Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Cross Stitch Pattern of a Fighting Game Character and a Brief Blog Announcement

Before I actually get started with my post for today, I would like to begin by saying that last night, my sister walked by the computer, saw me working on a pattern, and asked, "Oh, God, when is Heal Slime Day?" To answer her question, and the one I'm sure all of you are asking yourselves at home, Dork Stitch's annual Heal Slime Day is Sunday, July 3rd, and I'll be commemorating the occasion with a post dedicated to all things Heal Slime, celebrating the delightful Dragon Quest monster with a spiffy new pattern, a lot of rambling text, and likely some cool art, information, and opinions from at least one artist I've already spoken to about the matter! It is very probable that I am enthusiastically talking up a blog event that means very little to the general public, but if you have anything relating to Heal Slime that you'd like to say or show off, let me know before Sunday to be included in the festivities!

Anyway, with that announcement over and done with, I have a lovely pattern of a minor character from an SNK fighting game to share, and one that I quite enjoyed making! Of course, I sometimes suspect that my happiness with a pattern is directly opposed to the popularity of the character that happens to be a subject, but that may or may not be true. Today's cross stitch chart is of Kisarah Westfield, from Aggressors of Dark Combat and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, presented as a Neo Geo Pocket Color sprite. Yuki's sprite (another major character in SNK's pantheon) from Gals' Fighter was used as the base, since both of them have backpacks that they use to pound on people, and though Kisarah's design in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum was the main one used, I did look back at her older sprite while working on this, too. Though the end result was by no means perfect, I enjoyed making it and did considerably better than I'd expected to, so if you'd like to cross stitch Kisarah or change the colors around to your liking and use her as a generic cross stitch pattern of an anime schoolgirl, here is the pattern!

With the news about Heal Slime Day and today's pattern posted, I guess I'm done for now, so I'm going to go work on my stuff for Sunday's post and go back to working on a giant cross stitch of Princess Tutu that I, for some reason, feel I am in the final stages of stitching. I hope all of you start July well and had a nice end to the month of June!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Easy Sprite Patterns of Video Game Princesses

Hello! In terms of content, I don't think that today's post here at Dork Stitch is going to be anything thrilling or groundbreaking, since if you've read the title, you pretty much know what's going to be here. I'm actually pretty happy with how both of the titular patterns look, though, even if I did finish them months ago and forget to post them until today. As far as video game princesses go, the two featured here today are Rozalin, from Disgaea 2, and Zelda, who is, interestingly enough, from The Legend of Zelda. (In this case, I have so many different versions of Zelda that I used her instruction book dress from A Link to the Past, but I'm not sure if that matters to anyone.) One of them may be slightly more popular than the other in terms of the amount of people who've played her game, but the other has a really poofy and fancy and detailed dress, so hopefully, it evens out. Also, both princesses have the letter Z in their name, which is rather unusual and hopefully worth something. Before I go on for too long about all of this nothingness, however, I should just post the patterns and move on!

With those patterns posted, this blog's standard order dictates that it's time to show off some reader crafting, this time courtesy of Stitching Daze's Tama! (I feel like I should count how many of the patterns she's done- her number has to be rather high by now, and probably quite a bit better than my own.) She recently stitched my sprite pattern of Genesis, from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, which I was quite excited about, as I thought no one else would ever stitch him. It looks really cool in her finished project, too, with bright colors, especially with his hair, and really tidy stitching. The photo provided here may be small, but if you want to see a bigger version of Tama's work, check out her blog!

Though it would probably suit this post better in terms of coherence for me to go back and edit that last paragraph now, I think I will leave it as it in order to preserve this blog's lovely organization and total lack of oversight. Right after posting that picture of Tama's Genesis sprite, I remembered that over the weekend, she'd posted photos of two more stitches of Final Fantasy VII characters from this blog's patterns, featuring Zack and Cloud. I don't know what to say about them that I didn't just type about the stitch of Genesis, but both of these are also pretty nifty, and I've got photos of them, too. If they're too dinky for you here, go to her blog and view the un-dinky versions of the spiffy images.

With all of that stunning blogging done, I have to say that I'm done for the day, though I do plan to post again soon. I have a really cool non-sprite pattern of Chell from Portal to put into Pattern Maker and post, once I make a few alterations to it so that it looks nicer, and am working on a lot of other things, too, though I don't have those sitting next to me in a notebook like the Portal one is. If you guys have any requests or photos of your finished work, let me know, and something will be done about the fact right here on this blog. Other than that, though, I hope you guys have good weekends and good luck with your respective crafting projects.

