Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Modern Social Networking Has, Ironically, Caused Sprite Patterns of Characters From Nearly 20 Year Old Anime

Hello! Today I'm feeling a bit sleepier than usual, so I don't know if today's post will be up to my usual chatty standards, but today, I have the first post here at Dork Stitch than can be chiefly attributed to social media! The requested patterns for today came from our Facebook page (which can be found here, if you've not yet seen it), as did some of the finished work for later in the post, and the other finished work for today was found on a Tumblr feed. I am not sure that this means anything, since this was on the internet in the first place, but I think it's sort of cool, so there you go!

Anyway, today's patterns were requested by Essence Johns on the Dork Stitch Facebook page and feature some new Sailor Moon sprite patterns, continuing the set that I started posting back in December! I really like doing sprite patterns from magical girl anime, since the bright colors and frilly dresses are fun to work with, and with today's patterns, Wicked Lady was no exception. Her outfit was really fun to figure out, and though I ended up leaving off some of the red details at the bottom of her skirt that I saw in some official artwork, seeing as they looked sort of weird in such a small format, I think it turned out rather well. The second of the patterns, featuring Luna, was less frilly, but just as interesting to work on, since I hadn't done a Phantasy Star II sprite edit of a mascot character yet. When next to Sailor Moon, she might be a bit too big in terms of proportions, but as 14 by 16 stitches, Luna would be quite quick to stitch or bead.

Since I have today's patterns posted, it's time for some finished work, with our first two pieces being from the aforementioned Facebook user Essence. In the past, I've seen the patterns from this blog used for several crafts, but her work marks the first time that I've seen any of them done in pony beads. It's pretty cool, since the bright colors and larger beads have a nifty effect on the finished project's look. I quite like her versions of the Sailor Scout symbols added to these projects, too. It's a nice and well-designed touch. Before I've gone on for too long about these, though, here are her beaded versions of December's Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars patterns, which can be viewed in a larger size on Dork Stitch's Facebook wall!
Today's second finished piece comes from Tres Acordes on Tumblr, who used the two Kill Bill patterns of Elle and Gogo that I posted here in (I think) December as the jumping off point for a much larger and spiffier cross stitch project! The two original sprites are, of course, quite nicely stitched, but to those, she added two brand new sprites, featuring the Bride and O-Ren, along with some fancy lettering. Her finished project can be viewed in a small format here, but check out her Tumblr feed, linked above, for a bigger photo, as well as some pictures of it as a work in progress. (The small image for this is much smaller than usual, though I am not sure why that would be the case.)
After all of that, I suppose I'm done for today, though, as always, I hope to be back and posting again soon. If you guys have any pattern requests, for the standard sprite patterns or otherwise, or have any finished work you'd like to show off to the world, let me know and I'll try my best dedicate at least a chunk of a post to it! Other than that, I hope all of you are having relatively good weeks and doing well with all your crafty endeavors.

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  1. Hi!
    Thank you for featuring my finished Kill Bill stitch! :)
    I've sent you a picture of the finished project, I framed it!
    Also, thanks for posting the sprites, they were very helpful as a starting point!