Monday, August 22, 2011

Pokemon Cross Stitch Patterns Monday, Featuring Munna and Erika

Hello! I've been posting a lot lately, though I'm sure that's not really a problem, as far as posting patterns and photos goes, and I hope to keep posting a lot of new stuff as this blog keeps going. This afternoon, however, I was doing some clerical stuff for the chapter of the Pokemon TCG/video game league I've been running, and it seemed to me like it would be fun to, as long as I'm doing a lot of other Pokemon stuff on Mondays, use the day of the week for Pokemon themed posts here at Dork Stitch! I know a lot of people like to cross stitch Pokemon, so it's not like I'm having a weekly Neo Geo Battle Coliseum cross stitch patterns day every week (though that would be really fun for me), and I like making the patterns, too, so it's not really a problem for me. I don't really think there's that much about Pokemon Mondays to explain, though, so I guess I'll just get on with posting some patterns!

It seems like, as far as doing a balanced post goes, it would be best to post a cross stitch pattern of a Pokemon and one of a Pokemon trainer, so for today, I have a big pattern of Munna, ideal for needlepoint, and a sprite pattern of gym leader Erika. I picked Munna for today's Pokemon mostly because I think it's cute, though I know that my sister despises it. I've thought that having a pink Pokemon with a floral pattern was a good idea ever since it was mentioned in the first set of games, though, and having it be round and float through the air doesn't hurt its image, either. About as much thought went into my picking Erika as today's trainer. The biggest appeal for me in Erika's pattern was that I already had it done, since I'd really wanted to do a sprite pattern with a kimono a while ago but didn't really have a reason to post it. I do like grass Pokemon, though, so she's one of my preferred gym leaders, making her a natural choice for this blog's patterns.
Since this is the first Dork Stitch Pokemon Monday, these patterns are all I have for now, so I guess I'll go and do something else now. If there are any Pokemon or trainers you'd like to see in the coming weeks, though, let me know in the comments! Hopefully, I'll be posting again pretty soon with some non-Pokemon pattern requests and whatever other stuff I come up with.


  1. That is a cute Pokemon!! :)
    Your sister is totally wrong!! :P

  2. Munna and Erika are so cute! I love them. Could you post a pattern of Gothorita? I think its the best new pokemon!