Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Reader Work Showcase Event!

Hello! The title of today's blog post might sound very exciting to some, but it's really not any different than any number of posts that I've made here in the past. I do, however, have the very nifty finished work of four crafters to show off here, so I hope that all of you enjoy seeing it! To get things started, seeing as her blog is the first in my line of open tabs to link back to and write about, here is a perler beaded rendition of the Surfing Pikachu pattern that I posted here earlier in the year, courtesy of Little Red Emo Hood at Skates and Stitches! Her blog is really cool, with plentiful updates, tons of crafting links, and photos of all of her finished work, which last week included this Pikachu. It looks very petite and tidy, with bright colors and solidly melted beads, and it now reportedly has a home on the author's windowsill. If you want to see or comment on Pikachu's starring post for yourself, you can check it out right here, but here is a small photo of the lovable, if not a bit dangerous in water, Pokemon!
Next on today's features list is fellow blogger and Dork Stitch regular Tama, of Stitching Daze! Her stylish renditions of Final Fantasy VII's Cloud and Saiyuki's Gojyo, both taken from sprite patterns that I posted a while back, look nicely stitched and shiny, as is her trademark, and can be seen in all their glory directly below! If you'd like a closer look at them, visit the blog post from which they originated right here.

The next finished stitch I've got to feature here today comes from Deviant Art member and blogger Rei Sengoku, who stitched the Sailor Pluto pattern posted during sprite patterns December. I think his version of Sailor Pluto looks quite nice, since she goes well with the black fabric, and the brightness of the purple border looks really good as well. The stitching is very well done as well, so I hope that the friend he made it for likes it! If you'd like to get a full-sized look at Sailor Pluto, visit the original Deviant Art post here. Otherwise, here is a smaller photo of the cross stitched Sailor Scout.
Although I have a feeling that I am completely overlooking someone's work, the last stitching feature for today comes from the evidentially patient stitcher Carand88, who can also be found on Deviant Art! I featured her stitching here back at the start of the month, when she'd made a pretty purple version of the big Princess Zelda pattern I've got featured here, but, within the same month, she took a week of stitching and made the same thing in black as a gift for her brother. Seeing as I almost lacked the attention span to stitch the chart once within four months, I'm pretty impressed by Carand's focus and dedication, especially when the fact that both Zeldas look so nice is taken into consideration. If you'd like to see a full version of the new Zelda, you can view it here, but here is a smaller image of her work! The glitter in her eyes doesn't show up too well in this thumbnail, but the rest of it is pretty accurate.
With all of those photos posted, I think I'm done for today, but I'm hoping to be back later in the week with some new patterns! I've got a couple of requests to fill from members of the local Pokemon League, as well as some other, slightly more standard stuff, so I'm hoping the patterns come out well. Until then, best of luck with all of your crafting!


  1. Ah thanks for featuring me, this is so cool. I'm jealous of the other people's cross stitch skills, I will be doing your patterns proper justice in thread soon :D x

  2. I too would like to thank you for featuring my rendition of your Pluto pattern. And yes, my friend really, REALLY, liked it. I'm looking forward to trying out some more of your patterns in the near future. ^_^

  3. Awwwh, I love the B&W Zelda. *must go find your purple one!!*

  4. I have to say, I just bought four big perler bead boards that go into one, so I'll defo be attempting some of the bigger patterns I couldn't do before :) x