Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Half-Life Sprite Pattern, Which Is What Happens When I Get Bored

Hello! Today, I wasn't going to actually post anything, since I suspect my head is trapped in some sort of mysterious sphere of invisible cotton balls, but last night, I posted a set of my sprite patterns I'd stitched on Deviant Art (which can be viewed if you click on this parenthetical statement), many of which have not been posted on this blog. In cases such as the SYDIII pilot from Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting and Cecilia from Pangya, I didn't post them because I suspected no one else really wanted to make them, though I'd be glad to post them if anyone does want the patterns. On Monday, however, I did a sprite pattern of Gordon Freeman from Half-Life, seeing as I'm nearly a decade behind everyone else in sitting down with my PS2 to play the game (and use my own failings as an excuse to admonish the main character for bad at jumping, really awful at moving boxes, and alarmingly good at getting killed), and used the last spot on this set of stitches to test the pattern. It turned out as well as I wanted it to, so I was going to post it later in the week, but since Deviant Art's always spiffy Lil-Samuu mentioned the pattern in a comment, I figured today was as good a time as any to write a new post.

The reason why I wanted to actually sit down and stitch this pattern before posting it is that it is a little more elaborate than a lot of the other sprite patterns, with quite a lot of backstitching being used for his glasses and some of the orange stuff on his hazard suit. If you want to use the pattern to have a Perler version of Gordon, however, the sprite is still recognizable without the extra details and would probably work much better in plastic than in thread. Since the peach and white Perler beads are really easy to tell apart, I don't think the glasses would blend into his face and make him look like he had weird tiny-eyes like they would in floss, which I think was the biggest problem with this before I'd backstitched anything. As a whole, though, there isn't anything too odd about this pattern, so here it is!
If you're curious to see what this looks like stitched, albeit with slightly improper colors and glittery peach floss (which I think would be excellent for Twilight fans who cross stitch, though my use of it seems to involve using it on the protagonists of M-rated shooters and giggling quite a bit about the whole ordeal), here is a photo of what I did to poor Mr. Freeman. 
As far as new patterns go, I'm done for the day, but before I run off to stare at a wall as if it has some sort of hypnotic hold over me, I have a lovely example of one of this blog's older patterns stitched by Deviant Artist Puppyrock3! Her gallery, which can be seen here, features a ton of cool stuff, including convention photos and some really detailed origami, but she also stitched a nifty version of the pattern of Konata from Lucky Star that I posted here back at this blog's start! It looks quite nice, with bright colors and tidy stitching, and a small image of it is available for your viewing pleasure right below this text. In order to see the full size image, however, please visit the image at its home on Puppyrock's Deviant Art gallery!
With that strange pair of items posted, I have to go now, though I shall be posting again soon! If you guys have any pattern requests or stitched versions of Dork Stitch patterns, let me know and I will do my best to devote a chunk of rambling text to what you have informed me of! Aside from that, however, I hope you are all having good weeks by whatever standards to which you might hold your weeks!

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