Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cross Stitch Charts of Pikachu and Ninetales- It's a Very Yellow Day

Hello! In terms of text, I don't think that my post today will be too long, since I am having a bit of trouble thinking of how to go on for too long about what I've got for today. I do, however, have some cross stitch patterns that were requested by two of the members of the local Pokemon League! Frighteningly enough, now that I've been given some giant boxes of paperwork and prizes, I am currently in charge of running the league, which I'm hoping goes well in weeks to come, but since that's not very applicable to this blog, I won't talk about it that much right now. I do, however, have two charts of Ninetales and one of Pikachu that I've made for a couple of the players that show up, so I hope they like them!

Because the whole Pokemon League thing around here is mostly a bunch of people sitting around and playing cards, I did a chart for each of the requested Pokemon by editing sprites from the Game Boy's version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. I actually think that both cards involved are older than the people who requested the patterns, so I'm not sure if such a decision matters that much. After removing the tedious to stitch backgrounds (which I say after having tried to stitch one of these things in their entirety and abandoning it entirely) and changing around a few colors, though, I think that these full patterns of both Pikachu and Ninetales should be fairly easy and interesting to stitch. As I was looking for images of Ninetales, however, I came across a really nifty looking sprite from Pokemon Pinball and decided to change that into a pattern as well! It didn't require much editing, other than some details that I added to the tails themselves and cleanup of the outline, but I think that, if stitched or beaded or whatever you'd like to do with it, it would look really cool and perhaps a bit dramatic. Before I say any more about these, however, here are the patterns for today!

Before I finish posting for today, I'd like to note that since I've been blogging about patterns and all of that crud here for quite a while, I have a more typical pattern of Pikachu hidden in my archives, from June of last year! The chart can be found here, and while it's less round and cheerful than today's Pikachu, I still hope that you will find it quite charming.

Anyway, I'm done for now, but if you have any pattern requests, of Pokemon or anything else, let me know and I'll do my best to make something resembling what you asked for! I should be posting some more patterns soon, though I'm not sure what they'll be of yet, but until then, I hope you are having relatively nice days and not accidentally injuring your thumbs with your embroidery needles.

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  1. These look fun.
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