Sunday, May 8, 2011

No!!!!! It's a Terrifying Cross Stitch Pattern of de Blob and a Wildly Overdramatic Post Title!

Hello! Tonight I am blogging because I suspect that otherwise, I'd either end up going to bed early or sitting in the living room and playing PS2 games for two-and-a-half hours straight, so I cannot promise the utmost quality of prose in this post. I can, however, promise you an at least adequate pattern of the charming hero/mascot of de Blob for your stitching pleasure. I made this pattern last Monday as the basis for a Mother's Day gift, to match a plastic canvas Slime Stack that I'd stitched my mom for her birthday, so, seeing as it was made for needlepoint, it's not very elaborate. The plus side of that, however, is that if you have a massive amount of TV to catch up on and are a fan of de Blob, you can have him stitched after just a few hours of your favorite program! If you want to see the remarkable lack of difficulty with which de Blob can be stitched, however, have a look at the pattern itself!

If you're dying to see what this looks like in half-stitches on 10-count plastic canvas, here's a photo of the version of it I needlepointed last week! It's now proudly pinned next to a stitched Slime Stack (the pattern of which can also be found on this blog, if you go back a bit in the archives) on the wall behind my mom's knitting area, but here is how a particular stitched version of this relaxed and happy Blob looks when photographed in the sterile confines of a scanner bed.

With that posted, I'm done for tonight, though I plan to be back and posting again soon with new patterns, some nifty photos of finished work, and a possible post on my uses/wastes of some very spiffy embroidery floss that I found that had been variegated to give a tie-dyed effect. If you have any pattern requests or photos of stuff you made using patterns from this blog, regardless of what your chosen craft is, I'd love to see your work and will do my best to fulfill your requests.


  1. ROFL, he's so darn cute, Missy.

  2. I love your dramatic-ness (is that a word?)
    Cute blob!