly sleepy, too, so it is probably not the best idea for me to be popping up and doing a blog post right now. I do have to say that for tomorrow, I have a veritable sprite pattern extravaganza ready to go, featuring the five main pilots from Gundam Wing for Tama and a sixth chart based on a different request, which will be followed by sprite patterns for the four main characters from Saiyuki, per a third request, which is proving to be very interesting to fill. Tonight, however, I just made up a chart to e-mail to someone from Deviant Art, and I figured that, as long as I had it ready to go, I might as well do a speedy post about it! Please enjoy this bag of potatoes-esque Surfing Pikachu cross stitch pattern!

I stitched this pattern around Christmas, the result of which can be seen here, along with some other Pokemon, and it took less than an hour to stitch, since it's extremely small and not very complicated. Still, it was pretty interesting, and at the end of the project, I had a surfing Pikachu, which I can't say about everything I've cross stitched. If you decide to use this chart for any of your crafting needs, I'd love to see it and show it off to everyone right here at this needlessly chatty little blog! Otherwise, though, have a nice day! I'll be back with a far more substantial post tomorrow.

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  1. that is a VERY cute pattern! I'll have to check your stitching out when I get home.
    OMG, though! Gundam Wing AND Saiyuki?!
    This makes me far, far too happy!!!
    I should be posting three finished Sprites tomorrow; I'm off this evening to pick up some floss colors I need!