Friday, May 27, 2011

He's Simply One Hell of a Cross Stitch

Hello! Tonight I was sitting around and playing PSP (with FFVII: Crisis Core being the game in question, though I'm sure you didn't care about that), and I thought to myself that I'd really like to go and write a blog entry. Since I'd had a latte from McDonalds, I also announced it, probably pretty loudly, but that's a bit beside the point. With that goal in mind, I walked out to the computer, turned it on, and promptly screwed around for an hour before starting this post! I got some of my PSP save files backed up, sent some notes to people on Deviant Art, ate a Pixy Stix without really realizing what I was doing, and, most importantly for the purposes of this blog, transferred some of my previously paper-only patterns to the computer.

Anyway, for tonight's cross stitch pattern here at Dork Stitch, I have a very old fashioned pattern of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. (I see it called Kuroshitsuji more, probably because Black Butler sounds sort of strange, but since the first title continually proves difficult for me to spell, I'll probably refer to the program as the latter.) The first time that I was watching the anime, right after I was done thinking that I'd never seen so many people done in by kitchen utensils before, I thought that the Victorian setting made it a prime example of a show that would be well suited for some old-fashioned cross stitch fan art. I grabbed some graph paper, went to the Antique Pattern Library to browse some turn-of-the-century European DMC charts, and came up with some patterns that I think are fairly representative both of the cast and of the style of the old patterns. So far, I've done patterns and test stitchings of three of the characters, but tonight's posted pattern will be of the serving tray wielding Sebastian.

One of the best parts of the old DMC patterns is that they're pretty quick and easy to cross stitch, which I tried to replicate with this pattern of Sebastian. My stitched example, which is featured as the pattern's preview image, was done with craft thread on 10-count plastic canvas in just a few hours' time. It was fun to make, the lack of detail meant that exact floss color matches weren't entirely necessary, and I ended up with a lovely stitching of a murderous butler holding up a delicious looking cake. I really liked making both the pattern and the project, so if there are any cast members you'd like patterns of, let me know and I'll do my best to make a matching chart of them, too. For now, I've got two more characters to post, but wouldn't mind having a more complete set by any means.

With Sebastian posted and some of my own stitching inadvertently shown, I now have some nifty versions of sprite patterns that were previously posted stitched by Dork Stitch readers Topcho and Tama! Since I listed Topcho first, I guess I'll start with the photo of her work, featuring Final Fantasy VII's Zack and Ouran Host Club's Mori and Honey. Her work is, as always, quite good, with tidy stitching and nice backstitched borders. However, I have to wonder if her Final Fantasy VII stitches are jealous now that two pretty boy high schoolers are moving in on their territory, especially since I think Honey and Mori could handle themselves in a fight. Regardless of any future cross stitch strife (seeing as it's 12:30, the fact that that was an unintentional nerd pun is very amusing to me), though, here is a photo of Topcho's work, with a larger image and other fun available on her blog, bla. bla? bla!
Tama also finished two of the sprite patterns, though hers in this round of photos were dedicated exclusively to Final Fantasy VII. Her cross stitches of Loz and Yazoo are shiny and nice looking, with expertly coordinated colors and a very cool overall look. If you visit her blog, Stitching Daze, you can also see some spiffy behind the scenes photos of these projects, which I always think is fun to see. For this post, however, here are some small photos of her finished work!

Since I'm out of things to say and am growing increasingly tired, I think it would be best if I quit blogging for the night. I hope you all enjoyed this post, though, as I hope to be back soon with all sorts of spiffy new content and chatter that borders on incoherent!

Monday, May 23, 2011

IHSW May- Fun With Tie-Dyed Floss

Hello! The third weekend in May just drew to a close, and with it, so did my participation in Joyze of Random Ramblings International Stitch and Hermit Weekend! I would have written about this stuff last night, but the internet was out at my house, so it would have been a trick to write a blog entry in such circumstances. Writing today seems to be just as good as anything, though, so here are the results of my weekend's stitching.

The first project that I went after this weekend, starting Saturday evening and lasting until I finished, was the last third of a fairly simple cross stitch of Chizuru, a character from the King of Fighters games. The image I used was edited a little from one of the, "Wow, so you're trying to play a Neo Geo Pocket Color game on a non-color system? I'm not so sure that's going to work out for you," screens from SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium, so she looks apologetic because I suppose she feels as bad as any fictional character can that you're not able to play a game she's not actually in. What was fun about stitching this, however, is that I found a bargain floss pack at Jo-Ann's featuring some variegated thread made to look like it was tie-dyed. It doesn't stitch to look quite like normal variegated floss does, but it's really cool and stopped me from getting bored working on a monochrome project like this. Anyway, here is a photo of the finished cross stitch of Chizuru, done on 11-count white Aida cloth.
Since I finished Chizuru on Saturday night, I didn't really want to go all of Sunday without doing any cross stitch at all, so I dragged a small project and a bit more of the tie-dyed floss to a Pokemon League tournament I was running to try and get some more done. I ended up picking a pattern of the Half-Life lambda by Nintandrew that I found on the Sprite Stitch forums, since it was small, portable, and from a game that didn't seem very appropriate to stitch fan art for in bright and cheery spring colors, making the whole thing exponentially spiffier. I didn't get the cross stitch done during the tournament, since I had to run around timing things and monitoring matches and keeping track of win-loss records and stuff like that, but after I got home, I finished the project off and completed the IHSW. I really like how this floss looked, especially on the black Aida, so I want to think of something else to do with it!
With that stuff posted, I'm headed off to see what sort of stuff other people stitched and go back to boring, not-affiliated with arbitrary event, cross stitching. I hope to have some new patterns and other stuff up here at Dork Stitch later this week, so until then, I hope all of you have a good week and will write more later!

