Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Large Corrector Yui Cross Stitch Pattern

Hello! It's been a few days since I posted last, after the constant barrage of patterns that came in December, but since I've gone much longer without posting in the past, and for no reason at all, I guess it could be worse. To be fair to this post, though, it really isn't anything all that exciting, though the pattern is bigger than several of last month's jammed together into one incoherent mass of pixels. However, since it's a pattern of the main character from the magical girl anime Corrector Yui, I'm not sure any amount of size and detail makes it exciting. I'm certainly looking forward to working on this pattern, though, and have actually already started on it, so I suppose that this is a case where this blog suffers due to my choice of projects.

Anyway, I made this pattern last night, when I was trying to decide what character would be fun to use a sheet of 10-count plastic canvas on. At first, I thought I might make another Steam Detectives thing, since I am right on top of things in terms of which anime I like, but since I'd already done that (with my pattern of Ling Ling posted on this blog, in case you're interested) I decided to stitch another character from the same creator and went with Corrector Yui, since her hair is puffy and twirly, as are her clothes, even though I'm convinced she's one of the dumbest characters ever, even among magical girls. All of that scintillating information aside, though, I ended the night with a portrait pattern of Yui at slightly less than 100 x 100 stitches. As I said, it was originally designed for needlepoint, so the colors are fairly simple and there aren't many of them, meaning that the color key isn't of the utmost importance with this chart, but since it is a little bigger than some of the patterns here, I think that it would work better for cross stitching, unless you really do want a 10 by 10 inch plus portrait of Corrector Yui to adorn your living quarters, which would probably be pretty awesome. Rather than go on too much longer about the possible uses of this pattern, though, I will just go ahead and post it!

With today's pattern posted, I don't have any finished work from anyone to show off for today, so I guess this post is done for now! (Like always, if you do any projects based on any of the patterns on this blog, regardless of your craft of choice, I'd love to see them!) I do think that I'm going to continue with the sprites I was working on last month, though, and already have some new patterns in the set ready to go! Those of you who watch my Deviant Art page probably have a pretty good idea as to at least one of the charts that may be included, but there will be a lot of other cool things, including some requests, which I still happen to be taking, and new members of old sets. Hopefully, though, I'll be able to keep making nifty larger charts, like the one today, for the days when you want a project that'll take you slightly more than three hours to complete. Until my next mystery post, I hope you all have good luck with your current projects and are having a good start to your year!


  1. Oh, that's a cute pattern! I look forward to seeing your stitching - such bright colors, too... I'm going to have to do some character research :D
    Sephiroth the Sprite should be done & on my blog tomorrow. I got distracted by new starts in January but I just have to fill in the dark grey on his legs.

  2. Lol this is such a cute pattern, though it's one more character I've never heard about!
    Mm, and also, I got a blog award and nominated you too if you don't mind :)
    Sorry if this turns to be double posting, because Blogger is being very mean lately XP