Friday, July 8, 2011

The Sailor Scout Sprite Patterns Draw to a Close!

Hello! Today is going to be another rather non-intense day here at Dork Stitch, but I got the last of the Sailor Scouts (or the major ones, at least) charted as a sprite pattern and have a reader's finished piece to feature, so I figured it was worth doing a post! Today's cross stitch pattern is from another Facebook request, featuring Sailor Mini Moon, or Sailor Chibi Moon, depending on how strict a Sailor Moon fan you are. I'm not sure why I hadn't done a pattern of her back when I did the other Sailor Scouts, but she's done now, and I'm sort of glad to have the whole set! I want to stitch all of them in a row and then sit there and look at it, thinking, "Well, I guess that's finished now. Time to find a new project," since finishing cross stitches, especially big ones, often seems anticlimactic. Regardless of all of that, however, I do have the pattern ready to go, so here it is!
Now that Sailor Mini Moon's pattern is posted, I have some spiffy reader work to feature today, courtesy of DeviantArt's always nifty Lil-Samuu! (If you click on her name, it may or may not feature a link to her DevArt page. I'll leave the solution to that mystery up to you.) She cross stitched a lovely rendition of the sprite pattern of Half-Life's Gordon Freeman that I posted not too long ago, though I can't remember when. Her work is really neatly done, particularly if you look at the backstitch, and it all leads to a nice finished project, which you can find right below this block of text! The full version can be seen at the Deviant Art page that I can't really tell you if I linked to or not.
My content for the day is now all posted, so I suppose I'm off for now. If you have any pattern requests or finished crafts based on patterns from this blog, let me know and I will see about doing something in regards to that! Otherwise, though, I hope to post again soon with some non-sprite patterns I've been working on and all sorts of other things, so I'll see you all then!

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