Monday, June 20, 2011

IHSW June Was a Little Light on the Actual Stitching Thing

Hello! As many of you may already know, this past weekend was the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (IHSW), as hosted by Joyze of Random Ramblings. Usually, I try my best to finish a big project or do some cool smaller ones, but this month, it just didn't end up happening that way. I wasn't totally unproductive, since I organized all my pony beads, started a peyote stitch Pokemon project, and folded a ton of origami stars. When I balance that with the fact that I went to an anime con on Sunday morning and bought Disgaea 2 for PSP (which ought to derail several perfectly good stitching days), however, it seems that I really have no excuse for stitching as little as I did. The weekend wasn't a total loss in terms of cross stitching, though, as I did make this lovely little patch featuring a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon sprite of the charming Chimecho! I got a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon strategy guide at a used record store with large images of over 490 full sprites, so I've been stitching tons of them lately, and they don't take that long, either. A small and ordinary project isn't so bad, though, so here is a photo of my weekend's work!
This was stitched onto 14-count light green Aida cloth with all manner of both on and off brand flosses, and I was pretty happy with it in the end! Hopefully, though, I accomplish a bit more during July's IHSW.

I'm done posting for now, but I'm hoping to have some cool patterns posted later in the week, so hopefully there's no protracted silence on my part. Until then, I hope all of you had nice weekends and got a lot of stuff done!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dork Stitch's Second Top Hunter Cross Stitch Pattern, Which I Feel is a Major Milestone

Hello! It's been exactly one post since I started a Facebook page for this blog, which can be found here, in case you're curious, and I have to say, my life hasn't changed any at all since then. I have a new avenue in which to have staged flame wars with my sister, and I do think that it's rather spiffy, especially since I felt all official once I found out that my page could like other pages, meaning that this blog's Facebook page officially endorses Gatchacaz's blog's Facebook page. It's just like politics, only without the parts that actually affect the world!

Anyway, now that I've got that gibberish out of the way, it's time for me to post a pattern I'm not actually sure anyone but me wants to stitch! If you've been reading this blog since the start, you may be aware that I have an irrational affection for SNK's arcade game, Top Hunter: Roddy and Cathy. It's bright, cheerful, fun, and you can punch people with a magical spring-y boxing glove arm, so that's really all I ask for from a game. Other cross stitchers, as well as the public at large, do not seem to have jumped onto this bandwagon with me, but I still think it's fun to make the patterns, so, unfortunately for people who want patterns for games they actually play, today is a Top Hunter day!

The pattern for today, featuring Cathy from Top Hunter, is rather large at 80 stitches tall. It shouldn't be difficult to stitch at all, though, since I wanted it to be easy enough for a giant needlepoint or perler bead and did so by using a bold outline and fairly simple colors. The DMC floss colors listed are more suggestions than anything else, since it's not like using a different shade of yellow for Cathy's hair would derail the whole thing. Plus, I think it would be really easy to change around a few colors and move a few stitches and say she was Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo, albeit a version of Mihoshi with stupider shoes than usual. Rather than tell you more of the wondrous possibilities that lie ahead for this pattern and your life, however, I'm just going to post this charming cross stitch pattern of Cathy!
Unless I'm forgetting something, I don't think I have any reader work to post for today, so I'm done posting for now. I hope to be back soon with a slightly more relevant post, so if you have any requests or finished work based on the patterns I've slapped up here, let me know! Until then, I hope you have a nice week and good luck with all your crafting projects.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The FFVII Pattern Set Continues Alongside Some Nifty Reader Beading!

Hello! It's been a week since I last posted here, and in my last post, I didn't have any patterns or cross stitching related content, so I thought that I'd better actually put something somewhat relevant up today. Before I get to that nonsense, though, I want to announce that I got bored and started a Facebook page for this blog, so if you want to see updates and stuff cluttering your Facebook wall, then you can now officially click a like button for this blog and all that it stands for right here!

In terms of actual patterns, I recently decided to continue the set of Final Fantasy VII sprite patterns with two different versions of Aerith. I have Gatchacaz's spiffy pattern of her (which can be found on her nifty cross stitching website) printed and ready to stitch for myself, but it seemed like I ought to make some patterns of her for the set I'm working on, too. The two versions thing is probably a bit extreme, but I've got over 10 different versions of Athena Asamiya from the King of Fighters games in this style to match all of her different outfits, so it could be a lot worse. Besides, this way, she can match your set of stitches no matter what your favorite of the FFVII games is! Without any further ado, here is today's pattern.
With that posted for all of your stitching enjoyment, or disappointment in the event that you were hoping for another of the game's guys, I've got some very cool reader work to feature! Neither piece was actually cross stitched, despite the fact that they were both made from this blog's cross stitch patterns, but I think that makes it all the spiffier.

The first feature of the day is a lovely beaded piece based on a Little Twin Stars pattern that I posted her ages ago, done by M*Y*C, who can be found at her blog linked here! As always, her piece is lovely, detailed, and presented in the fanciest manner possible with the Youtube video embedded below. Not only does it show the finished work and the process required to make it, but it also has some really cute stop motion effects at the end of the video. I always love seeing these, and this is no exception!

