Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Fancy Vocaloid Pattern and Some Lovely Finished Projects!

Hello! Tonight I was very tempted to log on, post an 80 stitch tall cross stitch chart of Cathy from Top Hunter, say bye, and leave without much more typing or anything involved. I decided that I wanted to stitch Cathy for myself before posting the pattern, though, since I know interest for that sort of thing is very high in this day and age, so that plan totally went out the window. Instead, I've decided to use this post to showcase some very cool work from readers and to post a pattern I made this afternoon of Meiko, who, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, is a Vocaloid.

Since it seems to be the best, or, at the very least, the most normal way to do things here, I will start by posting the pattern! I have a lot of stuff ready, or almost ready to post here, but since I hadn't been on with a new chart for a couple of weeks, I wanted to post something somewhat cool and impressive. I'm actually not sure that a cross stitch pattern of a Vocaloid fits that bill at all, but I thought it might end up being spiffy, so that's what I set to work on. As the basis for the pattern, I used the character design for Meiko that was done for an event on Tinier Me, an online game that I know is pointless but am still sort of fascinated with, because it was cute and fairly simple. Even without a massive amount of detail, however, it was difficult to fit everything I wanted into a manageable chart size, so I decided to use some backstitching and see how that turned out. I want to stitch it fairly soon, so if it goes poorly, I may post a fancy sheet of corrections! For now, however, here is the pattern of Meiko! I hope that you guys like it.

With Meiko now able to float through the internet, it's time for me to post about three really cool finished projects done by people who read or at least at one point looked at this blog! Our first finished project comes from Deviant Art's mysterious indieposernerd, who may or may not be my sister who is in the next room as I type this. After I made the cross stitch pattern of Oshawott, one of the most recent additions to the Pokemon family, she decided to needlepoint it on some plastic canvas that she'd originally gotten for the Black Swan project. It was quite a change in subjects, but the Oshawott came out looking really nice, with a large size, neat stitching, and a super-bright variegated yarn background. Here is a small version of her stitching, but the full sized Oshawott can be viewed on her Deviant Art page!
While we are on the subjects of Pokemon, Deviant Art, and stitched versions of patterns from this blog, cross stitcher Lil-Samuu, who does tons of cool video game related work, made three of the Phantasy Style II style sprites of Pokemon characters! Her subjects in this case happened to be Ash, Gary Oak, and Ritchie, who all look charming in cross stitches and Anchor threads on an understated white Aida cloth. (I think my descriptions of these pieces are starting to give away that I am sleepy.) As it was with Oshawott, a small version of this can be viewed below, with the full size image and a lot of other cool cross stitching visible on her Deviant Art profile page!
Seeing as tonight's post has had a ton of variety, it only seems right to follow the already featured needlepoint and cross stitch projects with Youtube user TheVada14's Perler Bead version of one of the Dragon Quest III style Lady Gaga patterns posted here at Dork Stitch. I found this video a bit accidentally, so I don't know if the artist responsible will see this, but the Perler piece itself is really well made, all flat and pixel-y and such, and the video itself is really cool, featuring Lady Gaga's song "Just Dance," which makes infinitely more sense than setting the image to a harpsichord piece. I am going to try to embed the video here for all of you to see, so here's to hoping it works!

In the event that the Lady Gaga perler bead video posted in a functional manner, I am done blogging for tonight and hope to be back soon with more patterns that some of you may find interesting! I have not forgotten about all of your requests, though I am strongly considering going through all of my comments and making a list of them so that I know I haven't lost track of anything. Also, if any of you decide to make Meiko or any of the other patterns featured here, I would love to see and show everyone your finished work! With all of that said, I am done for now, so I hope all of you are having a relatively good day.


  1. Wow...a video!! :)
    Cute pattern tooo!!

  2. Lol, my first reaction to the post as a whole too was " wow, a video" XD
    Cute new pattern and great finishes too, I love the colourful background