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Year After the Set's Start, Here Are Two New FFX-2 Cross Stitch Patterns

Hello! Today I have a couple of new patterns to post in a set that I started and promptly abandoned in June of last year, of NES-style sprites of all of Yuna's different dresssphere outfits from Final Fantasy X-2, my favorite of the Final Fantasy games. (It may not be a commonly held opinion, but the game is fun, doesn't take itself too seriously, and had a really cool battle system I could waste hours and hours of gameplay on, so I do not feel too apologetic about this.)  I remember sitting around when I did the first pattern in this set, of Yuna's Songstress outfit (which can be found here, if you want the pattern and don't want to search the archives), and thinking that it was an interesting pattern to make that came out quite well. A few months later, when I actually posted the pattern, I also remember being pretty happy with it and wanting to continue the set. Earlier this week, however, I was trying to find something nice to post here and came across the original pattern, at which point I finally decided that it was time to make patterns for Yuna's other outfits, so that I could use them for a sampler or something. I might be a little bit slow at this, since I'm drawing the patterns by hand for no apparent reason, but for now, here's the second installment of this pattern set, featuring Yuna's Gunner and Black Mage outfits! I had to leave out some details in order to get them to fit the NES style, but I think that I got enough in to keep the outfits recognizable.

With today's perhaps pointless patterns posted, the next order of business for today is to show off some lovely new cross stitches by the prolific and persistent crafter Tama! If you visit her blog, Stitching Daze, you can see her latest major project, which is a rather impressive Harry Potter fan art. However, she also completed stitching the set of Saiyuki sprite patterns I posted here a few months ago with two new mini-projects featuring Goku and Hakkai. As is always the case, both of them look really nifty, and you can view the images in whole on Tama's blog. For now, however, please enjoy these thumbnail images of her Saiyuki stitches!

Well, I'm done blogging for now, since I feel like, for now, I'm out of new things to post and interesting things to say. Hopefully, however, I will figure something else out and post again in the next few days. I am not sure what exactly will be included in the post, but I am hoping it won't be boring!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today's Cross Stitch Pattern Can't Contain Its Blood Rage!!!

Hello! Last night, before I went to bed, I put the second Taito Legends disc into my PS2 and played a round of Cleopatra Fortune, which led to my having a dream that I had managed to cross stitch the game. I don't mean that I stitched Patrako, the game's mascot, or any of the falling block pieces, but that I'd managed to stitch a fully functional version of the arcade game where you could sit down and hit stitched buttons and play the stitched game. Of course, this is an impossible thing to do, so my post for today has nothing to do with stitching functional video games or Cleopatra Fortune, though Iki Stitch has some patterns of Patrako as she appears in Puchi Carat at this link, if you're interested in that sort of thing. It seemed like a nice anecdote to start the post with though, so there you go.

Today's cross stitch pattern here at Dork Stitch is, as it so often happens to be, of a character from an SNK fighting game, with today's victim being Rock Howard of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, the King of Fighters: Maximum Impact games, Capcom vs. SNK, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, and something else that I'm sure I'm forgetting. I'd give a long explanation as to why I chose to make a pattern of Rock, but basically, I decided on him because any character in any game that comes out for a fight and screams, "I can't contain my blood rage!" is well deserving of a spot on this blog.

When I set out to make this chart, featuring an approximation of one of Rock's win poses, I was using a sprite from a pirated Game Boy version of Mark of the Wolves, which turned out to be iffy at best. Most of the edits I made while turning it into a pattern were pretty standard, like adding color to the sprite as a whole and putting a lot more detail into the emblem on the back of his jacket. In the original sprite, however, his head was just plopped onto the sprite sideways rather than having it look like he was actually looking over his shoulder. Because of that, I ended up trimming some of his head off, moving the eye and ear, adding hair, and putting in a bit more shading to get it to look less like he had a horrible neck injury. Now that I have things looking more like I'd like them to, though, here is the pattern I've spent the last two paragraphs typing about.

