Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Fighting Game Style Cross Stitch Pattern of a Clannad Girl, With a Bonus Vocaloid!

Hello! I know that I just posted here yesterday, but I figured that since I'd made more progress on the set of Clannad cross stitch patterns and found a special bonus pattern to post, I might as well write again today! I was going to post a standard portrait pattern for Kotomi, since I started rather unsuccessfully working on her on Sunday, with a new Baccano pattern and several games of Super Collapse being what I made the most progress on that afternoon. She's about half done, though, so it shouldn't be too long before her pattern pops up. For today, though, I have a pattern of Tomoyo that I was really excited about making, even though it doesn't at all match what I did for Nagisa and Fuko.

When I found out that Tomoyo was a character that fights a lot, it seemed to me like the perfect opportunity to make a pattern for her in the style of a sprite from a Neo Geo fighting game. To be fair, I'm not sure that anything is actually the perfect opportunity to do such a project, but it seemed like fun, so, last night, I sat down and worked on it until I was ready to pass out at the computer desk. I think that I got it looking fairly accurate, since I got it down to a proper size (110 pixels tall), the right amount of colors (15, with the last spot reserved for transparent pixels in games), and, with the help of some sprites from real Neo Geo games, got some sort of approximation of the style I was going for. It was a lot of fun to work on this pattern, and, since I like stitching fighting game sprites, I'm hoping that it'll be fun to make, too. There's not as much room to alter the colors as there is in most of my patterns, but one of the things that I like about this style is how much detail can be shoved into a pattern with a relatively small number of colors by reusing them in different areas. I actually considered doing a Player 2 type of color edit for her, but since I haven't lost my mind quite that much yet, please enjoy this Neo Geo style pattern of Tomoyo, looking quite snappy in her default color scheme!
Now that Tomoyo is posted, I do have, as promised earlier in this post, a special bonus pattern which a few of you may have seen before over at 1337xstitch. It's the first pattern that I made to look like a Neo Geo fighting game sprite, featuring the Vocaloid Miku Hatsune, and, even though it was a collaboration with the mysterious ACL, who did a preliminary simplification of the image that had been requested, I still really enjoyed making the pattern, which, on my part, basically involved consolidating the colors and touching up some pixels, to get it down to 16 colors, and it was just as fun to cross stitch. Since I thought back to it quite a bit while working on Tomoyo's pattern, I figured that I might as well post it here today. Since the pattern's editable file is lost on a completely non-functioning PC's hard drive, the format I'm going to post it in is a bit odd, but hopefully, it's still completely functional.
Here is an image of what the project looks like when completed, as stitched by me, with more explanation of what I did and a link to the lettering's chart available on my Deviant Art page.
Here is the cross stitch chart itself, which looks a bit daunting here, but prints up on one sheet of paper quite nicely! If you click on this (or the key), it'll take you to a full sized version of them for more convenience.
Last, but perhaps most importantly, is the pattern's key, so that you actually know what colors are involved in this pattern! It has a bit of information about the pattern on it, too, but if you read this blog regularly, you know how much I love typing for paragraphs on end, so that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

Anyway, I've gotten two fairly large patterns posted today, which is more than I usually do, so I'm not distressed about the outcome of this afternoon. I'm still working on all of the pattern requests I've gotten lately, so I should be back and posting again with at least one of them pretty soon. Until then, however, if you have any requests or finished versions of this blog's patterns in the craft of your choosing, let me know and I'll do my best to address the new information I've received right here on this blog!


  1. Tomoyo looks super awesome!!!! @.@ It was a brilliant idea for her, and I can't wait to stitch it! ^.^

  2. Oh my goodness!! I love them!!! :D

  3. Tomoyo is great. Maybe You have patterns of cats?

  4. I just wanted to say I love your blog! I found it last night and I can't decide what to make.
    I made Your Bill Compton playing the Wii earlier today out of Perler beads. ^_^

    Have you ever considered doing a pattern for Auron from Final Fantasy X? I've been searching all over for one. Lol

    Thanks for the amazing blog!

  5. You can feature Bill if you want. ^_^ I don't mind.
    And if you can do Auron kind of the same size as Bill?
    And you so have to do more True Blood. I'm going to make the other ones you had up.
    I'm working on Sailor Moon now. ^_^

  6. Nah, not spammy at all.
    And any crafty Auron things are good. There is a major lack of Auron crafts.

  7. Its awsome, do you happen to have any of the my little pony designs, my cousin really likes them and I want to make one for her for her birthday, but can't find one with a color chart and a cross stitch chart, so if you can I would be very thankfull.

  8. Its awsome, do you happen to have any of the my little pony designs, my cousin really likes them and I want to make one for her for her birthday, but can't find one with a color chart and a cross stitch chart, so if you can I would be very thankfull.