Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sprite Patterns of the Cast of Gundam Wing, With Special Guest Lois Griffin

Hello! As I promised in last night's very short post, featuring the unusually round Surfing Pikachu pattern from Pokemon Yellow, today's post here at Dork Stitch will be chock-full of sprite patterns, just like it was December or something. Since I'm not trying to stretch any pattern sets out over several days in order to have something to post every day, however, today I have a sprite pattern, for each of the five main pilots from Gundam Wing, as requested by Stitching Daze's Tama, along with a sixth chart of Lois from Family Guy, as requested by Anime Stitching's DawnMLC. I have more requested patterns that I'm working on, which will hopefully be ready to post within the next couple of days.

Before I post these patterns, I have to say that I know little to nothing about Gundam Wing. I occasionally played as one of the Gundams from the show in the PS1 Gundam fighting game, and one time, I watched some of Endless Waltz, and this guy was jumping around going, "Hey, come on, punch me in the face!" or something, and then another guy hit him and he was terribly shocked by the whole ordeal. It was actually pretty funny, although I had no idea why it happened. At one point, I also gave one of my friends a Gundam Wing wall scroll for Christmas, though that has very little to do with anything other than it means I've actually seen the characters before. The reason why I brought this up, however, is that my unfamiliarity with the show may mean that, in trying to make the sprites look nifty, I missed some defining characteristic of a pilot that, while incredibly important to the character's backstory, would be easily missed by someone less familiar with them. That being said, here are the five pilots in all their glory! They'd look very cute out on the town with the Sailor Scouts that I posted in December.

Though I was a little about the accuracy of the sprites with the cast of Gundam Wing, I do not have the same concerns about this sprite of Lois Griffin. I can't imagine the characters together, but would not be surprised if a strange and maybe slightly too long joke about the Gundam Wing pilots popped up on Family Guy. It seems like that would be better suited to Robot Chicken, though.
With all six of today's cross stitch patterns posted, I guess I'm done for now, though I am off to finish up the patterns for the cast of Saiyuki that Amanda requested. I have to say that, without these requests, this blog would currently be an endless slog through patterns of characters from old fighting games and weird Pokemon, so if there's anything else you guys want to see, feel free to ask! The worst that I can do is screw up the pattern so badly that, as a massive fan of what you asked for, you feel so offended by my ineptitude that you feel a rage that slowly turns into resentment towards this blog and everything related to it and click the unfollow button in a fit of anger. As always, if you use any of these patterns posted here at any time for your crafting needs, I'd love to see what you've made! Until then, however, I'm going to go prepare for the next post!


  1. AH!!!
    They're *adorable*!
    You'll be seeing these boys stitched soon - thank you so veryveryveryveryvery much!
    I'll be requesting more (you'll want to kill me soon, I'm sure) but I need to catch up first!
    Thanks again!!!

    PS - Reno & Irvine will be on my blog around 2pm-ish EST tomorrow. Maybe Cid, too. I have to buy camera batteries or I could have posted them this evening.

  2. Cool thanks for the pattern-- I will stitch it up soon as I can. :)

  3. OMG, I love the Gundam pilots. I know just the person to stitch those for, beside myself!