Friday, January 28, 2011

Cross Stitch Patterns of Video Game Characters With Purple Hair and Red Bikini Tops

Hello! I would like to start tonight's unnecessarily wordy post with two things addressed to an anonymous commenter on this blog,-with no animosity whatsoever on my part, might I add- the first of which is that I wasn't sure what sort of Shantae patterns you wanted, so for tonight, I have charted three Game Boy Color sprites of the character since I thought they were cute and will probably stitch them myself. If you would prefer a portrait pattern, like the Corrector Yui one posted earlier this month, please comment and let me know and I'll have one done for you before too long, since I don't at all mind making it. (I've actually already drawn some line art to use as a base, but don't quite have time to do something on that scale tonight.) Secondly, even though I have been posting a lot of Phantasy Star II style patterns, I will probably not stop that, since it's fun and they are continually getting stitched. Before I did sprite-a-day December, I was really burnt out on pattern making and not finding it interesting at all, so I was only posting once or twice a month, and usually with charts I'd made months before at that. I didn't know what to make, what style or sprites to use for anything, and, what's more, I didn't really care, either. Since I've been making the Phantasy Star II style patterns, however, pattern making and blogging have both seemed more fun and interesting, both with the sprites in that style and patterns otherwise. Since December was a theme month, and therefore an exception, I will admit that there wasn't much variety, but this month, not counting tonight, I've done three posts dedicated to different styles of patterns, even though one was a totally dinky Pikachu, which is up considerably from the one and two post months I was having towards the end of last year.

I'm sure there was a much briefer way to put all of that incessant chattering, but I'm a bit sleepy, and that seemed as reasonable an amount of text as anything, so here is the rest of the post!

As those of you who didn't skip my first paragraph of text may have gathered, tonight I received a request from a commenter shrouded in mystery for a pattern of platforming heroine Shantae! I have to admit that I haven't played either of the Shantae games, having missed the first on Game Boy Color and subsequently been shocked by what people will pay for used copies of it and being a current DS Lite owner, with the second game being a DSiWare exclusive. I have, however, read a lot about it and really like how bright and cartoon-y the in-game art is, with some really spiffy sprites in both versions. What I hadn't noticed before browsing individual sprites and flipping through magazine articles, however, is how similar the character's color scheme is to that of the version of SNK's Athena seen in her platform games and fighters such as Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Now, I'm sure all of you who've followed this blog for a long time are completely shocked by the fact that I'd take the tiniest opportunity to post a pattern of Athena, or any SNK fighting game character, for that matter, here at a blog as lovely as Dork Stitch, but, this sort of thing does occur from time to time. Without any further massive text blocks, then, here are tonight's cross stitch patterns of Shantae and Athena, both donning purple hair, red bikini tops, and yellow hair accessories, the last of which seemed like it would be overkill to toss into the blog title.
With those two patterns posted, I have to say that I'm done for tonight, though I hope you guys like them! Earlier in the year, I used that pattern of Athena for a plastic canvas project that I thought came out very well, especially since it only took two days to stitch, and I can't say for sure that the Shantae sprites are quick and easy to stitch, but I have a hunch that they'll be a little less strenuous than stitching a Gold Collection kit. If you decide to use either of these charts, or any of the others on this blog, for any of your crafting needs, send a link to the finished results and I'll plaster your work up here for the world (or at least the tiny segment of it reading this blog) to see! Also, though I am still taking requests for Phantasy Star II style character patterns, it is not necessary to limit your requests to that style. I love making and stitching those, but if there's something else you want to see, let me know and I'll try my best to make something spiffy from it. I am hoping to post again soon, though I'm not sure with what yet, but until then, I hope that you all have a nice Friday and a good start to your weekends!


  1. Thank you so much for listening to me! I having been looking every where for a Shantae pattern! I'm actually the follower Cinnamon115, I just can't remember my password.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the last comment, although I'm afraid the pink mentioning didn't make Vincnt feel any better! I'm on my way posting Tifa now. I always tell myself I should go and drop a message on your blog right after posting, but as I too often finish posting at about 4 am, going to sleep is the only thing in my mind! Sorry for that! So I decided to try announcing it first! XD Hmm and I've been thinking, any chance a tiny Cloud sprite will join the rest of the FFVII? ^^"