Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yet Another Sailor Scout Sprite Pattern For Your Cross Stitching Pleasure

Hello! At the end of Sprite Patterns December, I said that I would be switching the sprites I edited to make the small patterns I inundate this blog with, but I decided that would be not very much fun, so today, I have a new Phantasy Star II style sprite pattern for you guys and will probably have more in the future! Since I'm not in the middle of a big pattern-a-day thing anymore, I am going to try and balance tiny patterns and larger ones pretty well, but since, at least in my opinion, it's fun to stitch tiny things and have them all match, I will keep going with this for now.

Today's cross stitch pattern is actually fairly specific, since I did charts like this for most of the Sailor Scouts in the middle of December. I had a couple of them missing, though, and after talking to Star, proprietor of the craft blog drifting, drifting... through comments on Deviant Art, I mentioned that I wasn't too happy with my sprite of Sailor Saturn, after which she said that was her favorite of them, so I decided that the set of patterns should not be without a character just because I couldn't get the hairstyle right. It took a little bit of experimentation, but in the end, it turned out that something as simple as just using purple pixels rather than black for her eyes made enough difference that I now have a post-able pattern of her! I know that's a lot of unnecessary chatter when it would have done to say, "Here is a pattern of Sailor Saturn!" but I've typed too much to just go back and delete it now, so without further ado, here is the cross stitch pattern of the day!

With today's pattern up and ready to be stitched, the prolific stitcher Tama, of Stitching Daze, has made the pattern on Sephiroth I posted here a couple of weeks ago! He looks very cute for a murderous boss character, with hair shiny enough to get him in a shampoo commercial, and if you want to see him in all of his cross stitched glory, a large version of the piece appears on Tama's blog! Below, however, a thumbnail of it has mystically appeared! (Either that, or I just hit the image button and let the Blogger editor put it there for me.)

With all of that done, I think I am finished for today, though I hope to be back and posting again very soon! I have some larger patterns I'm working on for the blog, at around the size of last week's Corrector Yui, and am constantly doing smaller sprites like today's, too! I've got 100 of them saved currently, and am always working on more, so hopefully, I won't hit a wall with that anytime soon. Back in December, I'd done a call for requests, and Tama mentioned the pilots from Gundam Wing, so I'm going to give that a shot, and I'd like to try some more Pokemon characters, too, though that's more for my own purposes than to fill any sort of request. If you guys do have more requests, though, I'd like to hear them and give making the patterns a shot! Other than that, if you make anything from this blog, I'd love to see it and post it here for all to see. Until my next post, though, I hope all of you are doing well and having the best of luck with all of your WIPs in the new year!


  1. yay =D sailor saturn looks awesome!~ =) i will try and stitch her up tonight if i get time between dinner and falling asleep (the two of those seem to be getting closer and closer to each other as of late, lol)

  2. Yay! I was wondering where Saturn was but was so happy with the other patterns that I didn't want to be greedy and demand it.

    But...since your still asking for requests even after your epic posting month I will throw out a random request! I'm not sure if you are at all familiar with the manga/anime Saiyuki but I would absolutely LOVE some kind of pattern of the four main guys, or at the very least my favorite character Hakkai. If its not something you are interested in though, don't bother with it.

    Also, while I'm here and feeling brave, I'd love a Batman and Robin if that was in any way possible...

    Love your blog and all your patterns! Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us!