Friday, May 20, 2011

A Year After the Set's Start, Here Are Two New FFX-2 Cross Stitch Patterns

Hello! Today I have a couple of new patterns to post in a set that I started and promptly abandoned in June of last year, of NES-style sprites of all of Yuna's different dresssphere outfits from Final Fantasy X-2, my favorite of the Final Fantasy games. (It may not be a commonly held opinion, but the game is fun, doesn't take itself too seriously, and had a really cool battle system I could waste hours and hours of gameplay on, so I do not feel too apologetic about this.)  I remember sitting around when I did the first pattern in this set, of Yuna's Songstress outfit (which can be found here, if you want the pattern and don't want to search the archives), and thinking that it was an interesting pattern to make that came out quite well. A few months later, when I actually posted the pattern, I also remember being pretty happy with it and wanting to continue the set. Earlier this week, however, I was trying to find something nice to post here and came across the original pattern, at which point I finally decided that it was time to make patterns for Yuna's other outfits, so that I could use them for a sampler or something. I might be a little bit slow at this, since I'm drawing the patterns by hand for no apparent reason, but for now, here's the second installment of this pattern set, featuring Yuna's Gunner and Black Mage outfits! I had to leave out some details in order to get them to fit the NES style, but I think that I got enough in to keep the outfits recognizable.

With today's perhaps pointless patterns posted, the next order of business for today is to show off some lovely new cross stitches by the prolific and persistent crafter Tama! If you visit her blog, Stitching Daze, you can see her latest major project, which is a rather impressive Harry Potter fan art. However, she also completed stitching the set of Saiyuki sprite patterns I posted here a few months ago with two new mini-projects featuring Goku and Hakkai. As is always the case, both of them look really nifty, and you can view the images in whole on Tama's blog. For now, however, please enjoy these thumbnail images of her Saiyuki stitches!

Well, I'm done blogging for now, since I feel like, for now, I'm out of new things to post and interesting things to say. Hopefully, however, I will figure something else out and post again in the next few days. I am not sure what exactly will be included in the post, but I am hoping it won't be boring!

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