Friday, March 25, 2011

A Not-Very-Wild Deerling Cross Stitch Pattern Appears!

Hello! I don't know if my post for today is going to be very long, but I have a pattern to post, so I figured that I might as well put something up here while I'm immobilized by the egg foo young I ate for lunch. As I type this, I am considering having a stitch-in at the local comic book store, which I guess would not be very logical as far as normal logic is concerned. I went to the store's Facebook page to check on a relief for Japan fundraiser they were holding tonight, though, and saw someone complaining that they'd added a scrapbooking section to the back corner of the shop. I commented back, stating that I used the paper for origami paper and was glad to see it alongside a comment that if you collect things made of paper, you probably don't want to mess with crafters armed with fancy scissors, but I'm still a bit bothered by the fact that some of the Magic players, despite the fact that the scrapbooking supplies do not detract from their games or their stock of cards, seem to be unhappy to have crafters in the store. Because of this, I think it would be interesting to head in with my cross stitch supplies, plop down at a table, and start doing crafts right then and there. I'm a fairly regular customer, so they can't throw me out because of that, and if I were stitching a Pokemon or a manga character, they couldn't even say I was going against the store's theme. It is a rather immature sort of plan that I should probably think through, but it's probably a better idea than just yelling and making a lot of incoherent noises.

Anyway, that had very little to do with the actual content of this blog, so I now have a lovely cross stitch pattern to present to all of you! As some of you may have noticed at some point during your reading this blog, I am rather fond of Pokemon, so when one of my brothers got Pokemon Black/White (I'm behind, so I got Soul Silver instead) and the art collection that came with it at Target, I bothered him until he let me borrow the folder for the purpose of making some patterns. I haven't done much with it yet, but on the way to some faux NES sprites I was working on, I did make a pattern of a Deerling, which is one of the new Pokemon, for cross stitch and needlepoint that I'm posting today. Since there are four different color variations of Deerling, not counting the shinies, I've charted it with the floss colors listed for each of the different seasons to avoid missing anyone's favorites.
I was pretty happy with how this came out when I first made it, so I did a needlepoint version of it the next day, which was better than I expected. I didn't really use any of the standard colors, since I found a green variegated craft thread that I thought would be cute, but if you want to see what a stitched version of this chart looks like, I guess my version of it could be easily considered an example of what it could look like.
Now that I've posted a pattern and the finished version of said pattern, I don't really have anything else for you, so I suppose I'm done for today! If you have any requests for future patterns or make any of the patterns featured on this blog, though, I would love to hear from you and see your finished projects, no matter what the format is. Since Blogger's comment system is not the best in the world, I couldn't respond directly, but last weekend, I heard from a Minecraft player who said that they'd used some of the patterns from here in the game, and if you guys have done anything like that, I would be really excited to see any screenshots or other images of such work! Until then, though, I hope all of you have a good weekend and are enjoying your respective crafts!