Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cross Stitch Charts of Pikachu and Ninetales- It's a Very Yellow Day

Hello! In terms of text, I don't think that my post today will be too long, since I am having a bit of trouble thinking of how to go on for too long about what I've got for today. I do, however, have some cross stitch patterns that were requested by two of the members of the local Pokemon League! Frighteningly enough, now that I've been given some giant boxes of paperwork and prizes, I am currently in charge of running the league, which I'm hoping goes well in weeks to come, but since that's not very applicable to this blog, I won't talk about it that much right now. I do, however, have two charts of Ninetales and one of Pikachu that I've made for a couple of the players that show up, so I hope they like them!

Because the whole Pokemon League thing around here is mostly a bunch of people sitting around and playing cards, I did a chart for each of the requested Pokemon by editing sprites from the Game Boy's version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. I actually think that both cards involved are older than the people who requested the patterns, so I'm not sure if such a decision matters that much. After removing the tedious to stitch backgrounds (which I say after having tried to stitch one of these things in their entirety and abandoning it entirely) and changing around a few colors, though, I think that these full patterns of both Pikachu and Ninetales should be fairly easy and interesting to stitch. As I was looking for images of Ninetales, however, I came across a really nifty looking sprite from Pokemon Pinball and decided to change that into a pattern as well! It didn't require much editing, other than some details that I added to the tails themselves and cleanup of the outline, but I think that, if stitched or beaded or whatever you'd like to do with it, it would look really cool and perhaps a bit dramatic. Before I say any more about these, however, here are the patterns for today!

Before I finish posting for today, I'd like to note that since I've been blogging about patterns and all of that crud here for quite a while, I have a more typical pattern of Pikachu hidden in my archives, from June of last year! The chart can be found here, and while it's less round and cheerful than today's Pikachu, I still hope that you will find it quite charming.

Anyway, I'm done for now, but if you have any pattern requests, of Pokemon or anything else, let me know and I'll do my best to make something resembling what you asked for! I should be posting some more patterns soon, though I'm not sure what they'll be of yet, but until then, I hope you are having relatively nice days and not accidentally injuring your thumbs with your embroidery needles.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Reader Work Showcase Event!

Hello! The title of today's blog post might sound very exciting to some, but it's really not any different than any number of posts that I've made here in the past. I do, however, have the very nifty finished work of four crafters to show off here, so I hope that all of you enjoy seeing it! To get things started, seeing as her blog is the first in my line of open tabs to link back to and write about, here is a perler beaded rendition of the Surfing Pikachu pattern that I posted here earlier in the year, courtesy of Little Red Emo Hood at Skates and Stitches! Her blog is really cool, with plentiful updates, tons of crafting links, and photos of all of her finished work, which last week included this Pikachu. It looks very petite and tidy, with bright colors and solidly melted beads, and it now reportedly has a home on the author's windowsill. If you want to see or comment on Pikachu's starring post for yourself, you can check it out right here, but here is a small photo of the lovable, if not a bit dangerous in water, Pokemon!
Next on today's features list is fellow blogger and Dork Stitch regular Tama, of Stitching Daze! Her stylish renditions of Final Fantasy VII's Cloud and Saiyuki's Gojyo, both taken from sprite patterns that I posted a while back, look nicely stitched and shiny, as is her trademark, and can be seen in all their glory directly below! If you'd like a closer look at them, visit the blog post from which they originated right here.

