Monday, August 15, 2011

The Baccano Pattern Set Continues and a Reader Stitches Something Very Quickly

Hello! I am not very focused today, so I actually first considered making the post that you're currently reading about an hour and fifteen minutes ago. However, a combination of job applications, online games, and the fact that Head is currently showing on Antenna TV (though it'll likely be over before I'm done posting here) have conspired to make me get this done really, really slowly. Now that I'm actually typing, however, I think that I should be able to get today's new pattern and impressive piece of reader work posted in a decent amount of time!

As the title for today's post has probably rightly led you to believe, the Dork Stitch cross stitch pattern for the post features a cast member of Baccano, though I'm not sure that this pattern set is going to stay in my current project rotation. I've been working on quite a few patterns based on the character portraits in the opening credits, so that I can stitch a three by three grid of the characters at a 50 by 50 stitch size, which means that I do have plenty of them to post and don't plan on shielding them all from the world for any reason. Because all of them have been reduced from a television screen's resolution to 50 by 50 stitches, however, it's been a little difficult to get them as nice as I'd like them to be, meaning that as I work on stitching them, I'm making corrections to the patterns so that they look better when I post them here. That means that they'll pop up more slowly than the set of Clannad patterns, which I'm fairly confident about, and the sprite patterns, which don't have as much detail that can get screwed up. Of course, seeing as I'm not sure anyone cares about these patterns, this may all be an unnecessary block of text, but I figured that I might as well type it anyway.

Anyway, even though I have a pile of Baccano patterns charted up and, for all intents and purposes, ready to go, the only one that I've had a chance to stitch most of is Firo, so he gets to be featured today. I do have to say that it got stitched first because it's my favorite of the set so far, since the whole hat-tipping thing seems rather spiffy. From what I've done of this, however, I can also say that he's pretty easy to stitch, with the outline somehow working in a way that guaranteed I didn't make many counting mistakes (which I do often), and he goes pretty quickly, too. If you want to adjust the monochrome, which is green here, it should be pretty easy to do, so there's also plenty of room for customization. Before I've gone on about this lovely cross stitch pattern for too much longer, though, here is Firo's chart, all ready for whatever craft you prefer!
Since today's pattern is posted and ready to go, it's time to feature some reader stitching, brought to us today by Kamryn! If you remember the last time I posted Baccano patterns, which I think was a couple of weeks ago, her WIP photo of Nagisa, from Clannad, was featured towards the end of that post, looking very spiffy and tidy. A few days ago, however, she e-mailed me a photo of her finished version of Nagisa, and it looks excellent! The stitching is near perfect, and I'm still impressed by how quickly she was finished. Regardless of all of my chatter about it, though, here is a photo of Kamryn's Nagisa, looking quite nifty and well made.

Since I've posted a new pattern and a photo of some finished work, the general order of posts on this blog now mandates that I've completed this post! I should be back with more content and some less disjointed writing soon, though, featuring more sprite patterns in the Final Fantasy VIII and He-Man sets. Until then, I hope you have good luck with your crafting and a generally okay week!


  1. Hello! I love your blog, I'm hoping that will encourage you to draw a pattern of Zelda Link's video game as I am a fan of him, and seen the Zelda and I love that you posted, I also like to see a pattern of One Piece Luffy's character because my boyfriend is a fan of this anime. I appreciate your designs and I send you many greetings.

  2. Hey that pattern turned out rather well!! I was nicely stitched too!! :)

  3. I like that pattern, though I don't actually know the character. The hat-tip is spiffy enough that I think I shall look him up.
    I really like the stitched up pattern; it came out very nice! Congrats to the stitcher :D