Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Round of Final Fantasy VII Sprite Patterns

Hello! I feel like I've been posting more than usual the last few days, but it's been interesting, so I don't mind doing it. For today, I decided to finish a couple more Final Fantasy VII related pattern requests, so I made some Phantasy Star II style sprites of Zack Fair and Cloud, in his charming Playstation style outfit. It was slightly distressing to me that, out of all of the times that I've sat down to make sprites from these games, today was the first time that it occurred to me that, instead of digging through fan sites and wikis to find reference images of the characters, I could just grab the games involved and open their respective instruction books, but at least I figured it out eventually. Regardless of how these patterns were made, however, here are Zack and Cloud, posted in the same image in the name of paper conservation!

With that pattern posted, I don't really have anyone else's finished work to write about, but since we're on the topic of Final Fantasy VII, and Crisis Core in particular, I figured that this was as good a time as any to post a finished image of the sprite of Genesis I posted here. It really was a pattern that I'd done for myself, since no one at all requested him, but almost as soon as I had it charted, I decided to stitch it, with a jacket made in lovely variegated floss. This has been done for at least a month now, but hopefully, that doesn't make posting it now any less reasonable, since that's obviously a massive content concern here.
I'm pretty much out of stuff to write about for now, so I'm going to head elsewhere for a bit. If you guys have any pattern requests or stitch, bead, or otherwise craft any of the patterns on this blog, let me know! I don't turn down many chances to post here, so it would be really cool. I hope you are all having a good start to the week and continue to do well on all of your crafting endeavors.


  1. Those new FFVII sprites are pretty cool - I'm defo adding those to the list of sprites to stitch!!!

  2. Ohh, I think I know now what I'll be stitching this weekend ! ^^ Although Im still not sure about the second Cloud, don't know how the first one will react when seeing his doppelganger O.o

  3. Eee! more FF Sprites!
    I've finished another two of your patterns, I'll be posting them when I borrow my mum's camera. Mine is completely lost; I canNOT find it anywhere. :C

  4. Hey, Missy. Happy Birthday! I hope it's the best yet.