The next finished stitch I've got to feature here today comes from Deviant Art member and blogger Rei Sengoku, who stitched the Sailor Pluto pattern posted during sprite patterns December. I think his version of Sailor Pluto looks quite nice, since she goes well with the black fabric, and the brightness of the purple border looks really good as well. The stitching is very well done as well, so I hope that the friend he made it for likes it! If you'd like to get a full-sized look at Sailor Pluto, visit the original Deviant Art post here. Otherwise, here is a smaller photo of the cross stitched Sailor Scout.
Although I have a feeling that I am completely overlooking someone's work, the last stitching feature for today comes from the evidentially patient stitcher Carand88, who can also be found on Deviant Art! I featured her stitching here back at the start of the month, when she'd made a pretty purple version of the big Princess Zelda pattern I've got featured here, but, within the same month, she took a week of stitching and made the same thing in black as a gift for her brother. Seeing as I almost lacked the attention span to stitch the chart once within four months, I'm pretty impressed by Carand's focus and dedication, especially when the fact that both Zeldas look so nice is taken into consideration. If you'd like to see a full version of the new Zelda, you can view it here, but here is a smaller image of her work! The glitter in her eyes doesn't show up too well in this thumbnail, but the rest of it is pretty accurate.
With all of those photos posted, I think I'm done for today, but I'm hoping to be back later in the week with some new patterns! I've got a couple of requests to fill from members of the local Pokemon League, as well as some other, slightly more standard stuff, so I'm hoping the patterns come out well. Until then, best of luck with all of your crafting!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

IHSW April Was Full of Tiny Projects

Hello! This is a slightly abnormal post, but since it's the end of this month's International Stitch and Hermit Weekend, as it was declared to be by Joyze of Random Ramblings, I thought that I'd post my results! At the start of the weekend, I thought that I'd work on a project I'd started ages ago and recently retrieved, but on Saturday, I went to a museum to see an exhibit on Jim Henson and ended up digging through old craft books and magazines in their charity book sale. It was fairly productive, since my mom found a couple of 70s knitting books and I found some old embroidery magazines, but the spiffiest thing I found was, for a dollar, a 64 page pattern book from 1977 called Ondori Cross Stitch Patterns 2 by Misako Murayama. There are tons of patterns included, of people, animals, florals, and even some fairly traditional samplers, but everything in it is really cartoony and stitched in extremely bright colors. This, of course, meant that the project I'd intended to work on didn't get much done on it at all, as I instead elected to make these two smaller patterns from the book I'd gotten.

Both of these were really easy and fast to stitch, since I started the two people in the car last night, during a viewing of Titanic 2, and did the rest of the stitching while sitting around and watching old sitcoms and reruns of True Blood today. I guess that isn't really the point of the stitching weekend, but it was very nice anyway, and I'm hoping to start one of the book's larger patterns sometime this week!

Anyway, this is all I have for you today, but I'll be back with a more normal post sometime very soon! I hope all of you enjoyed this weekend, whether you were doing crafts or not, and that your next week goes fairly well.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cross Stitch Sprite Patterns of the Cast of Ouran High School Host Club

Hello! Today I have no substitute teaching, a full set of patterns, and am not nearly as lazy as I was yesterday, so it seemed like the perfect afternoon to do a blog post! Before I get too far, I want to take a couple of sentences to promote the fact that Joyze, the blogger of Random Ramblings, (where you can find much better information on this than I have) has organized the latest in her series of International Stitch and Hermit weekends, in which you stitch stuff over the weekend, and then, on Monday, post a photo of whatever you got done on your blog. It's really fun, and even though I forgot about it last month, in January I stitched one of my sprite patterns of Team Rocket, and in February, I finished off a huge King of Fighters sprite I'd been working on. Hopefully, I'll manage to get something made during this month's stitching weekend, too!

With all of that set of chatter done with, I'm on to the next thing, which is today's Dork Stitch cross stitch patterns! Today I have for you some Phantasy Star II style sprite patterns of eight major characters from Ouran High School Host Club, including all of the host club's members and Renge. Since I'd started watching it with my sister, I wanted to make sprite patterns of the characters, since it looked like it would be fairly easy to make them all look nice, like when I made the cast of Sailor Moon for December's sprite patterns rush. It actually ended up being a little more difficult than that, since the lack of brightly colored and bizarre hairstyles made it slightly harder to find low-pixel methods to distinguish the boys from one another. Because of that, I tried my best to represent details like the way their shirts are buttoned and things like that, as well as including accessories in the case of a couple of characters, since it would be depressing to have a pattern of Honey without his bunny. In order to save printing paper, I also paired the sprites up to get it down to four pages in the event that you want all of them, meaning that the color key is a bit intimidating on the chart featuring Kyoya and Renge, even though the patterns themselves are no more or less complicated than normal.

