Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sprite Pattern Request Catch Up Day, Featuring FFVII and Pokemon

Hello! Before I type much more of this, I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, where I had the photo of the huge King of Fighters cross stitch thing. I really appreciate all of the spiffy and nice comments you guys left!

With those niceties out of the way, it's time to get down to business! For today's post, I wanted to get some of the sprite cross stitch patterns you guys had requested out and on the internet, just to keep myself from stalling too much! For those of you who have requested bigger patterns, I have not forgotten you, and since there's only 4 patterns here, or four sprites on three printouts, to save paper in the case of a shared set of colors on two of them, I am also not done with the sprite pattern requests I've gotten, though I haven't abandoned those, either. For now, however, I have sprite patterns featuring Loz and Yazoo from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and the famous Gary Oak and Ritchie from Pokemon. It isn't a particularly coherent set of patterns to put in one post, but I've got all of them done, so why not go for it? Without any further chatter (mostly because Blogger is freezing like wild today), here are your charts!

With all of those posted, I would normally move onto finished projects, but before I do that, I want to mention a couple of pattern makers doing really cool and elaborate charts for both Final Fantasy VII and Pokemon, if you're feeling more ambitious than tackling just these. In terms of Final Fantasy VII, I would strongly recommend, as I have before, checking out the blog and website of Gatchacaz, who has a set of incredibly cute Final Fantasy VII character patterns available for download with big heads and dot eyes and a lot of general cuddliness. She just added a cool one of Vincent, but I am strongly considering stitching Aerith, because, airheaded as I am, if one of the patterns in a set has fluffy hair and a pink dress, my mind is made up rather quickly. On the Pokemon side of things, if you are looking for any sort of sprite pattern, especially of the newer Pokemon, I would recommend visiting the really cool Deviant Art user Makibird-Stitching. I've printed up piles of her Pokemon charts, featuring both monsters and items, with easy-to-read printouts and well chosen sprites, and am really looking forward to stitching them! If you aren't a member of Deviant Art, the charts are still viewable and printable, with dozens to choose from, including several from non-Pokemon games.

Now that I've gone on and on about that, it is time to feature some stitching from readers, featuring Tama of Stitching Daze, who has been very prolific as of late! She stitched 6 of the sprite patterns I'd posted here, featuring Heero, Trowa, and Quatre from Gundam Wing, Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII, Sanzo from Saiyuki, and Ramona from Scott Pilgrim, and they all look really cool! I shrunk her photos down a bit and placed them in one image for convenience sake here, but all of them are viewable separately and in their full glory at her blog!
With all of that posted, I am done for today and a bit frustrated with Blogger, so I will be brief in my sendoff. I take requests, I like to see it if you stitch these charts, and I will post again soon! Have a lovely day!


  1. Yea, I really can't say again how much I liked the KoF stitch ya did. it was great. Hope blogger treats you better now =(

  2. Loz! Yazoo!
    I'm really looking forward to stitching those two!!! Kadaj is all lonely...
    Thanks for showing my Sprites!

  3. Thanks for the mention hun -- appreciated, as always! xxx