Saturday, July 30, 2011

A New Clannad Pattern, Featuring Some Dango

Hello! I haven't posted all week, so I really wanted to get something done and ready to post tonight! Because of that, I got out my computer when The Marty Stuart Show was on, about four hours ago, then set about spending a lot of time not really getting anything done. I did, however, get my act later at around 10, an hour and fifteen minutes ago, and made a new Clannad pattern that I'm quite pleased with. It's of the dango that's always floating around Nagisa rather than being a new portrait pattern, but it's cute, presumably easy to stitch, and ought to be perfect for a needlepoint project, so I hope you guys like it. If you don't like the colors I used here, I think they should be really easy to switch to your taste, which I always think is fun, too. I'd type more about it, but I sort of want to get my post done before Durarara comes on, so without further ado, here is the dango pattern!
With another Clannad pattern posted, I think I'm going to do a couple of patterns from Baccano next week, which I'm really looking forward to working on! I'm not going to forget about this set, though, and I certainly haven't forgotten about my sprite patterns, either, so there's more of all of those things, plus some likely odd and previously unmentioned patterns, though, so it should be fun to do all of that. Regardless of all of that, though, Durarara is going to start in three minutes, so I'm signing off and shutting this computer off! I hope all of you are having good weekends and good luck with your stitching.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The First Pattern in a New Set of Clannad Patterns

Hello! Late last week, I got a request through e-mail to do some portrait style patterns of characters from Clannad. I do not know much about Clannad and haven't seen much of it, but, as some of you who requested patterns during the now-infamous Sprite Patterns December know, that doesn't really stop me, so today, I've got the first pattern in the set to post. The requester named Nagisa as her favorite character, so that's where I started, and though the pattern looks massive, it actually isn't as much work as it looks like it would be. This is due to the fact that she has the tallest antenna hair I have ever had the fortune to chart in my life. It stands at 23 pixels tall, and though I could have left it off, it seems that the poor girl has enough problems without a vindictive crafter stripping her of her cool hair, so I left it there. The color count on the pattern also isn't too bad, at 13 different colors, though it took quite a battle for me to get Pattern Maker to use that many. As it turns out, the program has an extreme aversion to brown, so I ended up doing most of this in Paint.NET and running her through Pattern Maker at the last minute. I'm not sure any of you care about that, but now you know that, I'm assuming that it'll be a difficult fact to forget. Before I spout too much more nonsense, though, I'm just going to post the pattern I've been talking about and move on! (As a sidenote, when printing this, the best readability on one sheet can be found using the landscape format.)
Now that I've posted a cross stitch pattern, it's time to post some finished versions of other patterns I've posted here by this blog's lovely readers! Today, I'm going to start with a cross stitched piece from Deviant Art's talented and prolific stitcher Xiampu18! She did a really nice version of the pattern of Konata from Lucky Star that I posted quite a while ago, looking spiffy on some bright white Aida cloth. If you want to see a full sized version of this, check out her Deviant Art gallery, which is linked above and full of really cute cross stitches, but here is a smaller image of her lovely Konata!

The second, and final, set of finished work to show off on Dork Stitch today comes from friend of the blog Tama, who writes the cross stitching blog Stitching Daze. I wasn't sure they'd ever get stitched, since demand seems to be much higher for sprite patterns of the guys of Final Fantasy VII, but as part of her weekend stitching, Tama stitched both of the patterns of Aerith that I post a few weeks ago! I was really excited to see them, since I have too much enthusiasm for sprites in alternate outfits, but they're quite well stitched, too, which makes it even better. Some small versions of Tama's work are directly below, but go to her blog to see the nifty full sized images!

Now that I've got all that posted, I'm done for now, so I'm probably going to retreat to a room with air conditioning and stay out of the kitchen for a while. I should be back and posting again before too long, though, so I hope all of you continue to weather the summer and do well with whatever stitching you can stand to do in this heat!

