Saturday, January 22, 2011

Team Rocket Themed Cross Stitch Sprite Patterns

Hello! I've been planning this blog post for most of the night, and I would have had it up sooner had I not been standing around and watching Robot Chicken. It is sort of like the way that I actually would have gotten some cross stitching done tonight had I not been sitting around and playing Magician Lord, which, by the way, is not that much fun. Rather than focus on what I could be doing other than sitting here and writing this lovely blog post, however, I may as well just go ahead and write it!

This afternoon, I opened the huge image file I have full of the sprites that I've been using for cross stitch patterns on this blog (123 so far!) and decided that there weren't enough Pokemon sprites present, considering the insubordinate amount of time that I've dedicated to the franchise in my lifetime. True, I'd made and posted patterns for Misty and Dawn, but it just didn't seem like enough, so, before the wireless router went out this afternoon, I got six of them done, featuring Pokemon characters of varied importance. For tonight's post, however, I have a charming pattern featuring Jessie and James of Team Rocket accompanied by two patterns of James' occasionally mentioned fiancee and the character in my Deviant Art avatar, Jessiebelle. (This may sound excessive, but considering that I have around 12 unique sprites for Athena, from the King of Fighters games, it could actually be worse.)  I could go on and on about these, since I'm good at typing out line after line of text for no apparent reason, but instead, I will just post the patterns and get it over with!

With those patterns posted, the projects I'm going to waste most of my tomorrow on are now proudly being displayed to the entire internet. Earlier in the week, however, I killed a considerable amount of time by stitching the Black Swan pattern that I posted on Sunday! It was sort of a fun pattern to stitch, since the pose was different from the standard one in these patterns, and I don't think the fact that I used ultra-glittery Aida cloth hurt my opinion of working on it, either. Here is a thumbnail version of the finished product, though, with the full sized version visible at my Deviant Art page!
If I follow the formula for posts here at Dork Stitch, I guess that I'm done for now, though I have to note that I haven't forgotten about requests anyone's made! I am, however, very distracted, and if there are any characters you'd like sprite patterns of from Pokemon, no matter how minor they might be in either the games or the anime, or which outfit you'd like to stitch them in, it will be done with lightning speed. I have a few more done already, but it would be cool to hear which characters you guys like (that is, if you care at all) before I go on another posting spree. Until then, however, I hope that everyone has a nice weekend and no major problems with whatever craft projects you have on hand!


  1. I think you should do a Butch and Cassidy pattern.

  2. Awwh, cute!! I'm going to have to spend some time going through your archives! :D