Our next feature comes from Little Red Emo Hood at Skates and Stitches, which is a really interesting blog, with an excessively cool Perler beaded version of the Marge Simpson pattern that I posted in December! I always thought it would be fun to stitch, but after seeing how bright and nifty the colors look in a Perler version, I think that might be the craft I'd use to make it for myself. The colors and size seem to fit the character's cartoonish-ness well, and it must have taken ages to dig out enough blue beads for her beehive. A small image of Little Red Emo Hood's work lies below, but it can be viewed in full at her blog!
Since I've got a pattern and some reader work posted, I guess I'm done for today, though I should be back soon with new patterns and other stuff of the sort. I hope you guys have having nice weekends and relatively good luck with your stitching projects!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Drawing Day 2011

Hello! This has very little to do with the actual topic of my blog, seeing as this is about cross stitching and all, but today is Drawing Day 2011, an event that I think is rather fun, so I thought I'd do a post about it. From what I read, which seems reliable enough coming from, there's been a drawing day each year since 2008, during which the organization that set it up tries to gather 1 million drawings in the name of art appreciation. Luckily for me, they don't seem to care what you draw or how well you do it, which has enabled me to participate for the last two years. Last year, I did a tiny drawing of a zombie girl from a comic I was occasionally drawing, which seemed to me to be quite spiffy. This year, however, I wanted to draw something sort of different from that, so I dug through Google image search with a minimum of intensity until I found this ad for Space Race, an old Atari arcade game. Since the inclusion of the arcade cabinet made this seem marginally cooler than drawing the Flying Nun, which I still hope to do someday, I set out to draw a cartoon version of it. My accuracy level while doing so was not exceedingly high, but I still think I got a lineart worth coloring out of it, and as far as Drawing Day goes, it's much better than I expected it to be! The image I came up with can be seen directly below this text.

Anyway, I guess I've got that out of my system now, but if any of the rest of you participated in this year's Drawing Day, I'd love to see what you did! I'm hoping to do a post that's actually related to Dork Stitch's topic again in a couple of days, but until then, I hope that you guys are having good weekends.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Second Black Butler Cross Stitch Pattern Less Than A Month After The First!

Hello! I would like to start this post by saying that I have grand plans for the future of this blog, but since that would just refer to the fact that I was e-mailing back and forth to Tama about making Lupin the III sprite patterns in the midst of a conversation about how awesome VHS tapes of old TV shows are, it would pretty much just be a lie. I do look forward to making and posting Lupin the III stuff, but it really doesn't represent any sort of new direction or change of heart for this blog. It would be progress with a complete and utter lack of change. As far as this blog goes, however, I am pretty satisfied with that, so today, I have a spiffy new Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler cross stitch pattern to post!

Usually, it takes a really long time for me to get to the next pattern in a set I'm working on, as evidenced by the months between the pattern I just posted of Tepig and the Oshawott that preceded it, or by the FFX-2 pattern set that I started over a year ago and picked back up last month. Last Friday, however, when I made the pattern of Sebastian to post, I also did a digital chart for a matching pattern of Grell, lookin' all spiffy in a vest and long overcoat. I don't actually have too much to say about this that I didn't say about Sebastian, since it's also done in the turn-of-the-century DMC style, with bright colors and a general lack of fine details. There is a bit more backstitching on this than there was on the pattern of Sebastian, since I ran into a couple of areas I didn't like so much when I test stitched it, but it shouldn't be much a problem. I thought this pattern was rather fun to stitch, so I hope you guys like it, too!

I have one of these Ciel to post eventually as well, in his pretty pink party dress, (it's actually my favorite of the three) and if there are any other characters you'd guys like to match these, let me know and I'll do my best to make a nice pattern of them! Until my next post, I am leaving to go waste my surprisingly high energy level on something else, so I hope you guys are having relatively good weeks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today Is Tepig Day.

Hello! Tonight I'm really sleepy, but I also really wanted to do a blog post, so I'm sort of hoping to get a coherent post done before I pass out at the keyboard. I have a pattern to post that I'm really happy with and some nifty reader work, too, though, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get things written!

To get things started swiftly, the cross stitch pattern I have for you tonight is the second in a set of cross stitch patterns featuring the starters from Pokemon Black/White, this time starring Tepig! It's been a while since I posted Oshawott, the first part of the set, but since two people stitched that already, I figured it was probably about time to move on and get another Pokemon done. Since Tepig is the starter I chose in the DS game, on account of it being really cute, it got to jump ahead of Snivy in the pattern-posting order. If you're looking to make the whole set, though, I made sure that this was similar in terms of style and exactly the same size. Rather than just sitting here and typing about it, though, I will go ahead and post the actual Tepig pattern!
With today's Pokemon posted and ready to be stitched, I have some fancy stitching to feature from bla. bla? bla!'s Topcho! (I'm really proud of myself for getting the order of punctuation in her blog's title right without looking, whether it counts for anything or not.) While her whole last post is a fantastic summary of inter-cross stitch sprite relations, with some photos of an impressive bulletin board, she also completed two more of this blog's Ouran Host Club patterns, this time tackling Haruhi and Tamaki. Both sprites are up to her usual stitching standards, looking tidy and nicely bordered, so I strongly recommend you visit her blog to see them in their native habitat. For now, though, please enjoy this small image of Topcho's sprite stitching!

Now that I have a pattern and some reader work posted, it must be time for me to end this post and go to bed! I hope to be back and posting again later in the week, but until then, I hope you are all having nice weeks and getting plenty of sleep!