Monday, July 18, 2011

IHSW July and a Bit of Cross Stitched Progress

Hello! On account of the fact that the entire United States seems to be 900 degrees right now, I was not as productive as I would have liked to have been during this past weekend, which also happened to be July's International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, hosted by Joyze at Random Ramblings. I did manage to finish the outline on my current project during True Blood last night, and got a few of her white stitches done, too. The later it got, however, the hotter it seemed to get, so when I was sitting around and watching anime on Netflix, I could barely stand to have the project's giant piece of fabric touching me, which was not great from a productivity standpoint. Finishing the outline on this was my goal, though, so at least I didn't screw up in regards to that! Here is a photo of my in progress cross stitch of Patrako, from Cleopatra's Fortune, dressed up like a bunny-eared cocktail waitress. Maybe I'll have her done before the next Hermit and Stitch Weekend hits!

Thank you for reading my International Hermit and Stitch Weekend update! I'll be back later in the week with new patterns and normal Dork Stitch stuff like that, but until then, I wish you good luck in dealing with the weather!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Cross Stitch Pattern of N From Pokemon and a Pre-IHSW Stitching Image

Hello! I haven't posted anything here in over a week, I think, but today, I just finished making a really cool new pattern, or at least one I think is cool, so I figured that I'd post it along with some explanatory text! Next week, I have some finished work from readers to post about, and I'm going to try and fill some more sprite patterns requests, too. For now, however, I have a 100 stitch tall portrait of N from Pokemon Black/White to post, so that's going to be the focus of this post.

Before lunch today, I'd been planning to not actually do anything on the computer this afternoon, save for playing dumb games and waiting until the daily rerun of Friends came on. One of my brothers came out of his room yelling that in the new Pokemon TCG expansion in Japan, N got a full art supporter card. (I currently run a Pokemon card game group, so this sentence makes sense to me, but I apologize if it's entirely gibberish to you.) Since N is a relatively unreasonable character, and as such, very entertaining, it seemed like not only was the spiffy trading card was well-deserved, but that a cross stitch pattern on my blog would be. Because of that, I promptly sat down, stared at my computer screen doing nothing for a good hour, and then sort of halfheartedly made the pattern I'm about to post. I'm actually pretty pleased with how it ended up looking, even though I'm not sure the technique of recoloring manga images with the colors from in-game sprites is one I'll use too often. Regardless of how I got the pattern made, however, here is a lovely cross stitch pattern of N, sized at 51 by 100 stitches for whatever craft you prefer to do. I tried some new stuff with the chart itself in an attempt to improve readability on the larger pattern, so I hope it works well for you guys!
Before I go today, I'm going to post a picture of the cross stitch I'm currently working on, since this weekend is the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend hosted by Joyze of Random Ramblings! It's sort of a big project, and I'm not very focused, so I don't think I'm going to actually get it done. I figure that on Sunday night or Monday afternoon, however, I'll post what I got done and go on a little more about it then. For now, please enjoy this image of a not-even-close-to-done cross stitch of Patrako from Cleopatra's Fortune, inexplicably dressed up as a bunny-eared cocktail waitress. I don't know how far I'll get, but this should be an interesting frame of reference!

With all of that posted, I'm done for today, though if you decide to stitch N, or any other pattern posted here at Dork Stitch, send me a photo and I'll gladly feature your work right here! Other than that, I don't have much else to say, so I wish good luck to all of the other participants in the stitching weekend!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Sailor Scout Sprite Patterns Draw to a Close!

