Sunday, August 7, 2011

Filling Some Cross Stitch Sprite Pattern Requests and Featuring Some Reader Work!

Hello! I feel like I've been on the computer for a really long time, and I've got a lot of stuff to post today, too, so this post will probably be a little heavier on images than it will be on text. Still, as I'm not really sure that's a problem, I think I'll just go on with today's blogging without trying to do too much to remedy that issue.

Lately, I've been doing a lot of portrait style cross stitch patterns of anime characters, which I really like working on, both for pattern making and stitching. It gets sort of boring to do too much of one thing all in a row, though, so I was pretty happy that, within the last week, I got some requests for new sets of sprite patterns! Since the two sets are going to feature the cast of Final Fantasy VIII, which I got a small start on in December, and characters from He-Man and She-Ra, I'm not sure they'll make for terribly coherent blogging, but they have made for fun pattern making. For today, I have two patterns from each set to post, featuring the titular characters from He-Man and She-Ra as well as Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII, making it a bad day for supporting cast members on both fronts. I'm pretty happy with how these patterns ended up looking, though, particularly in the case of She-Ra. With a bit of gold embroidery floss, I'm pretty sure she could work out to be the most awesome sprite pattern ever. Regardless of my opinion on these cross stitch charts, however, here are all four of them for your viewing, stitching, beading, or general crafting pleasure!

With all of those patterns posted and ready to make, it's time for this blog post to turn towards featuring some reader work, starting with the prolific Tama, who's made two more of this blog's Final Fantasy themed sprite patterns! Her stitching is very nicely done, just like always, and on today's subjects, Selphie and Tifa, the colors look really bright and impressive. If you want to see the full sized image of Tama's work, check out her blog, Stitching Daze, but here is a smaller picture of her work!
The next reader work feature for today comes courtesy of Tazzy, who used some of the patterns from this blog to make spiffy bookmarks. She stitched a few Final Fantasy VII sprites, featuring Cloud, Sephiroth, and Genesis, with some delicate and lacy flair lent to them by the bookmarks themselves and some very nice color choices for all of their eyes. I've been told that Sephiroth even has some blended floss in his eyes by a very reliable source, which is quite fancy indeed. (That reliable source, by the way, was the artist, so I think she ought to be trusted.) Tazzy also did a really cool version of the pattern of Sebastian from Black Butler that I posted a while ago, making for a very classy and butler-y bookmark! All of her pieces that I've been going on about can be seen in the photo directly below this block of text!
The last, but not least, of the reader work features for today comes from Deviant Art's NintenDani, who used one of this blog's Pikachu patterns to decorate a tidy and nice sewn pouch! I really hate working with yellow floss in large quantities, so I have to say that I'm envious of both how clean all of the yellow stitches look, and her focus, as she says the cross stitching portion of this project only took her four hours. At any rate, though, both her cross stitching and her pouch look excellent, and can be seen in all their glory in her Deviant Art gallery! For the purpose of this blog post, however, please enjoy this smaller version of the photo.
After all of those patterns and features, I think I may actually be done with today's post, which was fun to write, but seemed to take about a year to get through. I was really happy to have so much content for today, though, and hope to be posting again rather soon! For the next few posts, I think I'll still be working on patterns from my current projects, which are portrait style cross stitch patterns of characters from Clannad (with Fuko probably coming next) and Baccano (with Jacuzzi likely being the next pattern) alongside the two sets of sprite patterns I started working on today. It's pretty likely that I'll get distracted and make something that has nothing to do with any of that at some point in the near future, though, so you guys also have that to look forward to. If any of you have any pattern requests or finished work you'd like shown off, let me know, but for now, I'm getting off of this blog post and continuing with my day!


  1. You know, I don't know why it took until now for this to happen, but when I read "cryptic and mysterious" in Squall's pattern, I had an epiphany and realized the almost zen-like, disquieting absurdity of seeing Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy combined in this way. Seriously, forget Trek Wars, let's see some Phinal Phantasy. Fans can even ironically nickname it WTPh.

    Looking at He-Man, here's a silly question: Are there any overworld sprites in PSII of animals or monsters? I don't recall any off the top of my head, but I wonder how one might go about making a Cringer/Battlecat PSII sprite?

    She-Ra looks great; I think her costume actually looks more elaborate here than in the show proper. The headdress alone is striking.

    Rinoa looks great, though I have to say, as much as I like the PSII style, I prefer the "Downgraded Rinoa" you did back last January. I think it's the pose: the hands behind the back and leaning a little forward, like she's rocking back and forth on her feet, it's just cute.

    I think the scar on Squall turned out great. I was expecting it to be bright red, though, for some reason, but the brown really works. It's funny, my roommate was asking if I could make a perler bead sprite of myself, to which I said, "Me? Ugh, God, why?" Of course, looking at Squall, and considering how we look kind of alike, anyway....

  2. *grins* Sorry about the bad pictures of the bookmark sprites, but that was the best of the group!

    *squeal and bounces* You did He-Man and She-Ra! How *beautiful*!!!! Now I gotta start a tapestry or just a large sheet of sprites that are my fave and add sprites to it each time you make another sprite I love. *giggles* I'll be sure to send you pictures if/when I get this done....

  3. Ahahahahahahahaha, I love the Pikachu!!

  4. Yay! Now my Sprite pattern list is back up to four - and I like the idea of gold floss for She-Ra. Hmm... sparkly metallic or shiny satin?

  5. I love the HEMAN sprites!! :)