Friday, May 27, 2011

He's Simply One Hell of a Cross Stitch

Hello! Tonight I was sitting around and playing PSP (with FFVII: Crisis Core being the game in question, though I'm sure you didn't care about that), and I thought to myself that I'd really like to go and write a blog entry. Since I'd had a latte from McDonalds, I also announced it, probably pretty loudly, but that's a bit beside the point. With that goal in mind, I walked out to the computer, turned it on, and promptly screwed around for an hour before starting this post! I got some of my PSP save files backed up, sent some notes to people on Deviant Art, ate a Pixy Stix without really realizing what I was doing, and, most importantly for the purposes of this blog, transferred some of my previously paper-only patterns to the computer.

Anyway, for tonight's cross stitch pattern here at Dork Stitch, I have a very old fashioned pattern of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. (I see it called Kuroshitsuji more, probably because Black Butler sounds sort of strange, but since the first title continually proves difficult for me to spell, I'll probably refer to the program as the latter.) The first time that I was watching the anime, right after I was done thinking that I'd never seen so many people done in by kitchen utensils before, I thought that the Victorian setting made it a prime example of a show that would be well suited for some old-fashioned cross stitch fan art. I grabbed some graph paper, went to the Antique Pattern Library to browse some turn-of-the-century European DMC charts, and came up with some patterns that I think are fairly representative both of the cast and of the style of the old patterns. So far, I've done patterns and test stitchings of three of the characters, but tonight's posted pattern will be of the serving tray wielding Sebastian.

One of the best parts of the old DMC patterns is that they're pretty quick and easy to cross stitch, which I tried to replicate with this pattern of Sebastian. My stitched example, which is featured as the pattern's preview image, was done with craft thread on 10-count plastic canvas in just a few hours' time. It was fun to make, the lack of detail meant that exact floss color matches weren't entirely necessary, and I ended up with a lovely stitching of a murderous butler holding up a delicious looking cake. I really liked making both the pattern and the project, so if there are any cast members you'd like patterns of, let me know and I'll do my best to make a matching chart of them, too. For now, I've got two more characters to post, but wouldn't mind having a more complete set by any means.

With Sebastian posted and some of my own stitching inadvertently shown, I now have some nifty versions of sprite patterns that were previously posted stitched by Dork Stitch readers Topcho and Tama! Since I listed Topcho first, I guess I'll start with the photo of her work, featuring Final Fantasy VII's Zack and Ouran Host Club's Mori and Honey. Her work is, as always, quite good, with tidy stitching and nice backstitched borders. However, I have to wonder if her Final Fantasy VII stitches are jealous now that two pretty boy high schoolers are moving in on their territory, especially since I think Honey and Mori could handle themselves in a fight. Regardless of any future cross stitch strife (seeing as it's 12:30, the fact that that was an unintentional nerd pun is very amusing to me), though, here is a photo of Topcho's work, with a larger image and other fun available on her blog, bla. bla? bla!
Tama also finished two of the sprite patterns, though hers in this round of photos were dedicated exclusively to Final Fantasy VII. Her cross stitches of Loz and Yazoo are shiny and nice looking, with expertly coordinated colors and a very cool overall look. If you visit her blog, Stitching Daze, you can also see some spiffy behind the scenes photos of these projects, which I always think is fun to see. For this post, however, here are some small photos of her finished work!

Since I'm out of things to say and am growing increasingly tired, I think it would be best if I quit blogging for the night. I hope you all enjoyed this post, though, as I hope to be back soon with all sorts of spiffy new content and chatter that borders on incoherent!


  1. Sebastian! I've been waiting for this ever since you mentioned there might be some Kuroshitsuji! Makes me wanna leave aside the current cross stitch projects AND that chemistry manual and start it right now. Well I'll try to be strong and finish the current tiny first XD
    P.S. I totally agree about the kitchenware

  2. Ooo, I like that pattern!
    Yay, 'cause I'm running out of Sprites!