Hello! Today is going to be another rather non-intense day here at Dork Stitch, but I got the last of the Sailor Scouts (or the major ones, at least) charted as a sprite pattern and have a reader's finished piece to feature, so I figured it was worth doing a post! Today's cross stitch pattern is from another Facebook request, featuring Sailor Mini Moon, or Sailor Chibi Moon, depending on how strict a Sailor Moon fan you are. I'm not sure why I hadn't done a pattern of her back when I did the other Sailor Scouts, but she's done now, and I'm sort of glad to have the whole set! I want to stitch all of them in a row and then sit there and look at it, thinking, "Well, I guess that's finished now. Time to find a new project," since finishing cross stitches, especially big ones, often seems anticlimactic. Regardless of all of that, however, I do have the pattern ready to go, so here it is!
Now that Sailor Mini Moon's pattern is posted, I have some spiffy reader work to feature today, courtesy of DeviantArt's always nifty Lil-Samuu! (If you click on her name, it may or may not feature a link to her DevArt page. I'll leave the solution to that mystery up to you.) She cross stitched a lovely rendition of the sprite pattern of Half-Life's Gordon Freeman that I posted not too long ago, though I can't remember when. Her work is really neatly done, particularly if you look at the backstitch, and it all leads to a nice finished project, which you can find right below this block of text! The full version can be seen at the Deviant Art page that I can't really tell you if I linked to or not.
My content for the day is now all posted, so I suppose I'm off for now. If you have any pattern requests or finished crafts based on patterns from this blog, let me know and I will see about doing something in regards to that! Otherwise, though, I hope to post again soon with some non-sprite patterns I've been working on and all sorts of other things, so I'll see you all then!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Modern Social Networking Has, Ironically, Caused Sprite Patterns of Characters From Nearly 20 Year Old Anime

Hello! Today I'm feeling a bit sleepier than usual, so I don't know if today's post will be up to my usual chatty standards, but today, I have the first post here at Dork Stitch than can be chiefly attributed to social media! The requested patterns for today came from our Facebook page (which can be found here, if you've not yet seen it), as did some of the finished work for later in the post, and the other finished work for today was found on a Tumblr feed. I am not sure that this means anything, since this was on the internet in the first place, but I think it's sort of cool, so there you go!

Anyway, today's patterns were requested by Essence Johns on the Dork Stitch Facebook page and feature some new Sailor Moon sprite patterns, continuing the set that I started posting back in December! I really like doing sprite patterns from magical girl anime, since the bright colors and frilly dresses are fun to work with, and with today's patterns, Wicked Lady was no exception. Her outfit was really fun to figure out, and though I ended up leaving off some of the red details at the bottom of her skirt that I saw in some official artwork, seeing as they looked sort of weird in such a small format, I think it turned out rather well. The second of the patterns, featuring Luna, was less frilly, but just as interesting to work on, since I hadn't done a Phantasy Star II sprite edit of a mascot character yet. When next to Sailor Moon, she might be a bit too big in terms of proportions, but as 14 by 16 stitches, Luna would be quite quick to stitch or bead.

Since I have today's patterns posted, it's time for some finished work, with our first two pieces being from the aforementioned Facebook user Essence. In the past, I've seen the patterns from this blog used for several crafts, but her work marks the first time that I've seen any of them done in pony beads. It's pretty cool, since the bright colors and larger beads have a nifty effect on the finished project's look. I quite like her versions of the Sailor Scout symbols added to these projects, too. It's a nice and well-designed touch. Before I've gone on for too long about these, though, here are her beaded versions of December's Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars patterns, which can be viewed in a larger size on Dork Stitch's Facebook wall!
Today's second finished piece comes from Tres Acordes on Tumblr, who used the two Kill Bill patterns of Elle and Gogo that I posted here in (I think) December as the jumping off point for a much larger and spiffier cross stitch project! The two original sprites are, of course, quite nicely stitched, but to those, she added two brand new sprites, featuring the Bride and O-Ren, along with some fancy lettering. Her finished project can be viewed in a small format here, but check out her Tumblr feed, linked above, for a bigger photo, as well as some pictures of it as a work in progress. (The small image for this is much smaller than usual, though I am not sure why that would be the case.)
After all of that, I suppose I'm done for today, though, as always, I hope to be back and posting again soon. If you guys have any pattern requests, for the standard sprite patterns or otherwise, or have any finished work you'd like to show off to the world, let me know and I'll try my best dedicate at least a chunk of a post to it! Other than that, I hope all of you are having relatively good weeks and doing well with all your crafty endeavors.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dork Stitch's 3rd Annual Heal Slime Day!

