Saturday, June 4, 2011

Drawing Day 2011

Hello! This has very little to do with the actual topic of my blog, seeing as this is about cross stitching and all, but today is Drawing Day 2011, an event that I think is rather fun, so I thought I'd do a post about it. From what I read, which seems reliable enough coming from, there's been a drawing day each year since 2008, during which the organization that set it up tries to gather 1 million drawings in the name of art appreciation. Luckily for me, they don't seem to care what you draw or how well you do it, which has enabled me to participate for the last two years. Last year, I did a tiny drawing of a zombie girl from a comic I was occasionally drawing, which seemed to me to be quite spiffy. This year, however, I wanted to draw something sort of different from that, so I dug through Google image search with a minimum of intensity until I found this ad for Space Race, an old Atari arcade game. Since the inclusion of the arcade cabinet made this seem marginally cooler than drawing the Flying Nun, which I still hope to do someday, I set out to draw a cartoon version of it. My accuracy level while doing so was not exceedingly high, but I still think I got a lineart worth coloring out of it, and as far as Drawing Day goes, it's much better than I expected it to be! The image I came up with can be seen directly below this text.

Anyway, I guess I've got that out of my system now, but if any of the rest of you participated in this year's Drawing Day, I'd love to see what you did! I'm hoping to do a post that's actually related to Dork Stitch's topic again in a couple of days, but until then, I hope that you guys are having good weekends.

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