Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Cross Stitch Pattern of a Fighting Game Character and a Brief Blog Announcement

Before I actually get started with my post for today, I would like to begin by saying that last night, my sister walked by the computer, saw me working on a pattern, and asked, "Oh, God, when is Heal Slime Day?" To answer her question, and the one I'm sure all of you are asking yourselves at home, Dork Stitch's annual Heal Slime Day is Sunday, July 3rd, and I'll be commemorating the occasion with a post dedicated to all things Heal Slime, celebrating the delightful Dragon Quest monster with a spiffy new pattern, a lot of rambling text, and likely some cool art, information, and opinions from at least one artist I've already spoken to about the matter! It is very probable that I am enthusiastically talking up a blog event that means very little to the general public, but if you have anything relating to Heal Slime that you'd like to say or show off, let me know before Sunday to be included in the festivities!

Anyway, with that announcement over and done with, I have a lovely pattern of a minor character from an SNK fighting game to share, and one that I quite enjoyed making! Of course, I sometimes suspect that my happiness with a pattern is directly opposed to the popularity of the character that happens to be a subject, but that may or may not be true. Today's cross stitch chart is of Kisarah Westfield, from Aggressors of Dark Combat and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, presented as a Neo Geo Pocket Color sprite. Yuki's sprite (another major character in SNK's pantheon) from Gals' Fighter was used as the base, since both of them have backpacks that they use to pound on people, and though Kisarah's design in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum was the main one used, I did look back at her older sprite while working on this, too. Though the end result was by no means perfect, I enjoyed making it and did considerably better than I'd expected to, so if you'd like to cross stitch Kisarah or change the colors around to your liking and use her as a generic cross stitch pattern of an anime schoolgirl, here is the pattern!

With the news about Heal Slime Day and today's pattern posted, I guess I'm done for now, so I'm going to go work on my stuff for Sunday's post and go back to working on a giant cross stitch of Princess Tutu that I, for some reason, feel I am in the final stages of stitching. I hope all of you start July well and had a nice end to the month of June!


  1. Aw, that's cute!
    looking forward to Heal Slime day :D
    I enjoy your rambling posts.
    btw, my email was hacked and i have a new one (life hates me)
    it's elvynkynd and it's at yahoo. I'm trying to get everyone whose addresses I was an idiot and didn't write down on actual paper. pleeeease email me?

  2. I had to go and google Heal Slime LOL!!! Looking forward to much rambling. ;)

  3. I cannot wait for Heal Slime day! Hopefully I will finally find a slime plushie at AX this year. And speaking of Dragon Quest did you hear about this: