Monday, January 17, 2011

Cross Stitch Patterns of the Saiyuki Boys and Marge Simpson, Plus Some Cool Finished Stitching

Hello! I don't think I'm going to type as much as usual, since I'm a little sleepy, but today's post is, as promised, the charts for the four main characters from Saiyuki! It is another show that I never saw that much of, though I did see the first episode on a Newtype sampler disc at one point, I think, so if I've done something totally bizarre in making these sprites, please let me know and I will make a more proper version of the character in question! As far as just making the patterns goes, though, I had a good time with these and think that they turned out really well. The original character designs were so detailed that it was fun trying to get everything into such a small space, and, for the most part, I think I did manage to fit a lot of it in. I'll leave the final judgment on these sprites up to you guys, though, so here are the Saiyuki patterns!

With those patterns posted, at long last, it's time to move on a bit with a pattern of Marge Simpson for Anime Stitching's Dawn, which she requested alongside the Lois Griffin chart I put up the other day. Though the Saiyuki patterns took a long time to make and made me happy because of that, the Marge Simpson pattern seemed cool to me just because it worked at all, so I hope you guys like it, too! Here, in all her yellow glory, is the lovely Marge sprite pattern!

Since I just got five cross stitch charts posted, it's time to move on to featuring some very lovely finished work by Star, of the nifty and fun blog drifting, drifting.. and Stitching Daze's Tama! First off is Star's stitching, featuring a very pretty trio of Sailor Scouts posted during last month's pattern blitz. Since they were her favorites of the Sailor Scouts, she chose to stitch Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto, with Sailor Moon sandwiched between the two of them for good measure. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I like how Sailor Moon looks so bright between the dark greens and purples of the other two Sailor Scouts, and the frames she used look really nice, too! Here is the small image of Star's stitching, though, with a bigger version viewable on her blog, which is linked above!

Today has also brought a new stitched sprite from Tama, featuring Cid from Final Fantasy VII! He looks quite spiffy and, since he has his weapon, much more ready to attack someone than a lot of the other patterns from this blog, though I guess Gogo from Kill Bill and Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII got to be armed, too, as did some sprites I haven't made patterns of yet, of Mai from the King of Fighters games and Misa from Death Note, if you'd consider the Death Note to be a weapon. That would actually be an interesting battle, and perhaps one that Cid wouldn't mind being in at first, but I think it would be somewhat beside the point, too. At any rate, however, here is Tama's lovely cross stitch of Cid!
I think that, after all of that, I am done posting for now, though I will doubtlessly be back soon with more patterns! On the sprite patterns front, I've gotten a request for Batman and Robin from Amanda, which should be really cool, and from Tama, a couple more characters from Final Fantasy VII, so I should have a pretty big set of those before too long. I will probably end up posting the cast of Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting, too, since I have that half done and am relatively amused by it, especially with the tiny Terry Bogard, though I imagine that will garner much less excitement in the long run. If you have any other requests for sprite patterns, let me know, since it's really fun to fill them, and I'll be posting some slightly disjointed larger charts, too! Until then, however, I am done, so I hope that you are having a good first part of your week!


  1. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    Thank you so much; they are adorable! They look amazing and I can't wait to stitch them! I'm glad you enjoyed making them, and you have made my day!

  2. Lol - I just printed these and then counted up my to-stitch Sprites and reached 11. Is it wrong that this makes me really happy?
    I was going to be firm and put Sprites aside for Christmas ornaments today only to discover I had forgotten to put my pattern in my little stitching bag. So Wufei got started anyway.
    Thanks for showing Cid! I didn't realize his pic was at such an angle XD