Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Ton of Photos of Finished Stitching By Dork Stitch Readers and One Finished Stitching From The Dork Stitch Writer

Hello! Tonight's post here at Dork Stitch (and the first one for February- I think I'm being a massive slacker!) is dedicated to the ultra-nifty work of four readers of this blog! It is pretty image heavy, but if I was going to showcase stitched versions of the patterns posted here without images, I think that I'd be a pretty terrible blogger. Everything here is really cool, though, so I hope that you enjoy looking at all of this spiffy work!

The first work to be showcased here tonight is a lovely version of the big Princess Zelda pattern that I posted here a while back (I think last summer) from Shio, a reader that e-mailed me some images of their finished work! Right now, Gmail is being idiotic and not letting me write back to say thank you for the kind message and all of the cool photos, but hopefully, I'll be able to do that in just a few minutes! Regardless of my technical difficulties, I hope that you enjoy Shio's finished stitching of Zelda, stitched in a mysterious fiber called Omegacryl. Actually, it's not mysterious, since I've seen it at Hobby Lobby, but had no idea it could be used in such a manner! It looks very good, and the purple is really bright, too.
The next finished work for display here is from Topcho, the writer of bla. bla? bla! and, shockingly enough, the artist known as Topcho on Deviant Art. (I know, it's bizarre, right?) A few weeks ago, her outstanding stitch of the Phantasy Star II style Reno pattern was featured here, but now, she's stitched three more cast members of Final Fantasy VII, featuring Tifa, Vincent, and that charming gentleman Sephiroth, on her lovely light pink Aida cloth. Reportedly, the borders stitched on these are required to stop some of the characters from running away, but I don't think they should worry. Pink suits all of them well! Before I go on with too much nonsensical yapping, though, here are the stitches, which can be viewed in larger images on either of Topcho's linked sites!

The next victim of this Dork Stitch features day is Tama, writer of Stitching Daze,  who has stitched a top-notch version of the Duo Maxwell sprite from the Gundam Wing pattern set that I posted not that long ago! I think that it is cool that she decided to make his eyes bright purple instead of the standard issue black pixels that I'd put them on the chart as, and it makes him look more alert than he otherwise would have, which I think is a good trait for a Gundam pilot to have, from what I have seen of various Gundam programs! Here is the image of Tama's stitching for all of you to enjoy, though, with a larger version available for viewing at her blog.

The last, but certainly not least, feature of reader's work in this post goes to DawnMLC, of Anime Stitching and a Deviant Art page, who has stitched three cool versions of some of this blog's Phantasy Star II style patterns, featuring Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, and Scarlett, the girl from Farm Frenzy! (I feel like there's quite a drop off in the fame of the characters towards the end of that list, and certainly a drop in the amount of dialogue spoken by each of them, but it is of no importance in the land of crafts.) This might sound minor, but when Dawn stitched Lois, she said that some of the colors in my original chart were a little off, so she changed the hair color to DMC 3853 and the pants color to a thread number I'd forgotten to ask about, in case any of you want to stitch her yourself. At any rate, though, here is Dawn's stitching, with bigger versions of each photo available for viewing at her previously linked Deviant Art page!

Before I go, I want to say thank you to all of you guys that showed off your finished work in the first place! It was really cool to see all of these patterns put to use, eight of them in total, and all of these finished works are really well done, nifty, and unique! I have a bunch of requests for more cast members of Final Fantasy VII, so I need to get to work on those so I can post them tomorrow or Tuesday. In my last move of the night as the writer of this blog, however, I am posting a photo of one of my own stitched versions of a pattern from this blog! The pattern, which features Shermie from the King of Fighters games chatting on her cell phone, is over a year old, so it's way back in the Dork Stitch archives, but I wanted to use some Neo Geo Pocket Color style sprites for needlepointing, so Shermie seemed to be suitable for the project at hand! Plus, it was fun to stitch, which never hurts matters.
With that out of the way, I am now really done posting for the night, though I will be back and posting again very soon! If you have any pattern requests or have made your own version of a pattern from this blog, let me know and matters shall be addressed posthaste. Otherwise, I hope that your week is off to an excellent start and this week, the weather holds up better for everyone involved!


  1. Wow, that's an image heavy post - I find Blogger very tempramental when uploading images so well done you for having the patience to do it!

    Some serious talent here and your little PSII sprites have gone down well - I am going to do some myself when I get round to converting the colours to Anchor and descide what I am going to stitch them.

    If you do more FFVII, I hope you're gonna do Cloud and Zack! xx

  2. Lovely, lovely things! They make me want to stitch your stuff even more (possibly not a good thing, since that's all I've been stitching lately). Can't wait to see what's next - did someone say Kadaj? Wouldn't be making the other two... would you? *insertpuppyeyeshere*

  3. OMG, that zelda single color stitch is awesome! Nice stuff, I definitely look forward to seeing more from you. I'm just starting off cross stitching, and I think I'm doing very poorly. I lack a lot of colors, so I'm very limited to my sprite choices. =( have any quick advice for me?