Monday, June 20, 2011

IHSW June Was a Little Light on the Actual Stitching Thing

Hello! As many of you may already know, this past weekend was the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (IHSW), as hosted by Joyze of Random Ramblings. Usually, I try my best to finish a big project or do some cool smaller ones, but this month, it just didn't end up happening that way. I wasn't totally unproductive, since I organized all my pony beads, started a peyote stitch Pokemon project, and folded a ton of origami stars. When I balance that with the fact that I went to an anime con on Sunday morning and bought Disgaea 2 for PSP (which ought to derail several perfectly good stitching days), however, it seems that I really have no excuse for stitching as little as I did. The weekend wasn't a total loss in terms of cross stitching, though, as I did make this lovely little patch featuring a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon sprite of the charming Chimecho! I got a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon strategy guide at a used record store with large images of over 490 full sprites, so I've been stitching tons of them lately, and they don't take that long, either. A small and ordinary project isn't so bad, though, so here is a photo of my weekend's work!
This was stitched onto 14-count light green Aida cloth with all manner of both on and off brand flosses, and I was pretty happy with it in the end! Hopefully, though, I accomplish a bit more during July's IHSW.

I'm done posting for now, but I'm hoping to have some cool patterns posted later in the week, so hopefully there's no protracted silence on my part. Until then, I hope all of you had nice weekends and got a lot of stuff done!


  1. Aw, that's cute! I like the way the colors look!

  2. Ooooh, me likey, me likey! The colors are great!