Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Super Lame Touhou Cross Stitch Pattern and Some Cool Perler Work

Hello! Tonight, I envision myself loading artwork from Pangya, a golfing video game that I have a strange obsession with, into my various digital art programs, doing a ton of editing, and coming out with a brilliant and lovely pattern that I'll be able to needlepoint and pin to my wall within just a few days. Since I also envision this plan being a total bust, I have decided to start the evening by making a blog post here, so that I can look back and see some sign of my own productivity.

To start the rest of my post, I have to explain how I got to the pattern I'm about to post, which should not be terribly difficult. I play a browser based RPG called Stella Quest L, which is really fun, and in it, you can occasionally win a pack of trading cards or other anime merchandise, which the guy who runs the game will then mail to you. Through this, I won a pack of trading cards for the Touhou games, which are extremely high quality and feature some really cool artwork. The only odd thing about me winning these cards is that, despite the prevalence of the characters from them in fan art and in other corners of the internet, I had never actually played a Touhou game, so I decided to try them. This would have been really spiffy, except for the fact that I don't really play vertically scrolling shooters that often because they make me feel depressed and somewhat inadequate at pushing buttons in order to stave off the death of a virtual person. (I do play Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting quite a bit, and have gotten okay at it, but I am such a dork that the SNK theme amuses me so much that I do not mind my constant, horrible deaths at the hands of sparkly projectile weapons.) I do, however, really, really like Breakout type games, like Puchi Carat and Sorcerer's Maze, which I know all the kids are into these days, so when I played the first of the Touhou games, The Highly Responsive to Prayers (a title which I might have wrong), I was transfixed. I still totally sucked at it, but it was really fun, somewhat confusing, and in a genre that I've spent way too much time playing. Because of that, I spent this afternoon picking apart screenshots of it to bring you guys this not-that-thrilling pattern of the game's heroine, Reimu!

After sitting and reading, or at least scrolling, through all of that, I bet you guys are wondering where the pattern is, so I suppose I will go ahead and post it. She ought to be really fast and easy to stitch, so she would make a good project if you want to finish something in a hurry, and the colors are simple enough that she ought to be suitable for needlepoint (which I intend to use it for) or Perler beads!
Now that I'm done typing your ear off and posting a pattern, it is time for us to enter the next phase of this blog post, since I have some really cool Perler bead work based on patterns from here done by Deviant Art user Tabescent! (I reckon that if you click on those differently colored words, it'll take you right to her Deviant Art page.) If I had just randomly seen her page, I would have been really impressed by the fact that she perlered a cassette tape, which makes me want to perler a mini disc or something, but she did some extremely spiffy versions of December's patterns of Knives Chau, of Scott Pilgrim fame, and Misty from Pokemon! Some smaller photos of these projects can be found directly below this text, but if you want to see the full sized versions, I recommend a trip to her Deviant Art profile!
For now, I am done blogging, but I shall be back with more patterns and, hopefully, more photos of finished work before too long! If you guys have pattern requests or decide to use any of the patterns here for your personal crafting, let me know, and I will do my best to make your pattern or feature your finished work right here! Until then, I am off to attempt the Pangya needlepoint pattern that I currently see in my head!


  1. May I ask what is she carrying?? It is the white thing...I can't seem to figure it out!!

  2. Oh, her sleeves are too big, so they poof up and fly when she runs! I thought it was cute, but can see where it would be confusing.

  3. You should do a sprite of Brock from Pokémon! It would make my entire life complete!