Friday, June 24, 2011

Easy Sprite Patterns of Video Game Princesses

Hello! In terms of content, I don't think that today's post here at Dork Stitch is going to be anything thrilling or groundbreaking, since if you've read the title, you pretty much know what's going to be here. I'm actually pretty happy with how both of the titular patterns look, though, even if I did finish them months ago and forget to post them until today. As far as video game princesses go, the two featured here today are Rozalin, from Disgaea 2, and Zelda, who is, interestingly enough, from The Legend of Zelda. (In this case, I have so many different versions of Zelda that I used her instruction book dress from A Link to the Past, but I'm not sure if that matters to anyone.) One of them may be slightly more popular than the other in terms of the amount of people who've played her game, but the other has a really poofy and fancy and detailed dress, so hopefully, it evens out. Also, both princesses have the letter Z in their name, which is rather unusual and hopefully worth something. Before I go on for too long about all of this nothingness, however, I should just post the patterns and move on!

With those patterns posted, this blog's standard order dictates that it's time to show off some reader crafting, this time courtesy of Stitching Daze's Tama! (I feel like I should count how many of the patterns she's done- her number has to be rather high by now, and probably quite a bit better than my own.) She recently stitched my sprite pattern of Genesis, from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, which I was quite excited about, as I thought no one else would ever stitch him. It looks really cool in her finished project, too, with bright colors, especially with his hair, and really tidy stitching. The photo provided here may be small, but if you want to see a bigger version of Tama's work, check out her blog!

Though it would probably suit this post better in terms of coherence for me to go back and edit that last paragraph now, I think I will leave it as it in order to preserve this blog's lovely organization and total lack of oversight. Right after posting that picture of Tama's Genesis sprite, I remembered that over the weekend, she'd posted photos of two more stitches of Final Fantasy VII characters from this blog's patterns, featuring Zack and Cloud. I don't know what to say about them that I didn't just type about the stitch of Genesis, but both of these are also pretty nifty, and I've got photos of them, too. If they're too dinky for you here, go to her blog and view the un-dinky versions of the spiffy images.

With all of that stunning blogging done, I have to say that I'm done for the day, though I do plan to post again soon. I have a really cool non-sprite pattern of Chell from Portal to put into Pattern Maker and post, once I make a few alterations to it so that it looks nicer, and am working on a lot of other things, too, though I don't have those sitting next to me in a notebook like the Portal one is. If you guys have any requests or photos of your finished work, let me know, and something will be done about the fact right here on this blog. Other than that, though, I hope you guys have good weekends and good luck with your respective crafting projects.


  1. I was thinking the other day that it would be cute to stitch your designs and make stands out of them somehow... and then display them in different formation, kinda like the little Lego figures? That would be so cute!!

  2. Those are some cute patterns! I thought about making the Zelda one, but it would be stolen as soon as I snipped the last thread and then there would be demands for more by the gamers who weren't fast enough.
    So I'm sticking with stitching Aerith next.
    You made me interested, so I counted... I didn't count the actual pieces, just the pics on my blog, and I think it's 27.
    Which totally makes you my favorite designer ever. Even if I did count wrong.

  3. I really can't get enough of these PSII sprites. It's like there's no character design that can't be reduced to that level of simplicity.