Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Mysterious Mail Arrives!

Hello! For today's post, there's not really going to be much to do with cross stitching, so I guess I ought to apologize for that. I've been really excited about posting ever since the mailman flagged my mom and I down in the middle of the road because he wanted to get us a package from Bulgaria, though, so here is today's blog! Towards the end of February, Topcho, who can be found at her blog bla. bla? bla!, posted a notice that she would send out martenitsa/martenichka for Baba Marta, a Bulgarian springtime festival, to followers of her blog, which my sister and I inquired about upon the original blog entry. I am not terribly optimistic about international shipping, due in large part to the fact that I know next to nothing about it, so for a while, I didn't think twice about it taking a while to arrive. Towards the end of March, however, Topcho made a second post, saying that the martenichka had been delayed in the post for security reasons, which I am aware should have been a message about being patient. When I read that, however, I got really excited about the package coming all over again, which made getting it today extremely cool! My photo of what came is not very good, since my photography skills are poor, at best, but now that I have a DSi, I have a giant machine to hold onto while taking pictures, meaning that there's less blurry and wobbly parts to my photos! I hope all of you can see the contents of this picture well.
Thank you very much for sending all of this, Topcho! I really love it, and am sure my sister will, too, when she gets home from school. Also, your handwriting is really easy to read and I've seen much, much worse on a regular basis.

As you (and by this I mean everyone who isn't Topcho, since she's well aware of what was here, I'm sure) can see, we received two martenichka bracelets, two more traditional pins, and a larger martenchka to hang on the wall! Since there were two pins and two bracelets, I decided to claim one of the pins before my sister could get to it, the one with the dolls attached to it, while my sister has first call on the bracelets. Regardless of the coolness of these items on a material level, however, it's really cool to hear about the springtime festival and the attached traditions, since a lot of times Plus, it still seems like the very start of spring here, since it's chilly today (despite the fact that it was nearly 80 on Sunday), so it's more than appropriate timing!

Anyway, this is all I have for today, though I'll be back later in the week with new patterns! I have some from Robotech and Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji nearly ready to go, and in terms of sprite patterns, I want to finish some more FF7 sprites, this time of the remaining Turks (though I'm worried I'll made Rude look like Yasu from NaNa) and also make a set featuring the cast of Ouran Host Club. It'll involve a lot of tiny pixelized suits, but it should be fun! If you have any requests, feel free to let me know, too!

Thank you again to Topcho, and I hope all of you are having a good week!

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  1. Woo-hoo I'm so glad those finally arrived, I was getting pretty worried! Really didn't expect to take that much time to the USA. Well I've been sending stuff only to Europe till now XD Next year I'll know and will be sending the martenichki along with the Christmas cards!