Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cross Stitch Patterns For Pokemon and Lady Gaga, Plus a New FFVII Sprite Pattern- Obviously, Coherence Is Not My Priority

Hello! Today I have three cross stitch patterns to post, which sounds like a lot, but since I also have quite a few of them in reserve and a great deal of requests to tackle, I guess it isn't that excessive! The fact that none of these patterns were asked for at all may be the biggest argument against their existence, but I think they cover a fairly wide variety of interests as they include, as you may have guessed from the title, a new Pokemon chart, a tiny Lady Gaga, making her the third in my set of such patterns, and a new entry in the set of Final Fantasy VII sprite patterns. They may not go together too well, but I still hope you guys like at least some of what goes up today!

The first pattern that I'm putting up in this post is probably my favorite, featuring the spiffy new Pokemon Oshawott! From the drawings of the starters for Pokemon Black/White that had been floating around the internet since Nintendo announced the new monsters, featuring a somewhat depressed looking Oshawott, I thought that the Pokemon was cute enough, but didn't really care enough to hop to my image editing programs and start making patterns for it. On Saturday morning, however, Cartoon Network showed the first two episodes of the new season of Pokemon, which cemented Oshawott as one of the cutest cartoon characters I'd seen in a long time. It's cuddly, subject to wild mood swings, and capable of knocking hot air balloons out of the sky with a tiny seashell boomerang, so that seemed like enough to earn it a pattern here at Dork Stitch! Rather than going with a sprite pattern, I decided to use a screenshot from the anime as the basis for this pattern, cutting the amount of colors to give it a bold and cheerful look. The purple in the background is totally unnecessary, especially if you have some colored Aida cloth to stitch it on, but I thought it was cool looking, and it should be good if you want to use this as a Perler bead pattern, too!

For the next pattern of the day, I'm going to put up a very small pattern of Lady Gaga in her now famous meat dress, which I made after the Grammys on Sunday night. Like I said before, it's the third pattern of her to be posted on Dork Stitch, after the hair-bow-made-of-hair version and the big-poofy-dress version, but I feel that there's a certain delight to be found in cross stitching a dress made of raw meat, so this seemed like it would be fun to post, too! I actually made this already, since I didn't have enough focus for a bigger project yesterday, and my colors are a tiny bit off from what's listed, showing just how much the key matters. (The listed colors will look fine, too, but the skein I had of one of them had turned into a massive knot, and I was too lazy to fix it.) If you want to use this for something other than stitching, the backstitch is also pretty optional. I just used it to separate the cuts of meat, though making the colors slightly more distinct would have the same effect. Here is the pattern, followed by my ever-so-lovely stitched example of the piece!
With both of those up, it's time for my last pattern of the day, which is a new entry in the ongoing set of Final Fantasy VII sprite patterns, albeit one no one requested, featuring Genesis. Mostly, I made this one for myself, since I have nothing but appreciation for a video game bad guy that flies around, has an army of clones, and wanders around reciting poetry when it isn't really all that appropriate, but still isn't too proud to trip the hero when he's walking out of someone's front door! Since I've posted so many patterns in this style, I don't have too much more to say about it, but I am looking forward to stitching this rather soon.
While we're on the topic of Final Fantasy VII, Topcho, who has been featured here several times, and for good reason, stitched a spiffy version of the Cloud pattern that was posted here not that long ago! I'm not sure why this is the case, but she made his hair look really spiffy, and I do think the dark yellow and grays are especially nice on her pink fabric. If you'd like to see a larger version of her work, check out her blog, bla. bla? bla! (the order of punctuation there always gets me mixed up!), but here is a thumbnail image of Topcho's Cloud!

With all of that posted for today, I suppose that I'm finished, though I will post something else here pretty soon! I'd still love to see your finished versions of these patterns, regardless of your craft of choice, and will do my best to make you a pattern if you've got any requests. Other than that, though, I hope all of you are having a good week and not accidentally stabbing yourself in the finger with your stitching needles!


  1. Lol I have no explanation for the hair XD
    And the little Gaga is really so cute! The dress is so pretty, if I didn't know about the actual dress, I'd say it's made of flowers!