Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Robotech Cross Stitch Pattern and an Odd Anne of Green Gables Reference

Today I was substitute teaching for a set of high school English classes, and since the students were really attentive and well behaved, I did quite a bit of reading. My first task was to read Anne of Green Gables, as I hadn't read it since sixth grade and find it to be quite a charming book. When I was done with that, however, I switched to a Robotech novel I'd picked up at a used book store and found myself thinking that Anne Shirley would be just dreadfully horrified at the actions taken by the Army of the Southern Cross. It was then that I realized I might do well to pick books that matched a bit better to read next to each other.

Today's cross stitch pattern here at Dork Stitch is, in honor of this, Robotech related, featuring the logo/insignia of the Robotech Defense Force. Since I just finished stitching this tonight, as you will soon see, I can vouch for the fact that it's very easy to stitch, if not slightly boring once the outline is complete. If you're fond of giant robots and 80s anime and all of that, however, filling in the red and white parts should be easy enough to get through rather quickly. Before I've gone on for too long about it, here is the pattern, which I, in my slightly sleepy state, actually forgot to assemble until I'd started typing this paragraph!

With that posted, I'd also like to show off my relatively bad example of what this may look like when stitched with yarn on 7-count plastic canvas! The end result is good enough to pin on my wall alongside some of my other nerdy craft projects, but my recent inability to read a chart led to it appearing to be strangely lopsided. I'll stitch it again and better at some point, though, so I'm not too worried about it!
Anyway, I am currently feeling rather loopy and incoherent, so I think I'd better stop typing before I forget how sentences work. If you decide to stitch this or any of my other posted patterns, however, I would really like to see your finished projects and blog about them for all to see! Have a good weekend, and I'll post more cross stitch patterns here within the next few days.

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  1. Logos make great cross-stitch projects and this one is no exception. I love 80's anime, but confess I'd not heard of Robotech!