In terms of the difficulty involved in stitching these, it shouldn't be any worse than any of the other sprite patterns I've posted here. There is a little bit of backstitching on a few of these, but if you're using them for Perler bead crafts or anything, it shouldn't matter at all if you ignore it. All of these patterns use the same base color key, too, so if you're working on more than one of them, the same symbol means the same suggested color across all eight pages. Before I've gone on any longer about this, here are the actual patterns!

With those posted, I'm out of new content for today, though I am pretty happy with the charts for today. I hope you guys like them, too, and if you decide to stitch these, or any of the other patterns I've posted here, I'd love to see how they turned out! I'm going to go and try to think of some nice new patterns to make for now, and will hopefully be back to post again soon.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Robotech Cross Stitch Pattern and an Odd Anne of Green Gables Reference

Today I was substitute teaching for a set of high school English classes, and since the students were really attentive and well behaved, I did quite a bit of reading. My first task was to read Anne of Green Gables, as I hadn't read it since sixth grade and find it to be quite a charming book. When I was done with that, however, I switched to a Robotech novel I'd picked up at a used book store and found myself thinking that Anne Shirley would be just dreadfully horrified at the actions taken by the Army of the Southern Cross. It was then that I realized I might do well to pick books that matched a bit better to read next to each other.

Today's cross stitch pattern here at Dork Stitch is, in honor of this, Robotech related, featuring the logo/insignia of the Robotech Defense Force. Since I just finished stitching this tonight, as you will soon see, I can vouch for the fact that it's very easy to stitch, if not slightly boring once the outline is complete. If you're fond of giant robots and 80s anime and all of that, however, filling in the red and white parts should be easy enough to get through rather quickly. Before I've gone on for too long about it, here is the pattern, which I, in my slightly sleepy state, actually forgot to assemble until I'd started typing this paragraph!

With that posted, I'd also like to show off my relatively bad example of what this may look like when stitched with yarn on 7-count plastic canvas! The end result is good enough to pin on my wall alongside some of my other nerdy craft projects, but my recent inability to read a chart led to it appearing to be strangely lopsided. I'll stitch it again and better at some point, though, so I'm not too worried about it!
Anyway, I am currently feeling rather loopy and incoherent, so I think I'd better stop typing before I forget how sentences work. If you decide to stitch this or any of my other posted patterns, however, I would really like to see your finished projects and blog about them for all to see! Have a good weekend, and I'll post more cross stitch patterns here within the next few days.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Mysterious Mail Arrives!

Hello! For today's post, there's not really going to be much to do with cross stitching, so I guess I ought to apologize for that. I've been really excited about posting ever since the mailman flagged my mom and I down in the middle of the road because he wanted to get us a package from Bulgaria, though, so here is today's blog! Towards the end of February, Topcho, who can be found at her blog bla. bla? bla!, posted a notice that she would send out martenitsa/martenichka for Baba Marta, a Bulgarian springtime festival, to followers of her blog, which my sister and I inquired about upon the original blog entry. I am not terribly optimistic about international shipping, due in large part to the fact that I know next to nothing about it, so for a while, I didn't think twice about it taking a while to arrive. Towards the end of March, however, Topcho made a second post, saying that the martenichka had been delayed in the post for security reasons, which I am aware should have been a message about being patient. When I read that, however, I got really excited about the package coming all over again, which made getting it today extremely cool! My photo of what came is not very good, since my photography skills are poor, at best, but now that I have a DSi, I have a giant machine to hold onto while taking pictures, meaning that there's less blurry and wobbly parts to my photos! I hope all of you can see the contents of this picture well.
Thank you very much for sending all of this, Topcho! I really love it, and am sure my sister will, too, when she gets home from school. Also, your handwriting is really easy to read and I've seen much, much worse on a regular basis.

