Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Pattern of Monkey D. Luffy, Ready For Some Cross Stitching

Hello! I haven't done a nighttime post here in quite a while, but after I made the pattern for today this afternoon, I felt like my ability to form complete sentences had somehow vanished into the ether, so it seemed like my best option was to wait. Today, however, I've actually filled a cross stitch pattern request rather than doing something weird like usual, featuring Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece! I'd originally intended to have it done late last week, but I ended up getting distracted and doing the new Final Fantasy VIII patterns and Pokemon Monday instead. (By the way, I got a request to do Gothorita for the next Pokemon Monday, thanks to an anonymous commenter, and am quite excited about making a pattern for her!) Hopefully, though, those weren't a waste of time, and I hope Luffy is up to par, too.

I haven't seen One Piece in a really long time, not since I watched one of the movies a few years ago, so I was actually pretty excited to work on the pattern of Luffy. I wasn't sure what to do or what was expected, so if you guys want a sprite pattern of him, let me know and I'll make one of those, too. For today, though, I decided to make a portrait of him looking really cheerful and enthusiastic, since that seemed appropriate for the character. It was really fun to make, since it was almost like charting something based on a coloring book, and I think it turned out fairly well, too. It's a bit larger than the Clannad and Baccano patterns, but since Luffy's character design is relatively simple, it shouldn't take much longer to stitch than those do. There's a bit of backstitching on this, too, but nothing too fancy, so it shouldn't cause too much trouble! Before I go on too long, though, here is the pattern!
Though I'm pretty pleased with how this pattern came out, there are a couple of other options for stitching Luffy available online, both in a petite and chibi form, from Anime Stitching's Dawn, which can be found on her website, here, and in an ambitious and detailed form, from the formerly prolific LittleMojo, hosted on 1337xstitch. I've seen both of them stitched before, and they look really cool, so they're definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a nice One Piece pattern.

I'm sort of sleepy right now, and I of want to go watch an episode of Robotech before bed, so I'm done blogging for now! I hope to be back soon with more patterns, though, so until then, I hope all of you are doing well and get through the weekend safely, specifically in regards to readers on the eastern coast of the US, though I do hope for everyone else reading's safety, too.


  1. Happy weekend to you as well! Hope you get some stitching and more charting done. :D

  2. I'm happy to hear that you are making a Gothorita pattern. Thank you!

  3. That's a cute pattern! I do like One Piece :D Sprites would be nice! But I like this big pattern, too.

  4. Muchas gracias !!!!!!! ^_^ Le voy a usar para mis regalos de Navidad. Miles besos para ti :)