Saturday, June 11, 2011

The FFVII Pattern Set Continues Alongside Some Nifty Reader Beading!

Hello! It's been a week since I last posted here, and in my last post, I didn't have any patterns or cross stitching related content, so I thought that I'd better actually put something somewhat relevant up today. Before I get to that nonsense, though, I want to announce that I got bored and started a Facebook page for this blog, so if you want to see updates and stuff cluttering your Facebook wall, then you can now officially click a like button for this blog and all that it stands for right here!

In terms of actual patterns, I recently decided to continue the set of Final Fantasy VII sprite patterns with two different versions of Aerith. I have Gatchacaz's spiffy pattern of her (which can be found on her nifty cross stitching website) printed and ready to stitch for myself, but it seemed like I ought to make some patterns of her for the set I'm working on, too. The two versions thing is probably a bit extreme, but I've got over 10 different versions of Athena Asamiya from the King of Fighters games in this style to match all of her different outfits, so it could be a lot worse. Besides, this way, she can match your set of stitches no matter what your favorite of the FFVII games is! Without any further ado, here is today's pattern.
With that posted for all of your stitching enjoyment, or disappointment in the event that you were hoping for another of the game's guys, I've got some very cool reader work to feature! Neither piece was actually cross stitched, despite the fact that they were both made from this blog's cross stitch patterns, but I think that makes it all the spiffier.

The first feature of the day is a lovely beaded piece based on a Little Twin Stars pattern that I posted her ages ago, done by M*Y*C, who can be found at her blog linked here! As always, her piece is lovely, detailed, and presented in the fanciest manner possible with the Youtube video embedded below. Not only does it show the finished work and the process required to make it, but it also has some really cute stop motion effects at the end of the video. I always love seeing these, and this is no exception!

Our next feature comes from Little Red Emo Hood at Skates and Stitches, which is a really interesting blog, with an excessively cool Perler beaded version of the Marge Simpson pattern that I posted in December! I always thought it would be fun to stitch, but after seeing how bright and nifty the colors look in a Perler version, I think that might be the craft I'd use to make it for myself. The colors and size seem to fit the character's cartoonish-ness well, and it must have taken ages to dig out enough blue beads for her beehive. A small image of Little Red Emo Hood's work lies below, but it can be viewed in full at her blog!
Since I've got a pattern and some reader work posted, I guess I'm done for today, though I should be back soon with new patterns and other stuff of the sort. I hope you guys have having nice weekends and relatively good luck with your stitching projects!


  1. Oooh, Aerith! I think I must stitch the pink one :D

  2. EEeee it's always so exciting seeing your work on someone elses blog! Thanks for the amazing patterns! :D It was a lot of fun to make, and she looks huge next to pikachu on my window ledge :P

  3. I love the Aerith patterns you've done, I shall be sure to stitch them myself -- someday!

    And thanks again for plugging my website!

    Oh, and I went and "liked" your Facebook page. I've been meaning to start one myself, but just not got round to it yet!