Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today Is Tepig Day.

Hello! Tonight I'm really sleepy, but I also really wanted to do a blog post, so I'm sort of hoping to get a coherent post done before I pass out at the keyboard. I have a pattern to post that I'm really happy with and some nifty reader work, too, though, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get things written!

To get things started swiftly, the cross stitch pattern I have for you tonight is the second in a set of cross stitch patterns featuring the starters from Pokemon Black/White, this time starring Tepig! It's been a while since I posted Oshawott, the first part of the set, but since two people stitched that already, I figured it was probably about time to move on and get another Pokemon done. Since Tepig is the starter I chose in the DS game, on account of it being really cute, it got to jump ahead of Snivy in the pattern-posting order. If you're looking to make the whole set, though, I made sure that this was similar in terms of style and exactly the same size. Rather than just sitting here and typing about it, though, I will go ahead and post the actual Tepig pattern!
With today's Pokemon posted and ready to be stitched, I have some fancy stitching to feature from bla. bla? bla!'s Topcho! (I'm really proud of myself for getting the order of punctuation in her blog's title right without looking, whether it counts for anything or not.) While her whole last post is a fantastic summary of inter-cross stitch sprite relations, with some photos of an impressive bulletin board, she also completed two more of this blog's Ouran Host Club patterns, this time tackling Haruhi and Tamaki. Both sprites are up to her usual stitching standards, looking tidy and nicely bordered, so I strongly recommend you visit her blog to see them in their native habitat. For now, though, please enjoy this small image of Topcho's sprite stitching!

Now that I have a pattern and some reader work posted, it must be time for me to end this post and go to bed! I hope to be back and posting again later in the week, but until then, I hope you are all having nice weeks and getting plenty of sleep!


  1. Oh my goodness.... he's cute!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Look at that little nose, hehehe.