Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today's Cross Stitch Pattern Can't Contain Its Blood Rage!!!

Hello! Last night, before I went to bed, I put the second Taito Legends disc into my PS2 and played a round of Cleopatra Fortune, which led to my having a dream that I had managed to cross stitch the game. I don't mean that I stitched Patrako, the game's mascot, or any of the falling block pieces, but that I'd managed to stitch a fully functional version of the arcade game where you could sit down and hit stitched buttons and play the stitched game. Of course, this is an impossible thing to do, so my post for today has nothing to do with stitching functional video games or Cleopatra Fortune, though Iki Stitch has some patterns of Patrako as she appears in Puchi Carat at this link, if you're interested in that sort of thing. It seemed like a nice anecdote to start the post with though, so there you go.

Today's cross stitch pattern here at Dork Stitch is, as it so often happens to be, of a character from an SNK fighting game, with today's victim being Rock Howard of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, the King of Fighters: Maximum Impact games, Capcom vs. SNK, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, and something else that I'm sure I'm forgetting. I'd give a long explanation as to why I chose to make a pattern of Rock, but basically, I decided on him because any character in any game that comes out for a fight and screams, "I can't contain my blood rage!" is well deserving of a spot on this blog.

When I set out to make this chart, featuring an approximation of one of Rock's win poses, I was using a sprite from a pirated Game Boy version of Mark of the Wolves, which turned out to be iffy at best. Most of the edits I made while turning it into a pattern were pretty standard, like adding color to the sprite as a whole and putting a lot more detail into the emblem on the back of his jacket. In the original sprite, however, his head was just plopped onto the sprite sideways rather than having it look like he was actually looking over his shoulder. Because of that, I ended up trimming some of his head off, moving the eye and ear, adding hair, and putting in a bit more shading to get it to look less like he had a horrible neck injury. Now that I have things looking more like I'd like them to, though, here is the pattern I've spent the last two paragraphs typing about.

If you decide that you'd like to stitch, bead, or do any craft with this pattern of Rock, or any of the other patterns posted on this blog, let me know, because I'd love to feature your work on this blog, much as I'm about to do with a piece by Deviant Art stitcher Stephanie4962. As a gift for a friend, she did a needlepoint the Oshawott pattern that I posted here a couple of months ago on 10-count plastic canvas, and I think it came out really excellently! What I think is really interesting about the project, though, is that rather than use the pattern here on the blog, she stitched it from a photo that Indieposernerd had taken of her version of the project. I can't imagine stitching a project from a photograph rather than a chart, but if Stephanie4962's work is any indication, it works out remarkably well. If you'd like to comment on or favorite this image at Deviant Art, here is a direct link to its posting. Otherwise, here is a smaller version of the charming Oshawott!
Since I've already done all of my usual post-ending text for the day, this is going to be a short final paragraph. I'm hoping to post again soon, though, with spiffy new patterns and new photos of finished work from readers!


  1. That sounds like either a very fun dream or a very irritating one... hmm...
    I finished off the Saiyuki boys, if you want to post them sometime :D

  2. I have weird dreams like that too ... usually falling bricks or somethign when I've played too much of an arcade game.

    As for stitching from a photo - I actually live in fear someone will do that with the designs I create to sell, so when I post them I make the pictures too small to make out individual stitches ... paranoid maybe, but then again after seeing this post, maybe not so paranoid.

  3. ^_^ While searching for cross stitch things I came across my Oshawatt picture and remembered you saying you were going to put it in your blog from like 3 years ago. So I just read everything over again and it made me really happy. So thank you again for designing this Oshawatt and writing such kind things :)