Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Pokemon Cross Stitch Sprite Charts, Finished Work, and a Pointless Use For the Stitched Sprites!

Hello! If you took the considerable time needed to read this blog's unnecessarily long title, you probably have a pretty good idea of what is going to be posted today! I am still on a bit of a Pokemon kick in terms of actually sitting down and making patterns, which I guess isn't very practical, though it is fun. I guess that I will start off this post with the two patterns for today, though, since that seems as reasonable as anything! For today, I have a pattern of Butch and Cassidy, as requested, or at least brought up, by Kelldandy, of the new blog, The Princess is in Another Blog, in the comments section of the last post I put up here, and then one of Ash, because he's the main character and probably deserves to have a pattern before I start making patterns of (more) single episode characters. I'm pretty happy with how both charts came out, even if Ash did end up being maybe a little too short. Here are both of them, though, for your stitching pleasure!
With those charts posted, it's time to move on and showcase some new stitches of these sprite patterns by industrious reader Tama, of Stitching Daze! Her most recent pair of tiny sprites features Wufei, taken from the Gundam Wing sprite pattern set posted here earlier in the month, and, as a gift for her sister, Knives Chau, from last month's Scott Pilgrim set. Both of them look really cool, and were reportedly stitched very quickly! Below, however, are photos of both of Tama's spiffy finishes for you to gaze upon in wonder, with larger versions of each image visible at her blog!

It looks almost like the two of them are mad at each other having them so far apart, doesn't it? I'm actually typing here just to accentuate the distance, with nothing of any substance to say. They both look really cool, though, so I recommend looking at Tama's stitching rather than reading this particularly meaningless text block.

After that, it is time for me to move on to the final, and perhaps most frivolous, section of this post. Last night, I was sitting around and trying to reassemble a deck before I left to play Pokemon cards at the local comic book store (which is a great deal of fun) when I noticed that the sprites I've been posting here can easily be trimmed to the size of a trading card! This doesn't sound very interesting, and probably isn't, but the best part of it is that it means the sprites can be displayed in trading card holders! I trimmed a bunch of them to fit in one of the 9-card binder sheets, and here's what the final result looks like.

Most of the stitched sprites here have been shown here before, but the top row features Chun-Li, Misty, and Pangya's Hana, which I hadn't posted anywhere before, though there's no reason why I hadn't. Row two is Cammy, the previously unseen, except on Deviant Art, Team Rocket, and then Elle from Kill Bill. Finally, the last row is an overtrimmed version of Pangya's Lucia, in a stitching that I'd never posted based on a pattern I never posted under the assumption that no one really wants to make the Pangya stuff by me, followed by Jessiebelle, which I made to match Team Rocket, and Leela from Futurama. There are a few on the other side of the sheet, too, but I'll show that off when it's all filled!

Anyway, I guess it isn't a big deal that these stitched sprites can be displayed like trading cards, but I thought it was sort of cool, since so many of them are getting stitched and by so many different people! It would be sort of fun to sit down and figure out which of them were the most common, and even though the same sprites do get stitched multiple times, they never come out to look exactly the same. Plus, it isn't at all difficult to show the projects off this way, which never hurts.

I'm out of stuff to say for today, so I guess I'd better quit posting, but before I leave, I want to say that if you have any requests for these sprite patterns, let me know and I'll do my best to make it for you! I do tend to get distracted by other sets of them at times, which this Pokemon stuff is proof of, but do not forget about them. If you currently have any requests for Pokemon characters, though, no matter how obscure, you will probably see them done very soon! I have a few more ready to go right now, but it's fun to try and make people's favorite characters. Also, if you decide to stitch or otherwise craft any of the patterns posted here at Dork Stitch, let me know! I'd love to see your work and show it off right here! Other than all of that, though, I hope that you have a nice day and am off to try and finish the backstitching on a kit I've been working on.


  1. I think it's awesome that they are the size of cards! I think that would make an awesome collage frame. I'm pretty sure they sell frames for trading cards, hopefully they are deep enough.

  2. I like that idea, too - I'm trying to figure out exactly how to finish mine.
    Cute new patterns!

  3. I think that its an awesome idea! But could you stop posting Phantasy Star II style patterns all the time?

    P.S.: Please make a pattern of Shantae