Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hannah and Kamryn Pick Up Needles and Begin to Stitch With Vigor

At the first post of a new set of cross stitch patterns, which are sure to haunt this blog for many days to come, is it important to try and determine who the main character of such a post would be? Perhaps it's the patterns themselves, today featuring Issac and Miria from Baccano. They each measure 75 stitches high, making them well matched, and their relatively low color count means that stitching them wouldn't be such a chore, either. Besides that, everyone knows that a cross stitch patterns blog is often visited for the patterns, making them at least look like the stars of the show. Go ahead, look at them and see what you think.

If you take a look at these, though, you'll see that they're just cross stitch patterns. They might look nice, sure, but can they really move the story along? If you go a little deeper, it might be easier to say that the main character is Hannah, who asked for these patterns in the first place and even went so far as to consider leaving the message "moar baccano patterns plz" on the Dork Stitch Facebook page's wall. She's even started to stitch one of these patterns, with her progress on Issac visible below, meaning that her work done before the rest of the world even got to see them put her at the forefront of activity related to this blog post.
If you go another layer deeper, however, maybe it has to be said that Kamryn is the main character of this post. After all, her request for Clannad patterns set this recent rash of portrait style cross stitch patterns into motion. Her work on Nagisa, pictured below, is at least as notable as Hannah's on Issac, and if she's the root of today's patterns, it's not unreasonable to argue her importance.
All of this talk about main characters and posting about WIPs is probably a little silly, though, so I'll let all of you get back to your important lives. I should pop up again soon, with some new patterns and more chatter, but until then, I hope you're having a diverting day.

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  1. I so enjoy seeing our designs. You're so prolific and good at them. :)