If you decide that you'd like to stitch, bead, or do any craft with this pattern of Rock, or any of the other patterns posted on this blog, let me know, because I'd love to feature your work on this blog, much as I'm about to do with a piece by Deviant Art stitcher Stephanie4962. As a gift for a friend, she did a needlepoint the Oshawott pattern that I posted here a couple of months ago on 10-count plastic canvas, and I think it came out really excellently! What I think is really interesting about the project, though, is that rather than use the pattern here on the blog, she stitched it from a photo that Indieposernerd had taken of her version of the project. I can't imagine stitching a project from a photograph rather than a chart, but if Stephanie4962's work is any indication, it works out remarkably well. If you'd like to comment on or favorite this image at Deviant Art, here is a direct link to its posting. Otherwise, here is a smaller version of the charming Oshawott!
Since I've already done all of my usual post-ending text for the day, this is going to be a short final paragraph. I'm hoping to post again soon, though, with spiffy new patterns and new photos of finished work from readers!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

No!!!!! It's a Terrifying Cross Stitch Pattern of de Blob and a Wildly Overdramatic Post Title!

Hello! Tonight I am blogging because I suspect that otherwise, I'd either end up going to bed early or sitting in the living room and playing PS2 games for two-and-a-half hours straight, so I cannot promise the utmost quality of prose in this post. I can, however, promise you an at least adequate pattern of the charming hero/mascot of de Blob for your stitching pleasure. I made this pattern last Monday as the basis for a Mother's Day gift, to match a plastic canvas Slime Stack that I'd stitched my mom for her birthday, so, seeing as it was made for needlepoint, it's not very elaborate. The plus side of that, however, is that if you have a massive amount of TV to catch up on and are a fan of de Blob, you can have him stitched after just a few hours of your favorite program! If you want to see the remarkable lack of difficulty with which de Blob can be stitched, however, have a look at the pattern itself!

If you're dying to see what this looks like in half-stitches on 10-count plastic canvas, here's a photo of the version of it I needlepointed last week! It's now proudly pinned next to a stitched Slime Stack (the pattern of which can also be found on this blog, if you go back a bit in the archives) on the wall behind my mom's knitting area, but here is how a particular stitched version of this relaxed and happy Blob looks when photographed in the sterile confines of a scanner bed.

With that posted, I'm done for tonight, though I plan to be back and posting again soon with new patterns, some nifty photos of finished work, and a possible post on my uses/wastes of some very spiffy embroidery floss that I found that had been variegated to give a tie-dyed effect. If you have any pattern requests or photos of stuff you made using patterns from this blog, regardless of what your chosen craft is, I'd love to see your work and will do my best to fulfill your requests.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Half-Life Sprite Pattern, Which Is What Happens When I Get Bored

Hello! Today, I wasn't going to actually post anything, since I suspect my head is trapped in some sort of mysterious sphere of invisible cotton balls, but last night, I posted a set of my sprite patterns I'd stitched on Deviant Art (which can be viewed if you click on this parenthetical statement), many of which have not been posted on this blog. In cases such as the SYDIII pilot from Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting and Cecilia from Pangya, I didn't post them because I suspected no one else really wanted to make them, though I'd be glad to post them if anyone does want the patterns. On Monday, however, I did a sprite pattern of Gordon Freeman from Half-Life, seeing as I'm nearly a decade behind everyone else in sitting down with my PS2 to play the game (and use my own failings as an excuse to admonish the main character for bad at jumping, really awful at moving boxes, and alarmingly good at getting killed), and used the last spot on this set of stitches to test the pattern. It turned out as well as I wanted it to, so I was going to post it later in the week, but since Deviant Art's always spiffy Lil-Samuu mentioned the pattern in a comment, I figured today was as good a time as any to write a new post.

The reason why I wanted to actually sit down and stitch this pattern before posting it is that it is a little more elaborate than a lot of the other sprite patterns, with quite a lot of backstitching being used for his glasses and some of the orange stuff on his hazard suit. If you want to use the pattern to have a Perler version of Gordon, however, the sprite is still recognizable without the extra details and would probably work much better in plastic than in thread. Since the peach and white Perler beads are really easy to tell apart, I don't think the glasses would blend into his face and make him look like he had weird tiny-eyes like they would in floss, which I think was the biggest problem with this before I'd backstitched anything. As a whole, though, there isn't anything too odd about this pattern, so here it is!
If you're curious to see what this looks like stitched, albeit with slightly improper colors and glittery peach floss (which I think would be excellent for Twilight fans who cross stitch, though my use of it seems to involve using it on the protagonists of M-rated shooters and giggling quite a bit about the whole ordeal), here is a photo of what I did to poor Mr. Freeman. 
As far as new patterns go, I'm done for the day, but before I run off to stare at a wall as if it has some sort of hypnotic hold over me, I have a lovely example of one of this blog's older patterns stitched by Deviant Artist Puppyrock3! Her gallery, which can be seen here, features a ton of cool stuff, including convention photos and some really detailed origami, but she also stitched a nifty version of the pattern of Konata from Lucky Star that I posted here back at this blog's start! It looks quite nice, with bright colors and tidy stitching, and a small image of it is available for your viewing pleasure right below this text. In order to see the full size image, however, please visit the image at its home on Puppyrock's Deviant Art gallery!
With that strange pair of items posted, I have to go now, though I shall be posting again soon! If you guys have any pattern requests or stitched versions of Dork Stitch patterns, let me know and I will do my best to devote a chunk of rambling text to what you have informed me of! Aside from that, however, I hope you are all having good weeks by whatever standards to which you might hold your weeks!