Hello, everyone! Despite the fact that I'm probably far more excited about this than the vast majority of the world is, today I'm pleased to bring you Dork Stitch's 3rd Annual Heal Slime Day! It is sort of a "Wow, this blog's made it for over two years? I thought I'd be sick of it and abandon the whole thing after two weeks, so that's pretty cool!" post, and, to be fair, I am pretty excited about that. According to last year's Heal Slime Day post, on this date 12 months ago, I had 34 followers rather than 121 (though I think I'm accidentally watching my own blog somehow), and I know my amount of posts, patterns, and finished work from readers has also increased exponentially, all of which I'm really excited about. I really appreciate that all of you have taken the time to visit this blog and read all of this nonsense, and hope to be around to flood the internet with more weird cross stitch patterns and borderline gibberish for much longer! Really, though, today is dedicated to Dragon Quest's Heal Slime, so here is this post's real content!

This tradition started the July 3rd before last, when I got bored and was flipping through a strategy guide for the Game Boy version of Dragon Warrior, leading me to decide to make a cross stitch pattern of a Heal Slime (or Healslime, according to Google, though I prefer the two word version). When I titled the post "July 3rd is Dork Stitch Heal Slime Day for 2009," however, it went from being just a standard blog day to the beginning of a long standing appointment post here on this blog. Heal Slime Day is as important to Dork Stitch as language itself, even if it could easily be argued that while this blog could exist without the former, it would be a bit difficult getting anything done here without the latter. Still, I have some nifty content to post in honor of Heal Slime, and hope you all enjoy it!

First of all, I would like to share some thoughts regarding Heal Slime from two prominent Deviant Artists, as I feel that you've already gathered that I feel rather positively towards the monster, unless I am playing Dragon Quest and it's standing, just out of reach, behind a line of stronger, more intimidating monsters and is healing them when I would like very much to knock them over and steal all of their experience points.

From Suzuri Heinz, an artist who is awesome at making cute Perler pieces at an incredible rate and knows much more about Dragon Quest than I do- you can find her on Deviant Art at, or on her blog, Into The Traveler's Gate, both of which I strongly recommend:
"Heal Slime day... hmm. Well, in Japan, you can find little signs to hang on your car's windows that say "Baby on Board" with a Heal Slime on it. There are other slimes on different signs, but this one always catches my attention since I'm a mommy myself. Heal Slimes tend to be the kinder, gentler slimes, and they seem to be represented in a very motherly fashion. In battle, they always put the other monsters before themselves, unless they are the only ones present. They're helpful, like in DQ8's casino where one runs the powerball-like game or with Ragnar McRyan's best friend Healie, and I find the depiction of a heal slime as the protector of a baby to be accurate given what Heal slimes are most known for."

From Hannah, my sister who thinks Heal Slime Day is stupid and said this while watching me make today's pattern over my shoulder, though she also has a cool Deviant Art page here with neat paintings and such:
"Why are you doing this? No one even likes Heal Slime. They just say they do to make him feel better."

With those two divergent views on Heal Slime having been fairly represented, I feel that it's time to wrap today's post up with the annual Heal Slime themed cross stitch pattern, which is a bit fancier than it has been in years past! Rather than just doing a chart based on a drawing or a sprite, this year I used the Heal Slime sprite from Dragon Warrior Monsters for the Game Boy to recreate Andy Warhol's famous four panel Marilyn Monroe portrait. It is frivolous, ridiculous, and probably takes too many colors for a project in a 28 by 28 grid, but it was fun to make, and I hope it will also be fun to stitch or bead or use for whatever type of project you prefer!
With all of that posted, we've come to the end of this year's Heal Slime Day, but I should have a normal post ready to go quite soon, featuring some sprite pattern requests that I got through the Dork Stitch Facebook page. Until then, though, I hope that all of my readers in America have a good Fourth of July, that all of my readers in Canada had a good Canada Day, and that all of my readers in other countries where I am not sure about national events still have a very good next few days!