Sunday, April 17, 2011

IHSW April Was Full of Tiny Projects

Hello! This is a slightly abnormal post, but since it's the end of this month's International Stitch and Hermit Weekend, as it was declared to be by Joyze of Random Ramblings, I thought that I'd post my results! At the start of the weekend, I thought that I'd work on a project I'd started ages ago and recently retrieved, but on Saturday, I went to a museum to see an exhibit on Jim Henson and ended up digging through old craft books and magazines in their charity book sale. It was fairly productive, since my mom found a couple of 70s knitting books and I found some old embroidery magazines, but the spiffiest thing I found was, for a dollar, a 64 page pattern book from 1977 called Ondori Cross Stitch Patterns 2 by Misako Murayama. There are tons of patterns included, of people, animals, florals, and even some fairly traditional samplers, but everything in it is really cartoony and stitched in extremely bright colors. This, of course, meant that the project I'd intended to work on didn't get much done on it at all, as I instead elected to make these two smaller patterns from the book I'd gotten.

Both of these were really easy and fast to stitch, since I started the two people in the car last night, during a viewing of Titanic 2, and did the rest of the stitching while sitting around and watching old sitcoms and reruns of True Blood today. I guess that isn't really the point of the stitching weekend, but it was very nice anyway, and I'm hoping to start one of the book's larger patterns sometime this week!

Anyway, this is all I have for you today, but I'll be back with a more normal post sometime very soon! I hope all of you enjoyed this weekend, whether you were doing crafts or not, and that your next week goes fairly well.


  1. Oh wow, I bet the Henson exhibit was a whole lot of fun!!

    Cute stitches you finished... I love the little girl's ponytail. :D The point of the weekend is to have fun, fun, fun and it sounds like you got it spot on. :D

  2. Cute little projects and what fun to find a book of patterns like that.