Friday, February 11, 2011

Video Game Themed Cross Stitch Goes Old School, If Victorian Samplers Are, In Fact, Old School

Hello! I realize that I have a long list of Final Fantasy related requests that I entirely plan to fill,  but for today, the cross stitch pattern here at Dork Stitch is the product of my spending an entire afternoon doing something that, in hindsight, was not all that useful. Sometimes, when I see it at a grocery store or something, I will get an issue of Cross Stitcher magazine, which is, unfortunately, on its final issue, since they usually have some really cool looking reproductions of 19th century samplers or new charts in the same style that are fun to stitch, especially if you have very little respect for the suggested colors. When I looked at the very nifty sampler they printed in this issue, however, I thought that it must be possible to make something in a similar style with a gaming theme!

Once I'd come to that conclusion, I sat down and started digging through sprites and fonts and all sorts of things to see if I could make a cool sampler before I settled on using a sprite of Mai Shiranui, from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters, and the alphabet from Super Mario World. Mai ended up being the subject not just because she's in SNK fighting games, but because for doing the silhouette style pattern, which I've seen in a lot of older patterns (especially in books of Anne Orr's charts, made in the early 1900s) it seemed like it would be fun to use the least proper character possible, which is why she edged out Street Fighter's Chun-Li to be the guardian of the alphabet. Plus, the fan and trim on her semi-outfit looked cool in this style, so that helped, too. I don't have as much to say about the Super Mario World alphabet, but by God, it's on the chart, so obviously, I didn't hate it. I think I've explained the pattern quite enough, though, so without any further ado, here is today's cross stitch pattern, split into a color key and a chart for easier printing!

With today's delightfully old fashioned pattern posted, it's time to move on to the display of a finished project, this time  featuring the lovely work of bla. bla? bla!'s Topcho! If you'll remember, on Tuesday afternoon, I posted a couple of Final Fantasy VII themed charts, but by Tuesday night, Topcho had already stitched Kadaj! Despite the feelings of inadequacy that resulted from my seeing her finished work that was created in the same amount of time it took me to sit around, play video games, stitch and undo about two dozen crosses, then play more video games (but a different game on a different system, so it was totally okay), her stitched version of Kadaj looks quite nice and goes really well with the pale pink Aida cloth! Here is an image of her work with a larger version visible at her blog, linked above!
With that posted, I'm done blogging for the day, though I hope to be back with some more patterns and spiffy pictures of people's finished stitching soon! As always, I'm taking pattern requests, though, as you can tell, I'm not terribly speedy with them, and if you decide to use this or any other pattern posted here, I'd love to see your finished project! Other than that, though, I hope that all of you have very nice weekends and good luck with your current crafting projects!


  1. It's really hard to tell that's the font for Super Mario World, so no worries. Looks like it'll turn out great, too bad it's just a silhouette =D haha, jk. But really, Mai's a slut.

  2. Now that is a serioulsy impressive sampler, and again I'm loving your "silhouette" look which I'm a fan of myself at the moment.

    Topcho's stitched Kadaj looks fabby and just goes to show how fast any of us can stitch when we put our minds to it!

  3. The sampler is just awesome! It was about time something like his to show in a *dorky* style! :D Glad you liked it, because I turned to be to lazy to fix that colour, and he's already pinned on the wall right under Sephiroth ^__^

  4. Another excellent pattern!

  5. Hey, Missy. How are you? If I recall correctly, you are a fan of BlackJack. Have you ever seen the anime and do you recommend it? Thanks! Have an awesome weekend. :D