Thursday, July 21, 2011

The First Pattern in a New Set of Clannad Patterns

Hello! Late last week, I got a request through e-mail to do some portrait style patterns of characters from Clannad. I do not know much about Clannad and haven't seen much of it, but, as some of you who requested patterns during the now-infamous Sprite Patterns December know, that doesn't really stop me, so today, I've got the first pattern in the set to post. The requester named Nagisa as her favorite character, so that's where I started, and though the pattern looks massive, it actually isn't as much work as it looks like it would be. This is due to the fact that she has the tallest antenna hair I have ever had the fortune to chart in my life. It stands at 23 pixels tall, and though I could have left it off, it seems that the poor girl has enough problems without a vindictive crafter stripping her of her cool hair, so I left it there. The color count on the pattern also isn't too bad, at 13 different colors, though it took quite a battle for me to get Pattern Maker to use that many. As it turns out, the program has an extreme aversion to brown, so I ended up doing most of this in Paint.NET and running her through Pattern Maker at the last minute. I'm not sure any of you care about that, but now you know that, I'm assuming that it'll be a difficult fact to forget. Before I spout too much more nonsense, though, I'm just going to post the pattern I've been talking about and move on! (As a sidenote, when printing this, the best readability on one sheet can be found using the landscape format.)
Now that I've posted a cross stitch pattern, it's time to post some finished versions of other patterns I've posted here by this blog's lovely readers! Today, I'm going to start with a cross stitched piece from Deviant Art's talented and prolific stitcher Xiampu18! She did a really nice version of the pattern of Konata from Lucky Star that I posted quite a while ago, looking spiffy on some bright white Aida cloth. If you want to see a full sized version of this, check out her Deviant Art gallery, which is linked above and full of really cute cross stitches, but here is a smaller image of her lovely Konata!

The second, and final, set of finished work to show off on Dork Stitch today comes from friend of the blog Tama, who writes the cross stitching blog Stitching Daze. I wasn't sure they'd ever get stitched, since demand seems to be much higher for sprite patterns of the guys of Final Fantasy VII, but as part of her weekend stitching, Tama stitched both of the patterns of Aerith that I post a few weeks ago! I was really excited to see them, since I have too much enthusiasm for sprites in alternate outfits, but they're quite well stitched, too, which makes it even better. Some small versions of Tama's work are directly below, but go to her blog to see the nifty full sized images!

Now that I've got all that posted, I'm done for now, so I'm probably going to retreat to a room with air conditioning and stay out of the kitchen for a while. I should be back and posting again before too long, though, so I hope all of you continue to weather the summer and do well with whatever stitching you can stand to do in this heat!


  1. Pattern looks very cute! I don't know much about Clannad either, aside from the fact that an AMV on it won many awards this year. Judging from the AMV, hell of a sad things happen, so I guess I'm not putting it on my want to watch list. But with AMVs one can never be sure

  2. I don't know anything about Clannad, but darn, she's cute!

  3. Completely awesome! Clannad's my favorite anime ever, and I can't wait to start it! :D :D Thanks so much! Woo for insane antenna hair! xP

  4. Missy,

    Lets see some manly stitching's!!

    I think I am going to start doing some of your sailor moon stuff just to pass some time. Running out of ideas sucks.

    Great job on everything!


  5. Wow! That is some reeeeeeeeeeally tall hair!