As you (and by this I mean everyone who isn't Topcho, since she's well aware of what was here, I'm sure) can see, we received two martenichka bracelets, two more traditional pins, and a larger martenchka to hang on the wall! Since there were two pins and two bracelets, I decided to claim one of the pins before my sister could get to it, the one with the dolls attached to it, while my sister has first call on the bracelets. Regardless of the coolness of these items on a material level, however, it's really cool to hear about the springtime festival and the attached traditions, since a lot of times Plus, it still seems like the very start of spring here, since it's chilly today (despite the fact that it was nearly 80 on Sunday), so it's more than appropriate timing!

Anyway, this is all I have for today, though I'll be back later in the week with new patterns! I have some from Robotech and Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji nearly ready to go, and in terms of sprite patterns, I want to finish some more FF7 sprites, this time of the remaining Turks (though I'm worried I'll made Rude look like Yasu from NaNa) and also make a set featuring the cast of Ouran Host Club. It'll involve a lot of tiny pixelized suits, but it should be fun! If you have any requests, feel free to let me know, too!

Thank you again to Topcho, and I hope all of you are having a good week!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Cross Stitch Pattern of a Samurai Shodown Character and Some Neat Finished Stitches From Readers

Hello! I hadn't intended to post anything today, since I hadn't yet decided what to post next, but when I went through my archives to see what I'd written about my monochrome pattern of Mina from Samurai Shodown, I realized that I hadn't actually posted it. Since the pattern was just sitting on my desktop, it seemed like it would be reasonable to put it online, meaning that I did have an excuse to post after all. It's a bit of a larger pattern than I normally put here, at over 100 stitches tall, but since it's in monochrome, it doesn't take long at all to stitch. Plus, the character design lent itself well to the style, since her giant ponytail and bows (one on her head, one for shootin' some arrows) make her identifiable and cool looking. Rather than go on and on about how I actually liked stitching this pattern (which can be seen as the sample image on the chart itself), however, I think I'll just post it!
With today's pattern posted, it's time to move on to the reason that I really wanted to post today, which is that I have some very nice finished work from a couple of readers to write about! Of the two pieces that I'm going to post today, I'm going to start with a couple of stitches from Deviant Art's Azureye, since I think writing about it will be slightly more complicated. All four of the stitches she chose to do here are very well done, but the penguin was designed by a magazine and the Chocobo pattern was from DawnMLC, which I wanted to make absolutely sure I stated before going any further, in order to avoid any confusion. The origami crane and Vincent Valentine in the center, however, are from Dork Stitch patterns, though the crane pattern was posted a really long time ago. It was really cool to see a pattern (and a non-fan art one, no less) from so long ago stitched, though, especially with such precise and tidy backstitching! If you'd like to see the full version of this image, complete with artist comments, please visit Azureye's Deviant Art page, but here is a smaller image of her stitching!
To follow that, another Deviant Art stitcher, Carand88, made her own version of the monochrome pattern of Princess Zelda that I posted last summer. I think it's probably one of the blog's most frequently stitched patterns, but I'm always amazed by how quickly people say they stitched her! My attention span is horrible, so it took me months to do this with all of the tiny projects I was doing in the middle, but according to Carand88, it was a short project, meaning that she is a new member of the long list of stitchers more focused than I am. Aside from all of that, however, the stitching is remarkably tidy and nice, making Princess Zelda look really well done. For a full view of this, check out Carand88's Deviant Art page, though a smaller version of the image is just below!
With both of those finished projects posted, I'm off for now, probably to work on some patterns to post at a later date. I have some things in reserve, so they might pop up later in the week, but if you guys have any pattern requests, let me know and I will try my best to make whatever it is you wanted for you! Until my next post, though, I hope your week has started well.