Friday, July 15, 2011

A Cross Stitch Pattern of N From Pokemon and a Pre-IHSW Stitching Image

Hello! I haven't posted anything here in over a week, I think, but today, I just finished making a really cool new pattern, or at least one I think is cool, so I figured that I'd post it along with some explanatory text! Next week, I have some finished work from readers to post about, and I'm going to try and fill some more sprite patterns requests, too. For now, however, I have a 100 stitch tall portrait of N from Pokemon Black/White to post, so that's going to be the focus of this post.

Before lunch today, I'd been planning to not actually do anything on the computer this afternoon, save for playing dumb games and waiting until the daily rerun of Friends came on. One of my brothers came out of his room yelling that in the new Pokemon TCG expansion in Japan, N got a full art supporter card. (I currently run a Pokemon card game group, so this sentence makes sense to me, but I apologize if it's entirely gibberish to you.) Since N is a relatively unreasonable character, and as such, very entertaining, it seemed like not only was the spiffy trading card was well-deserved, but that a cross stitch pattern on my blog would be. Because of that, I promptly sat down, stared at my computer screen doing nothing for a good hour, and then sort of halfheartedly made the pattern I'm about to post. I'm actually pretty pleased with how it ended up looking, even though I'm not sure the technique of recoloring manga images with the colors from in-game sprites is one I'll use too often. Regardless of how I got the pattern made, however, here is a lovely cross stitch pattern of N, sized at 51 by 100 stitches for whatever craft you prefer to do. I tried some new stuff with the chart itself in an attempt to improve readability on the larger pattern, so I hope it works well for you guys!
Before I go today, I'm going to post a picture of the cross stitch I'm currently working on, since this weekend is the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend hosted by Joyze of Random Ramblings! It's sort of a big project, and I'm not very focused, so I don't think I'm going to actually get it done. I figure that on Sunday night or Monday afternoon, however, I'll post what I got done and go on a little more about it then. For now, please enjoy this image of a not-even-close-to-done cross stitch of Patrako from Cleopatra's Fortune, inexplicably dressed up as a bunny-eared cocktail waitress. I don't know how far I'll get, but this should be an interesting frame of reference!

With all of that posted, I'm done for today, though if you decide to stitch N, or any other pattern posted here at Dork Stitch, send me a photo and I'll gladly feature your work right here! Other than that, I don't have much else to say, so I wish good luck to all of the other participants in the stitching weekend!


  1. LOL! She's so cute, I love her... esp that wink.

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    Thanks for the comment, by the way, I downloaded and save all the pattern from that website, the pattern is still exist in the www. someone saved her website: